Great fashion photography is about creating a connection between the viewer and the image - the model, their clothing, and accessories. It invites you to be part of the experience, whether it’s infused with glamour, grunge, or something completely different.

Sacramento is no stranger to great fashion photography, with the city home to some of the most talented image-makers in Northern California. In this article, we will introduce some of the best and the work that defines them.

Mayumi Acosta

A gorgeous fashion portrait by Mayumi Acosta [Mayumi Acosta]

Sacramento-based fashion photographer Mayumi Acosta is driven to create “a magazine-style portrait experience for everyday people”. For the last six years, she has been dedicated to making her clients feel confident and beautiful and says that she is obsessed with the transformative experience of a photoshoot. Mayumi’s photography journey began in 2014 and included an international accreditation program with The Portrait Masters, as well as numerous awards along the way. She has garnered a reputation for her outstanding portraits that are all about empowering people.

Darya Ryan

A conceptual portrait by Darya Ryan [Darya Ryan]

Darya Ryan is a Russian-American photographer who has established her name as a conceptual portrait artist. In addition to her thought-provoking conceptual series that are inspired by the past, she also works as an editorial and commercial fashion photographer. To date, she has been published in several prestigious fashion magazines that include “Vogue”. Darya has numerous awards under her belt, including honorable mentions at the 2017 International Photography Awards and the 2020 Moscow International Photo Awards.

Tim Engle

A sophisticated fashion portrait by Tim Engle [Tim Engle]

Tim Engle is a Sacramento native who became passionate about photography in his early teens. He has since transformed that passion into a successful career as a portrait, fashion, and commercial photographer. While there is a vintage aesthetic to many of his images, they are still distinctly modern and often have a strong emotional impact. Whether he’s capturing corporate portraits, athlete images, or architectural shots, Tim is undeniably talented at everything he tries his hand at behind the camera.

Jordyn Moore Visuals

One of Jordyn Moore’s environmental fashion shoots [Jordyn Moore Visuals]

Jordyn Moore might be young but she has the talent of a photographer well beyond her years. She says that she’s had a camera in her hand since she was a kid and at the age of 16, received her first DSLR. But it wasn’t until 2017 that she started focusing on people and began her journey as a portrait photographer. Aside from creating a space where her models feel safe and free, Jordyn loves organizing events.

Garrick Wong

A stylish fashion shoot by Garrick Wong [Garrick Wong]

Garrick Wong describes himself as a “Leica fashion photographer” who got into the industry as he felt there was a strong need for multicultural storytelling. He graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Print and Online Journalism and initially worked as a photojournalist for several San Francisco newspapers. Later, he found his way into the fashion world, drawing inspiration from the elegance, simplicity, and beauty of the classic masters.

Lacey M. Carroll

One of Lacey Carroll’s model shoots [Lacey M. Carroll]

While Lacey dabbled in photography during high school and college, it wasn’t until she started a career in marketing that she discovered it was her true calling. She has been published in numerous fashion magazines, including “Pump”, “Elegant”, and “Dreamingless” and works out of a beautifully designed studio in Sacramento. In addition to fashion and editorial images, she offers portraits for individuals and high school seniors. Her ultimate goal? To create work that is pleasing to the eye and have her clients walk away feeling their best.

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