You might think that you have to be living in the center of the fashion world to make it as a fashion photographer. But as the following photo artists illustrate, that’s just not the case. Even in Ottawa, there are clothing brands wanting to showcase their latest garments and models on a mission to build their portfolios. These pros stay busy for good reason - and helpful to all their clientele's respective missions.

Ready to start your search for fashion photographers in Ottawa? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Jeff Ryan

Jeff Ryan is an Ottawa-based photographer, lecturer, and visual arts instructor who has been actively involved in the industry for more than 40 years. He has a diverse portfolio that includes family portraits, dance and fashion photography. As a true pro, he also offers photo restorations and model portfolio shoots.

Throughout his career, Jeff has been a “true archivist and advocate of film technology” and regularly incorporates the services of custom color production labs. Previous clients include the Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion Design, the Canadian Ballet Society of Canada, and the Canadian Women’s National Skating Association.

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Alexa Mazzarello

Alexa Mazzarello is an Ottawa-based artist who specializes in portraiture, fashion, and fine art photography. She has a background in gender equality and health, with much of her work focused on increasing the visibility of female-identifying people, particularly those from marginalized communities.

As a new mother herself, Alexa is also exploring the “artist-mother identity” through her lens with compelling results. This artist is particularly passionate about stamping out racism and prejudice in all regards, with a statement and action plan on her website outlining her commitment.

Neon Lilith Photography

Neon Lilith Photography began back in 2009 as a surrealism art project and eventually evolved into a business now based out of a portrait studio in Ottawa.

Owned and operated by Justyna Czujko, she provides a wide range of photographic services, including fashion portraits, maternity sessions, and on-location event photography. Previous clients include the Savvy Company, the Canadian International Model United Nations, and the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa.

VanTran Photography

Van Tran says that he has been passionate about photography since high school when he loved hanging out in the darkroom making prints with his Minolta film SLR. He went on to continue his photography training at Algonquin College, during which time he made the switch from film to digital.

Van Tran explores a variety of themes in his work, which includes fashion portraiture and headshots. Together with his partner, he also operates the Vegan Camera, a side project that helps to raise funds for animal sanctuaries in the Ottawa region, supporting veganism.

Brittany Gawley

Ottawa-based artist Brittany Gawley is on a mission to tell “powerful stories through the creative alchemy of photography, media, and adventure.” She's not only a photographer (who shoots impressive fashion portraits) but also a producer, a podcast host, and a former pro athlete. Altogether, Brittany is practically a Renaissance woman.

As an artist, Brittany is naturally curious about the world and excited about the humans she is yet to meet. As a fashion photographer, she's a strong believer in creating true connections, as she believes that is “where the real magic lives.”

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