Best Fashion Photographers in New York

There is no end to things that spring to mind when New York is mentioned – incredible museums, top-notch restaurants, amazing nightlife, and iconic locations such as Central Park and the Empire State Building.

Fashion is definitely high on this list, with the city being home to world-famous fashion designers and models who have conquered the runways worldwide. Add to that the one and only New York Fashion Week and you'll understand why the city has become known as one of the fashion capitals of the world.

The world of fashion would not be what it is without fashion photographers to capture all its allure and uniqueness. Some of the best fashion photographers of the past century stemmed from New York, and talented individuals continue to capture iconic fashion photos to this day.

Jiyang Chen Photography

Jiyang Chen is based in New York and Reno-Tahoe and focuses on different types of photography, including portraits, instrumentalists, travel and landscape, and fashion. He strives to capture emotions and sees photography as a perfect canvas for that. His fashion photos usually show models with New York city scenes as backdrops.

Some of his notable clients include Alice Coote, Michael Fabiano, and Sony Masterworks, and his photos have been featured in such publications as Vanity Fair Espana and New York Times.

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Vikram Pathak

With over two decades in the photography business and clients such as Harper’s Bazaar, Man’s World, and Peacock Magazine, Vikram Pathak does both classic fashion shoots and those with a bit more edge. He specializes in fashion, celebrity photography, lifestyle, commercial, and advertising photography, as well as portraits.

Vikram shoots photographs both in the studio and on location, and has international experience. His style is instantaneous and engaging and aims to place viewers at the center of action with the subjects of his photos.

Garrin Evan Studios

Based in Brooklyn, Garrin Evan is a fashion photographer whose photos feature elegant models, splashes of color, and geometric compositions. His photographs are influenced by his work in marketing and promotion, as well his interest in painting and studying figure drawing.

His clients include magazines, public relations agencies, and consumer brands such as Muses & Visionaries Magazine and Kimberly-Clark. His aim is for his photographs to tell a unique story and he achieves that by carefully planning his photo sessions and creating a friendly atmosphere.

Julia Sariy

Julia is a New York-based photographer whose style focuses on a clean aesthetic and a modern approach. Her work is further enhanced by her interest in fashion and attending New York Fashion Week shows as a photojournalist. Her focus is women’s and men’s fashion, and beauty and portrait photography.

Her clients include famous fashion brands such as Alexander Laude and Hoff and her work is published in Blanc Magazine and L’Officiel. Julia does destination photoshoots and she has a studio located in Brooklyn that is equipped for different types of shoots.

Anthony Parmelee Photography

With a client list that features names like L’Oréal, Michael Kors, and Maybelline, and a number of editorials done for famous fashion magazines, Anthony is a New York-based photographer with international experience specializing in commercial fashion, beauty, and lifestyle photography.

What makes his style unique is his use of light and he often utilizes natural light and stunning natural backgrounds in his photos. His portfolio also features black and white photography, as well as images with bright colors and interesting contrasts. In addition to fashion photography, he excels at shooting portraits.

Jodi Jones Studio

Jodi Jones and her team have been in the photography business for two decades and the names that appear on her client list include Microsoft, Cosmopolitan, and Valentino. In addition to fashion photography, the studio offers a range of services such as art direction, film production, set design and prop styling, e-commerce, and social media.

In her work, she is committed to showing variety in female modeling and fighting against the distorted view of beauty promoted in photography. Jodi also uses her work to help those in need and collaborates with missionaries around the world.

Andrew Foord Photography

Andrew Foord is an Emmy award-winning photographer based in New Jersey and covering New York and the Tri-State area. He comes from a long line of artists and specializes in fashion, entertainment, and advertising portraiture. His portfolio features portraits, often with bright make-up and interesting props, as well as assemblages.

His client list features names such as NBC, Fox Business, and Steelmont Watches and in addition to photography, he does videography, creative direction, photo retouching, and digital and social media content.

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