In the entertainment hub of Los Angeles, fashion photography is a popular niche. Companies and individuals hire L.A. fashion photographers to capture professional-grade images for magazines, websites, and product advertisements. And with tons of talented models to choose from in Los Angeles, you’ll also never find a shortage of pros ready to pose.

Fashion photographers specialize in executing unique and stylish shots designed to promote products and brands. Fashion photography in L.A. is always in demand, thanks to the ever-changing style seasons and trends.

Regardless of your photoshoot goals and desired aesthetics, there's a fashion photographer in Los Angeles who can meet your needs.

Michelle Terris

A Black and White Styled Shoot Captured in Los Angeles by Michelle [Michelle Terris]

Michelle Terris is a fashion photographer and director who works with diverse professionals to create images for mission-driven brands. She is based in Los Angeles and strives to create an environment that is inclusive and sustainable.

Her images are inspired by a sense of nostalgia, and you’ll see that she enjoys working with color, movement, and storytelling. She is also passionate about interior design and music, and you can be guaranteed a fun time in the studio together during your shoot.

Sean Marc Lee

An Adidas Shoot Captured by Sean [Sean Marc Lee]

Sean Marc Lee is an American photographer who splits his time between Los Angeles, Taipei, and Tokyo. He specializes in quirky photography and regularly shoots lifestyle, editorial, portraiture, and street fashion.

His photography style is bold and unique, and you can be sure your clothing range or brand will stand out with his photos. Sean studied at the University of San Diego, and his past clients include Nike, Apple, Adidas, and Samsung.


A Fashion Photography Shoot Captured in Los Angeles by David [VRset]

VRset offers photography particularly suited for e-commerce and Shopify stores. Based in Los Angeles, they offer studio photography for Amazon products and assist with startup brands in LA, New York, and across the world.

VRset understands that good photography will drive sales and can help you stand out from thousands of competitors. As well as offering photography, they can also help to cast models and provide stylists for your shoot.

Angie Silvy Photography

A Pair of Female Models Captured in Los Angeles by Silvy [Angie Silvy]

Silvy was born and raised in Australia and has decades of experience working in the photography industry. She is an award-winning photographer who offers social content, lifestyle, and fashion photography in Los Angeles. Previous notable clients of hers include Jimmy Choo, LEVIS, Macy’s, and GOOP.

Silvy’s photography focuses on simplicity and adds a modern and relaxed touch to each shot. She works to achieve the perfect composition for each photo while also aligning with a client's brand and vision.

Laura Pardo Photography

A Striking Make-Up Look Captured in Los Angeles by Laura [Laura Pardo Photography]

If you are looking to capture dynamic and unique fashion photographs in Los Angeles, consider Laura Pardo Photography. Laura was born in Costa Rica and has been a photographer since 2007. She specializes in creating strong images of people and focuses on capturing individuals doing the things they love the most with the most important people in their lives.

Previous clients of Laura’s include Etsy, Michael Kors, and Adobe. In each image she takes, she works to tell a story in a creative yet timeless manner. She is happy to work with clients on both commercial and editorial projects.

Nick Fancher

A Fun Men’s Fashion Shoot Captured in Los Angeles by Nick [Nick Fancher]

Nick Fancher is a photographer, educator, and author who creates dramatic photos for his clients' fashion photography needs. He uses dramatic lighting and experimental camera techniques in his work, creating unique images that will look great for any campaign.

He is known for using very little camera gear, yet the addition of bold colors to his work creates incredible results. Nick enjoys working in unique locations and is happy to travel anywhere to collaborate with clients.

Kourosh Sotoodeh

Harper’s Bazaar Cover Captured in Los Angeles by Kourosh [Kourosh Sotoodeh]

Kourosh Sotoodeh is an award-winning photographer based in Los Angeles and New York who works in the beauty and fashion industry. He has been working in the industry since 1998 and has a calm and patient manner when working with clients and models.

Previous clients and publications he has worked with include Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and Glamour. He works with celebrities, editorial shoots, and advertising campaigns and is happy to collaborate with anyone to create their desired results for their next campaign.

Sisilia Piring

A Casual Grocery Store Shoot Captured in Los Angeles by Sisilia [Sisilia Piring]

Sisilia is a content creator and fashion photographer who is based in Los Angeles. She splits her time between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree and is passionate about exploring the world around her.

She offers a whole host of services to clients in Los Angeles, including photography and wardrobe styling. When clients use her fashion photography services, they can also include creative direction, location scouting, model casting, and much more.

Adam Rindy

Puma Wildcats Campaign Captured in Los Angeles by Adam [Adam Rindy]

Adam Rindy is a fashion photographer who is based in Los Angeles but travels around the world working on high-profile campaigns. His work has taken him to Italy, Spain, Mexico, and many other exotic locations.

Previous brands he’s worked with include Puma, Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, and many more. He creates stylish and original photos that will look fantastic in any campaign, whether it's for online use or in a print publication.

Stephanie Williams Photography

A Beautiful Blue Dress Captured in Los Angeles by Stephanie [Stephanie Williams Photography]

Stephanie Williams is based in Orange County, California, and spends her time shooting campaigns in Los Angeles and around the world. She is an artistic photographer who also enjoys painting and calligraphy in her free time.

She works with a whole host of clients and creates stunning fashion and beauty campaigns to meet their needs. Previous clients include Zappos, Five and Two, Claire Pettibone, and many more.

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