London is one of the top fashion hubs on the planet, so you’ll find that there’s no shortage of professional fashion photographers in the city.

Whether you are looking to improve your portfolio, upgrade your website, or create an advertising campaign, you’ll find that a professional fashion photographer will help with just that. They’ll be up to date with the current trends and guide models to pose in the best way to show off your collection.

Keep reading to learn about ten of the best fashion photographers in London, UK, who will all be excited to collaborate with you on your upcoming shoot.

Bartosz Branka Photography

Fashion Portrait Captured in London by Bartosz [Bartosz Branka Photography]

Bartosz has been passionate about photography since a young age and is a self-taught professional photographer. You’ll find Bartosz’s portfolio is incredibly diverse, and over the years, Bartosz has worked with many of the world’s top brands and models.

During your time working together, you’ll be impressed by his professionalism and patience. He has a keen eye for detail, and you can be sure your clothing or accessories will be the centre of attention in each image.

Jarek Duk

Male Model Captured in London by Jarek [Jarek Duk]

Jarek is a London-based fashion and advertising photographer. He has a positive attitude and brings this to every shoot he works on.

He strongly believes that attitude and personality are just as important as the skills of a photographer. Jarek prioritises his relationships with clients and has a friendly yet professional approach which clients always appreciate.

John Sansom

Photo Collection Captured in London by John [John Sansom]

The team at John Sansom offers all of the fashion and beauty photography services you might need. They have been published in many of the world’s top fashion publications, including ELLE and Vogue.

They’ll be happy to help you with advertising campaigns, editorial work, or lookbooks. The team works in the studio or on-location and can also put you in touch with fashion stylists and make-up artists as needed.

Sage Studio

A Bold Fashion Shoot Captured in London by Sage Studio

Sage Studio offers many services to help improve your brand identity. They primarily offer e-commerce photography, which is critical for any business that is operating online.

They’ll work with you to understand the products you are trying to sell and the audience you are looking to appeal to. You’ll find that your clothing and accessories are always the main focus in each image, attracting a global audience to your brand.

Eye Media Studios

A Female Model Captured in London by Eye Media Studios

Eye Media Studios is a full-service photography studio in London. They can take care of every step of the creative process, so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Their team will work very closely with you to ensure your needs are met throughout your collaboration. They specialise in creating images that sell products, and that will assist with your company’s branding.

Blend Studios

Activewear Shoot Captured in London by Blend Studios

Blend Studios aims to create images that will boost your brand and sell your products. Their London-based team will support you throughout the creative process and create modern and sophisticated images.

Regardless of whether you are looking to sell casual clothing or high-end pieces, their team is used to capturing images of any type of clothing. They are known for their laid-back nature while always creating final results that you’ll be proud to share with your customers.

Vistolia Photography

Fitness Shoot Captured in London by Vistolia Photography

Vistolia Photography offers a wide range of professional photography services in London. As well as fashion photography, they can also assist with headshots, product photography, and portraits.

Their team will always put your product in the forefront of each shot and ensure that it catches the attention of a wider audience. They offer both studio and on-location shoots and will work with you to find the right background for your shoot.

Kalory Photo & Video

Jewellery Photography Captured in London by Kalory Photo & Video

Kalory Photo & Video has worked with many of the country’s top brands, including Mont Blanc, Harrods, Nike, Rolex, and Cartier. As well as fashion photography, they are known for shooting high-end products and jewellery.

Their attention to detail is excellent, and this comes across in every close-up image they take of products. They’ll make the items you sell looking incredibly desirable, ensuring you sell out of your new products in no time at all.

Tiffany Lin Photography

Fashion Store Captured in London by Tiffany [Tiffany Lin Photography]

Tiffany is a Taiwanese photographer and videographer who is now based in London. She loves helping people to document moments in their lives and help people embrace who they really are.

She has over nine years of professional experience and has an M.A. and B.A. from UAL. Tiffany is continually trying to improve her skills and come up with new ideas to take your brand to the next level.

UniQ Studios

Pretty in Pink Captured in London by UniQ Studios

UniQ Studios is an East London creative agency and fashion photography studio. They offer creative advertising photography, video production, web design, and many more services.

Their wide range of services means they are a one-stop shop for your upcoming rebranding. They’ll work with you to ensure you are able to capture the attention of a large audience and create stunning images that showcase your clothing in the best light.

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