Top 6 Fashion Photographers in Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Top 6 Fashion Photographers in Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Fashion photography demands above and beyond creativity to stand out. Lucky for you, Brisbane is packed with top notch photo professionals who can go to work for you.

If you need to capture the essence of some clothing or make a statement with it then you will need a photographer with a certain flair and style along with technical know-how and the patience and tenacity to get the right shot.

If you are looking for images that represent your brand or fashion label or maybe a modeling portfolio, some social media content, or some personal exploration of an idea, then start your search for fashion photographers in Brisbane today.

Evalina Photography

Evalina is a Brisbane-based fashion and food photographer with many awards and internationally published works. Her commitment to anything fashion-related has conditioned and sharpened her talent creating a photographer with vast experience and a confident approach to her work.

Evelina is methodical in her approach to creating images and using natural light and retouching techniques, she produces beautiful, composed, and unique photographs every time.

Her brand-enhancing captivating visuals combine her photography skills with her storytelling skills to produce an exciting and stimulating experience for the viewer. If you need creative and contemporary content that excites and engages your audience, give Evalina a call.

Georgia Wallace Photography

Georgia Wallace is a Brisbane-based photographer who likes to celebrate individuality and keep things zesty. She enjoys shooting work for model management companies, makeup and hair studios, and places that you find quirkiness appreciated.

Her work is varied and eclectic and her portfolio is colorful and imaginative. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, she shoots something totally different. Georgia works both on location and in the studio, always producing bright, colorful, and off-beat work that features in magazines all over the world.

Forough Yavari

Based in Brisbane Australia, Forough studied photography at University turning a hobby into a profession. She's an award-winning fine arts photographer who has had multiple painting and photography exhibitions.

In 2008, Forough was awarded a Master of Photography by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers and in 2019, a Master of Photography by the WIPP. In 2020, she received her double Masters from the WIPP making her an internationally recognized and very talented photographer.

Saen Sunderland

Saen grew up between Belgium and Australia, two completely different environments, and always had a camera in hand to document the differences. This led to doing film production in High School followed by a BA in fiction and documentary film.

He spent 8 years in Europe as a professional photographer and filmmaker and has been featured in numerous publications and helps start-up companies create their branding styles by styling their visual identities. Now, Saen is back in Australia looking to develop his career on a larger scale.

His main areas of expertise are portrait, lifestyle, fashion, music, and editorial photography and film. Saen's signature style is the elevated reality that is sophisticated, intimate, and dynamic with a hint of melancholy.

Elise Gellweller

Elise bases her time between Brisbane and Sydney and works mainly as a fashion, portrait, and photojournalist photographer. You know she's fascinated by people and her long list of publications, exhibitions and awards are testimony to her talent for someone so young.

Elise has collaborated in recent years with some Australian clothing labels as well as a jewelry label where she creates content for their brand. She also publishes with The Inspired Co and Lobster online magazines and in print with Style magazine. For a young fresh approach check out Elise’s work and be both charmed and amazed at how she sees the world through a lens.

Thomas Calder

Whether you are looking for creative portraits or fashion photography, Thomas Calder is the man to go for something meaningful and a little bit different.

He specializes in photography, filmmaking, and design and understands that this type of work often requires personal customization. He'll plan everything you with you. Thomas thinks the process is as important as the final product and he enjoys pushing each medium to its limits and discovering new ways of doing things.

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