Austin is a hub of talent and creatives. If you’re looking to do a fashion photo shoot, you’re in the right place. Austin has incredible fashion photographers that can bring your ideas to life.

High-quality photos are essential in fashion when shooting editorials or lookbook images. And even more, you’ll need a spark of creativity to make them stand out from the other brands. Check out these fashion photographers in Austin that know how to capture the perfect images for your project.

Obsidian + Blush

Fashion editorial photo by Obsidian + Blush.

Turn your photoshoot session into a complete experience when you work with Obsidian + Blush. The team shoots fashion photos as you’ve never seen before. Each shoot is tailored to the client to bring your wildest imaginations to life.

Obsidian + Blush makes every client feel like a celebrity doing a magazine shoot. They will bring all the creative magic to turn your ideas into a dream photoshoot session. Simply discuss some of the ideas you have, and they will use all of their resources and personnel to achieve it.

From the set to the wardrobe to hair and make-up, you can trust that the resulting photos will be a work of fine art.

Paige Newton

Women modeling dress by Paige Newton.

Are you looking for the perfect photos for a fashion shoot? Paige Newton is one of Austin’s favorite fashion photographers who has worked with major brands and magazines, including Under Armour and Austin Way Magazine.

Newton is experienced in all things fashion and photography. She understands that it’s more than just snapping a photo. You’ll need the right angles to showcase product details in your lookbook. Or have suitable images for a fashion magazine layout.

Working with Newton is always a collaborative effort. Once she understands your photo shoot needs, she’ll bring her creative touch to assist in delivering photos better than expected. You’ll be all set for the lookbook or even just cool pictures for social media by the end of the session.

Katie Jameson Photography

Cove Boutique lookbook by Katie Jameson.

Over the years, Katie Jameson has developed a diverse portfolio of fashion editorial shoots. She’s a top fashion photographer in Austin, and it’s easy to see why. She has a detailed eye for using photos to tell your brand story.

Jameson sets herself apart from other photographers by focusing on the key element to the shoot – fashion. Each photo is meant to highlight the product and style. The model and set are complementary to each image.

Jameson is a versatile photographer who works directly with clients on the photo session. Come to her with the number of outfit changes and set locations, and she’ll be able to accommodate it. Whether it’s clothing or jewelry, she’ll truly make your brand stand out.

Kelly Wendt Photography

Fashion picnic photo shoot by Kelly Wendt.

Fashion shoots take a particular type of creativity, and Kelly Wendt is more than qualified for the job. She makes every session fun to shoot for the client, which always results in excellent photos worthy of fashion editorials.

Wendt has photos featured in major publications, such as Forbes, Texas Monthly, and The Austin Chronicle. Her portfolio ranges in session types – fun, creative shoots or photos for your clothing line’s lookbook. She’s even available to shoot at fashion shows.

Wendt brings her artistic style to every photo and makes each session unique. She provides all the resources, including make-up and wardrobe, for personal shoots and location ideas that match your brand aesthetic.

Ransom Ashley

Fashion scene shot by Ransom Ashley.

Fashion is meant to catch your attention at first glance, and the photos by Ransom Ashley are hard miss. The Austin photographer has built up a name for himself internationally, so anytime you get a chance to book him for a shoot is a treat.

Ashely is a published photographer in The New York Times, Teen Vogue, and more. His photography projects have been exhibited worldwide.

The good news is that you’ll get the same attention to detail when he shoots your fashion photos. You’ll be amazed at the creative ideas he’s able to realize either in the studio or outdoor settings.

David Heisler Photography

Beach clothing brand lifestyle shot by David Heisler.

From the first portfolio photos you review by David Heisler, you can tell that he has a passion for what he does. With a degree in photography and training under a celebrity photographer, his photography company has thrived in the Austin market.

Fashion photography is a primary focus for Heisler. His pictures create the perfect imagery that transforms your brand from products into a lifestyle. He’s worked with various clothing designers and celebrity shoots on different fashion sessions.

Heisler’s photos have incredible color. You’ll see all the details of your product thanks to his professional touch. Whether you’re a model or looking to shoot your brand’s products, he’s the right photographer to make it happen.

Nathan Hall Photography

Fashion portrait by Nathan Hall.

Working with Nathan Hall will feel like meeting up with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while. And the photos will look like something out of your favorite fashion magazine. That’s the perfect combination to make him a popular fashion photographer in Austin.

Hall has been shooting for over 25 years, honing his skills in various settings and shoots. When it comes to fashion photography, you can hire him for all styles – streetwear to high fashion.

He’ll make you look like a top model, and each clothing piece looks premium. It’s important to feel comfortable in front of the camera, and Hall is a down-to-earth guy that makes all fashion shoot fun.

Romy Suskin Photography

Elegant gown shot at private villa by Romy Suskin.

Romy Suskin is an artist as much as she is a photographer. Sometimes, you need a personal touch like hers to get the images you need. Her talent and portfolio of fashion photography rank among the best you’ll find in Austin.

Suskin has shot numerous fashion editorials and clothing brands. She’s also great if you want to get experimental in a playful shoot. The possibilities are endless when working with someone as creative as Suskin.

Her captivating images bring out the best in fashion. You’ll shoot in the perfect setting to flow seamlessly with your style and clothes.

Suskin has her photo studio in Austin, or you can set up an outdoor shoot. She’ll bring the props.

Find a location in Austin for your next film or photo shoot, meeting, or event.