Top Family Photographers in Vancouver, WA

Top Family Photographers in Vancouver, WA

Vancouver is home to some of the best locations for photoshoots. The vast landscapes and nature spots are abundant in this part of the State of Washington, making it an excellent location for any type of photo op. If you live in the city or anywhere near the greater Vancouver area, you should think about taking advantage of these fantastic photoshoot locations for your family.

Nowadays, because of digital cameras and smartphones, not many families go out, take photos, and print them for home display or photo albums to look at. With everything turning digital, it is still best to keep hard copies of your memories. If you want to keep hard copies of your memories in high quality, hiring a professional family photographer is a must.

Ready to start your search for family photographers in Vancouver? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for you and yours.

Jennifer Faith Photography

Jennifer understands the importance of taking family photos, which is why she takes family photo shoots quite seriously. That isn't to say she is not a joker - she is and loves to use humor to make people feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

If you are looking for a family photographer to document certain milestones in your family, but you are quite the shy type who doesn’t like being the subject of the camera, hiring Jennifer can change that point of view. With her positive attitude and outgoing personality, she tends to bring out the best in people.

Phoenix Photography

Phoenix Photography is a professional family photography provider that has the most reasonable prices, considering the high quality of their work. Not all photographers are upfront about their prices, but the people at Phoenix are very firm about their low prices, making them one of the best options if you are having second thoughts about hiring a photographer because of the expensive prices.

For prices as low as $50 for two hours, you can never go wrong with hiring the talented photographers at Phoenix Photography for your next family gathering or photo shoot. If you want a good photographer to take pictures of your family, hiring them could be your best bet.

JM Fiscus Photography

JM Fiscus Photography is led by Jheziell, and she's a portrait photographer who focuses on capturing family moments. Whether it is a simple photo shoot for immediate family members or large family gatherings, she understands why every moment is important to capture. She herself loves to look back on family memories through amazing family portraits.

Jheziell looks forward to every shoot. Being a part of the magical moments that families share is something she takes great pride in. Choosing JM Fiscus Photography to handle your photoshoots is not something you will regret.

DM George Photography

DM George Photography was newly established in 2021, but despite being a young photography firm, they consist of highly-talented and experienced photographers who have worked in the field for years. New, the studio is doing its best to prove themselves and built trust with every client.

Dustin is the owner and a Salt Lake City native who moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2018. Since 2016, he's dedicated a lot of his time to improving his craft. Together with his friends who he treats as family, they created this small business to provide families with a real sense of nostalgia and joy via photo galleries.

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