Create lasting memories with your family in a family photoshoot. Finding the right family photographer in Tampa is essential to get quality worth keeping for a lifetime.

Luckily, we’ve scoped out the best local photographers that have amazing portfolios. These are the top Tampa family photographers.

Modern Newborn Photography

Generational family photo by Modern Newborn Photography.

Dakota, the founder of Modern Newborn Photography, is the obvious choice for families in Tampa because, most likely, she’s worked with them since newborn photos. Family photography gives her a chance to continue documenting your family throughout the years.

Special moments don’t last forever, and Dakota knows from experience by watching her own family grow. It’s what sparked her passion for family photography that helps her create memories for her clients.

Dakota is a self-taught photographer who has a natural talent for the craft to get spectacular shots of families either in the studio or on location.

Alison Winterroth

Dad with his kids captured by Alison Winterroth.

Document those timeless moments with your family in a gallery photographed by Alison Winterroth. She works out of her studio near Tampa, so she’s easily accessible for sessions in the area.

Alison has a special touch to capture each family’s uniqueness. No two galleries are the same because she focuses more on the natural interactions between family members. The more candid the photo, the better memories it creates.

Clients rave about Alison’s photography skills because she’s able to make the entire family look good. It will be a fun experience for everyone that you’ll be excited to do again every year.

Laura Gattis Photography

Outdoor photoshoot with a family captured by Laura Gattis.

Looking at the family photographs shot by Laura Gattis is witnessing the work of a true artist. She’s one of the top family photographers in Tampa.

Laura showcases her artistic skills behind the camera by capturing raw images full of emotion. You’ll immediately recall the fun of the photoshoot even when looking at the pictures years later. Each picture tells a story that you can follow every time you look at your gallery.

Clients benefit from Laura’s full service, which includes location planning and styling for the shoot.

Stacy Larsen Photography

Kids on the beach photographed by Stacy Larsen.

Families can now be themselves when they work with Stacy Larsen on their family photoshoots. With the focus on you and your family for the day, it will be an enjoyable day that creates lots of precious memories.

Stacy has over 15 years of photography experience where she’s developed a talent for capturing the authentic personalities of each family member. It always surprises clients by how well she works with kids and gets their photogenic side (even if only for a split second). Your gallery will be a good display of the loving connection within your family.

Marissa Moss Photography

Black and white family picture shot by Marissa Moss.

It’s amazing how Marissa Moss can turn an ordinary outing into a memorable photoshoot experience with your family. She’s one of the best family photographers based in Tampa.

Marissa left her previous career in pursuit of her passion for photography. Fast-forward more than a decade, and she’s one of the tops in the city that’s created a signature style. During the session, she focuses on capturing local and joy—two emotions seen frequently throughout her niches.

Working with Marissa is a friendly experience that makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Christina Maldonado Photography

Family on the beach photographed by Christina Maldonado.

Learning about her clients is the first step in the photography process for Christina Maldonado. Connecting with each person is essential to know how to capture their best self.

Christina has proven this process repeatedly by surpassing her clients’ expectations for the photoshoot. One thing that sets her apart from other photographers is that she offers a boutique experience—clients get more personalized service by working directly with Christina.

With numerous published photos, Christina is an accomplished photographer. She uses her fine art photography style to shoot spectacular pictures of your family.

Captured by Mallary

Family in-studio photoshoot with Captured by Mallary.

Bring your family portraits into the modern era with a photoshoot with Captured by Mallary. Mallary is a contemporary family portrait photographer based in Tampa, Florida.

Mallary sees each photoshoot as a celebration for a special time when your family gets together. Bring your own style as you pose in a portrait-style shoot, either in the studio or on location. The final result is photos you’ll be proud to share and display at home.

Each family gets a one-hour photoshoot, where you can have multiple outfit changes. He has a fast turnaround for pictures within three days of the photoshoot.

Baby Face Portraits

Close up of parents and their newborn by Baby Face Portraits.

You can always rely on your photographer from Baby Face Portraits to show up ready to shoot with all the necessary equipment for shooting incredible shots. It’s one of the best-recommended family photographers in Tampa.

Baby Face Portraits is a team of professional photographers that specialize in numerous niches, including family photography. The best sessions happen in your home, where you’ll be the most comfortable and able to showcase your natural personality. All you need is a bit of natural light, and any room in your home will make the ideal backdrop for the photoshoot.

NTP 2 Photography

Family fall photoshoot with NTP 2 Photography.

NTP 2 was founded upon photography and remains an essential part of the business. It’s what keeps them ranked high on the list of best Tampa family photographers.

You and your family deserve timeless images that you can save as part of your family’s legacy. NTP 2 works with families of all sizes, regardless if you want a small session in-studio with a few members or an on-location shoot at a large family reunion.

NTP 2 shoots images with stunning quality. You’ll enjoy each of the portraits captured during the session.

Kelly Kristine Photography

On-location photoshoot with family by Kelly Kristine.

The natural moments of your family captured on camera by Kelly Kristine always make you remember the fun times during the shoot. It’s these moments that Kelly wants to document in a gallery for your family that you’ll keep forever.

Kelly recently relocated her photo studio to a new space in Tampa. It’s perfect for in-studio family photoshoots since it’s filled with natural light, and she has everything available for the shoot, including props, clothing accessories, etc.

Clients can also work with Kelly in a location of their choice for customizing their photoshoot experience.

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