Top 8 Family Photographers in Surrey, BC, Canada

Top 8 Family Photographers in Surrey, BC, Canada

A family portrait session is a great opportunity to capture your family at its best, enjoying some family time and just having fun. It can be held in a studio with perfect lighting or in the comfort of your own home, or even in the great outdoors.

No matter what type of family portrait session you are looking for, Surrey has photographers who can make it happen. Ready to start your search for family photographers in Surrey? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big happy family.

Rumley Portraits

Casey likes to think of her photography style as more candid, and "unposed" if you will. She loves meeting new people, and hanging out with kids. So while you guys have a fun day at the park, she'll be taking photos of your family as you create memories.

Every family has a story and Casey would be honored to document yours. For her studio work, she prefers simplicity. She doesn't do a lot of props, because she wants your baby, your children, and your family, to be the sole focus of your photograph.  Casey aims for timeless portraits, photos that will last a lifetime, to be passed on for generations.

Joy Photography Company

The Grahams love people and photography and could not be more honored that you are interested in having them photograph your family. The goal of their studio - Joy Photography Company - is to create lifetime relationships and support people by preserving their most precious moments.

As their lives have recently changed with their son, Beckett, they decided that we wanted to spend more time with families. Brenden is the main photographer and doubles as a local high school photography/leadership teacher. Stephanie is also a teacher, a new mom, and an all-around Rockstar that does anything she can to support the business.

Lifestyle Photography

Charlie (named after her cherished Gramps) is the owner of Lifestyle Photography. Her goal is to capture unique and timeless portraits that capture the personality and the loving bonds within your family.

Charlie thinks it is very rewarding to photograph a wedding followed by the maternity and progression of the newborn baby to a toddler, followed by the second child, and so on. To be part of recording a family’s growth and milestones is a true honor for her.

Ecu Photography

Eugine and Christina are both self-taught creators who are inspired by capturing moments and memories that you and your family will treasure forever. Eugene is the “technical wizard” who knows his DSLR and lighting equipment inside and out. Cristina loves the creative directing aspect of photography and focuses on proper posing and all the fine details that develop a perfect end result.

Together, they do family portraiture, landscapes, lifestyle photography and more. Their style is bold, bright, and colorful. Whether it is a big gathering or an intimate wedding, a first of many birthdays or even a beautiful portrait shoot, you can count on ECU Photography to capture your family moments to last a lifetime.

Angela K Photography

Angela loves to capture those connections and moments that make families and couples so unique. Beautiful light, natural moments, sincere connection, laughter, and love all come together to tell your family's story.

Angela is passionate about celebrating everyday love. Love comes in so many different forms, and she believes that each relationship is unique and special. Her goal is to make you feel beautiful and prompt you in a way that elicits a sincere connection. Angela also believes that there's beauty in the imperfect and that your images should be as real as you are.

Brandie Coe Photography

Brandie has been a family and newborn photographer for over a decade in locations around the world. She's a mother of four and understands how fleeting every moment in a growing families life is. Above all, Brandie wants to create timeless pieces of art that are deeply and emotionally personal to new moms and dads.

Brandie has been blessed to have the honor of photographing thousands of families and has grown incredible relationships with her clients. Looking back gives her the greatest joy as she has created memories for each and every one of these families.

Klutch Photography

Dina claims to be short - shorter than most people and blames her Portuguese genes for this. She likes her photoshoots to be classy, sassy, and a bit bad assy when she can. Her Life Unscripted Baby session is best captured within the first seven to ten days of birth and is done in the convenience of your own home.

It's the perfect balance of baby getting naturally posed images and a variety of beautiful family candids in one relaxed session. If you prefer life to unfold, unscripted, then Dina is your kind of photographer.

Annie Chen Photography

Annie is a family photographer who is not after the perfectly posed smiling at the camera type photo. She wants to show your emotional connection, your silliness, your seriousness. Her priority is always to keep you relaxed and having fun.

The best photos are the ones when you let your true emotions show and connect with your family. Annie is always keen to take photos as you can't turn back time and take them again. She specializes in altogether laid-back, natural family portraits.

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