Kids grow so fast and the dynamics of family relationships change from year to year. That’s why so many families choose to have professional portrait sessions to document the way they are at that specific moment in time. It’s about celebrating your family’s love and connection while coming away with beautiful images to hang on the wall.

San Diego-based families are lucky to have plenty of talented photographers on their doorstep, each with their own style and aesthetic. In this guide, we’ll introduce 10 of our favorites and what it is that sets them apart.

Christine Dammann Photography

A beach portrait session with mom and bub [Christine Dammann Photography]

Christine Dammann believes that there is “nothing more important than family”, which is why she wants to celebrate family love and relationships through her photography. She strives to give her clients a relaxed and fun experience while documenting your connection and capturing your family just as it is right now. She understands that kids grow up way too fast and the importance of having photos that freeze all the beauty of this moment in time. Christine works with families throughout San Diego and Southern California.

A Beautiful Light Photography

Newborn twins embrace [A Beautiful Light Photography]

Svetlana Aleynikova is the award-winning photographer behind A Beautiful Light Photography, a San Diego-based business that’s dedicated to fine art portraits of newborns. She’s based out of a beautiful studio in the Torrey Highlands/Carmel Valley area but is also happy to travel to locations around San Diego for outdoor sessions. We love the diverse range of props she provides for families during studio shoots, including baskets, swings, and hammocks, as well as a carefully curated selection of handmade outfits.

Photography by L Rose

Capturing a special moment between father and son [Photography by L Rose]

Laura is the owner of Photography by L Rose, which specializes in maternity, newborn, and family photography. Established in 2014, her business has grown from strength to strength as families discover her gorgeous use of light and ability to capture natural-looking portraits. Laura has an attractive studio where she holds newborn portrait sessions, ensuring your baby is warm and cozy throughout the shoot. For maternity clients, she has a range of dresses available so you don’t have to worry about purchasing anything for your session.

The Leo Loves

An action shot of a young boy jumping on a bed [The Leo Loves]

The Leo Loves is the photography business of Erin Brant, a Leo who is also a talented photographer and dedicated teacher. But she describes her most important job at the moment as raising her children to be kind humans. If you’re after perfectly posed family portraits with matching outfits, then Erin probably isn’t the photographer for you. She’s all about documenting families in the “beautiful tornado that is life with kids” AND having a great time doing it.

Christy Wallis Photography

A baby crawls in front of his mom and grandma [Christy Wallis Photography]

Another newborn and maternity photographer on our list is Christy Wallis who was awarded the 2019 Best Reviewed Newborn Photographer in San Diego and the 2020 San Diego Business Photographer of the Year. She has more than 11 years of experience under her belt and has photographed 100s of newborns throughout her career, as well as holding beautiful maternity shoots at San Diego’s canyons and beaches. Christy’s style? She describes it as “organic, timeless and sweet”.

Ashlee Hayden Photography

An adorable newborn portrait by Ashlee Hayden [Ashlee Hayden Photography]

Based in San Diego, Ashlee Hayden says she has two full-time jobs - a photographer and mother to three “sprightly boys, one feisty girl”. She’s worked as a professional photographer since 2011 and loves the flexibility it allows her to do what she loves while spending as much time as possible with her kids. Ashlee says that her role as a parent has had a significant influence on her photography and that her “clean, healthy, organic life” is reflected in her work.

Angela Beransky

A family picnic in the golden hour light [Angela Beransky]

Born and raised in the south of Russia, Angela Beransky moved to the United States around 12 years ago and pursued her passion for photography at a local school. While learning from highly experienced instructors, she perfected her lighting techniques and transformed what she considered a hobby into a career. After shooting weddings, food, and fashion photography, she discovered that it was newborns and families that inspired her the most. We love her use of natural, earthy colors and the rich hues of the golden hour light that are a feature of her work.

Sereia Photography

Two kids embrace their parents at the beach [Sereia Photography]

Daniela Larsen is the owner of Sereia Photography, whose name was inspired by her daughter’s love of mermaids. She spent several years studying design and photography at San Diego State University before launching her business in 2010. Since then, she’s photographed countless families, expectant mothers, and children as they rapidly grow and feels honored to be tasked with creating beautiful portraits for San Diego families. Daniela describes herself as “personable” and a “storyteller”, both of which are evident in her portfolio.

Amy Gray Photography

An extended family portrait session by Amy Gray [Amy Gray Photography]

One look at Amy Gray’s portfolio and you’d think she was a beach lover through and through. But she says it wasn’t always like that and it was only once she discovered her passion for photography that she also fell in love with the sand, sea, and salty air. Today, she regularly documents family portrait sessions around the Hotel del Coronado, with the flat shoreline enabling her to capture her signature reflective shots.

Dennis Mock Photography

A father holds his son proudly in the air [Dennis Mock Photography]

With numerous awards under his belt, Dennis Mock is one of the most experienced family photographers on our list. His background is in sports and architectural photography, which influence his ability to capture split-second moments and create natural compositions. Dennis’s style blends both candid and relaxed portraits to convey the authentic story of your family. He has a spontaneity that clients absolutely love, whether he’s shooting at the beach, your local park, or a favorite hangout spot.

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