Family time is all about making memories. You should take great pride in wanting to document that through beautiful images. For many parents, having portraits taken with their kids is an opportunity to freeze a moment in time as they grow and change at such a rapid rate.

In Richmond, Virginia you’ll find no shortage of photographers who can turn such moments into memories. When you are ready to begin your search for family photographers in Richmond, check out the following 10 who are among our favorites, each with an impressive portfolio of photos to peruse.

Kait Winston Photography

An expectant mom holds her belly [Kait Winston Photography]

Based in Richmond, Kait Winston is a lifestyle and wedding photographer who began her career in New York City’s fashion photo industry. Since moving back to the South, she has photographed countless family portrait sessions, with a mix of beautifully posed portraits and candids of people doing what they love. Her aim? To document the natural essence of your family through the ebb and flow of daily life.

Aside from being a talented family photographer, Kait has worked with more than 300 couples as a high art wedding photographer.

Jennifer Traylor Photography

A cute girl with her sheep teddy [Jennifer Traylor Photography]

Jennifer Traylor works with families throughout the Central Virginia Region, including Richmond, Amelia, Chesterfield, and Midlothian. Her portfolio is filled with rustic farm backgrounds and country scenes featuring smiling families.

Aside from ensemble hang outs at favored parks and lakes, she also offers indoor family shoots at her comfortable studio. During child portrait sessions, Jennifer loves to incorporate their favorite toys or stuffed animals to make them feel confident, relaxed, and beaming.

Megan Garrison Photography

A family relaxing on their front stairs [Megan Garrison Photography]

Megan Garrison is a wedding, newborn, and family photographer who works with clients throughout Richmond and beyond. It was in 2008 that she decided to take the plunge and turn her passion for photography into a career while also being a mom to three boys.

As a photographer, she loves getting to know the families she works with, including the design of custom sets for them to shoot within. To satisfy each of her clients, she often goes above and beyond in trying to find beauty in untraditional places.

Sarah Kane Photography

A portrait of an adorable young girl [Sarah Kane Photography]

Since 2011, Sarah Kane has been photographing maternity, newborn, and family portrait sessions that are fun and personalized. She says it’s incredibly important that her clients feel relaxed and stress-free during the experience as it has a profound impact on the ending quality of the portraits.

Before starting her business, Sarah Kane worked as a middle school teacher for 12 years. You can rest assured she knows how to interact with kids, including those with learning, emotional and behavioral challenges.

Rebecca Sable Photography

A couple and their children relaxing in the bedroom [Rebecca Sable Photography]

Rebecca Sable is a former nurse who discovered her love for photography while working in the oncology field. After that experience, she realized that life was something to cling to tightly; from then on, Rebecca wished to capture all of the “everyday beauty that we often gloss right over.”

Rebecca’s portfolio is filled with tender moments - dancing in the kitchen, genuine laughter among friends, small heads asleep in laps. Ultimately, she believes that photography holds a special power that “words simply can't touch.”

Jacki G. Photography

A family of four against a leafy backdrop [Jacki G. Photography]

Whether you’ve just welcomed a newborn into the world or want photos of your growing family, Jacki G. is the photographer to turn to. With lifestyle family portraits, her goal is to find the natural essence of people to be remembered.

Rather than lots of posed portraits, Jacki is all about documenting your family just being yourselves. She hopes you will have fun together during your session, either on location or in your home.

Amanda Rachael Photography

A family in a field of cotton [Amanda Rachael Photography]

With more than 15 years of experience under her belt, Amanda Rachael is one of the most experienced family photographers on our list. She honed her skills while working with film. Amanda learned developing techniques in the darkroom before making the transition to digital photography with all of its post-production possibilities.

Along the way through her stellar career, Amanda has won several awards. Her striking images have been published in books, newspapers, and magazines.

Photography by Nicole Johnson

Two parents kiss their young children [Photography by Nicole Johnson]

Not only has Nicole Johnson photographed over 300 weddings throughout her 12-year career, but she’s one of the most in-demand newborn photographers in Richmond. She is particularly skilled at handling babies, ensuring they are as comfortable as possible throughout the shoot.

Most of Nicole’s sessions take place in her Midlothian studio, although she is happy to travel to your home to capture your bundle of joy. Her portfolio also includes maternity portraits, cake smash shoots, and engagement sessions at a variety of beautiful Virginia locations.

Nicki Metcalf

A couple and their adorable dog [Nicki Metcalf]

Nicki Metcalf describes her photography as “for the free spirits, joy seekers, and crazy dog lovers”. Much of her work focuses on weddings and engagement sessions, with loved-up couples (and sometimes their pets) as the main subjects. But she’s no stranger to family shoots.

Nicki believes family portraits are all about capturing emotion. Through her lens, she seeks out what it looks like to love people unconditionally. Nicki is fascinated by the strength of the family unit, and how they come together to support one another during hard times.

Kayla Smith Photography

A smiling family during their portrait session [Kayla Smith Photography]

Kayla Smith established her photography business around seven years ago to feed her creative desires while creating a career that wasn’t a typical 9-to-5.

Since that time, she has shot more than 125 weddings and 1,000+ portrait sessions featuring engaged couples and happy families. When describing the kind of clients she loves working with, Kayla hopes they are up for an adventure and are willing to collaborate on a creative level. She may be taking the photos but remember the experience is all yours!

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