While we all have cellphones to capture countless images of our children as they grow, there’s nothing quite like the quality of a professional photographer’s work. They will transform your everyday family moments into works of art, creating treasured heirlooms that can be passed down through the generations.

Families living in Pittsburgh have no shortage of choice when it comes to talented photographers, whether you’re looking for heavily posed portraits or more of a lifestyle approach.

Blu Hippo Photography

A young family relaxing in a hammock [Blu Hippo Photography]

Taryn is the photographer behind the lens at Blu Hippo Photography and is all about capturing family portraits that tell the story of who you really are. She says “this isn’t about perfection” and prefers to focus her work on “the real-life stuff”. Since 2011, she has been shooting families in and around Pittsburgh and is committed to supporting underrepresented voices in her community through photography. Born in Alabama, Taryn spent much of her childhood in Texas and has lived in Pittsburgh ever since.

Missy Timko Photography

A father and daughter share a special moment [Missy Timko Photography]

Based in Mount Lebanon, Missy Timko is a talented portrait photographer who specializes in families, newborns, and maternity sessions. But she also offers professional headshots and can assist businesses with their branding needs in a style that is timeless and modern. Missy studied photography, art, and design at California State University, Chico before completing her Master’s degree at Parsons School of Design in NYC. Aside from shooting portrait sessions on location and at her studio, she also teaches photography to kids and young adults.

Kristi Telnov Photography

A family portrait in the snow [Kristi Telnov Photography]

Kristi Telnov is an internationally award-winning photographer who is based in Pittsburgh where she is a mom to “two crazy boys”. She had solid training in the art world before she really delved into photography and credits where she is today to the incredible art teachers who helped her to develop a strong control over composition and lighting. Her years of still-life exercises and sculpturing can be seen in her gorgeous family and wedding portraits, with a cinematic style that we can’t get enough of.

Lisa West Photography

A couple and their two boys in Pittsburgh [Lisa West Photography]

With more than 15 years of photography experience under her belt, Lisa West is a leading name in Pittsburgh’s family portraiture scene. After completing her certificate in fine art photography from Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Lisa established her own business specializing in family and pet photography. Not only have her images been published in numerous books and magazines but she won first place at the 2017 International Photography Awards in the Professional People, Wedding category.

Caitlin Thomas Photography

A father throws his toddler into the air [Caitlin Thomas Photography]

Another seasoned family photographer on our list is Caitlin Thomas who has spent more than 15 years capturing the big and small moments in her clients’ lives. Her work has been featured in the “Pittsburgh Magazine”, “Ruffled” and “Burgh Brides” and she is the brains behind Beyond Boss, a community of women dedicated to cultivating connection and education. Caitlin takes a lifestyle approach to her family portraiture, with genuine smiles, love, and special moments radiating from her images.

Pamela Anticole Photographer

A family portrait amidst the changing colors of fall [Pamela Anticole Photographer]

Pamela Anticole worked as a newspaper photojournalist and a documentary wedding photographer before she discovered her love for family portraiture. It was while documenting the growth of her own child that she realized her images were different from those she saw on social media, with less perfection and more authenticity. Weird, abstract, and thought-provoking are all words that have been used to describe her images, which aim to tell the simple stories of her clients’ unique lives.

LeeAnn K Photography

A mom cuddles her two children beside a lake [LeeAnn K Photography]

LeeAnn K describes herself as a family photographer for down-to-earth families, as well as being a talented branding photographer. In 2018, she left her career as an art educator to pursue her dream of being behind the lens and making the experience as enjoyable as possible for whoever is in front of the camera. Her extensive experience working with children has given her the skills to really get the shot, with what she describes as an “arsenal of interactive prompts”.

Kelsey Cunningham Photography

New parents with their baby girl [Kelsey Cunningham Photography]

Kelsey Cunningham is a Pittsburgh-based photographer who specializes in family and newborn photography. Her interest in photography was reignited in 2017 following the unexpected death of her brother and she realized that pursuing her corporate job wasn’t bringing her joy. Kelsey says that while she strives to capture gorgeous images, it’s not her job to turn your family into a beautiful work of art but to “show you how beautiful your family already is, naturally”.

Adam Michaels Photography

A family of three walking through a park in Pittsburgh [Adam Michaels Photography]

Adam Michaels purchased his first point-and-shoot camera 15 years ago and it’s only been upwards ever since. His approach to his business is hard work, attention to detail, creativity, and communication - a winning combination that we love! Not only does Adam capture stunning family portraits tinged with golden light but he has a knack for connecting with people and fostering unique relationships. He strives to deliver the best images possible, as well as an experience that he believes all of his clients deserve.

Jamie Virgin Photography

A family portrait in front of a rustic barn [Jamie Virgin Photography]

Jamie Virgin’s love of photography began with documenting her own children and slowly evolved into a business that she is incredibly passionate about. By attending numerous photography classes and workshops, she has gained the skills needed to not only capture engaging images but also assist her clients with posing. From documenting a baby’s first days to children bouncing off the walls, she feels honored to capture the most important moments in her clients’ lives.

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