Best Family Photographers in Montreal, QC, Canada

Best Family Photographers in Montreal, QC, Canada

Capturing the love and essence that a family has for one another is no small task. The best photographers can draw colors out, make a scene jump off the frame, and display the raw feelings and emotions of a family get-together.

Good thing we knew just where to look for truly spectacular family photographers in Montreal. Each one of these experts has passion that drives them, love that inspires them, and little photographic twists that clients will absolutely adore.

Ready to start your search for family photographers in Montreal? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for you and yours.

Natacha Silber Photography

Natacha Silber fell in love with photography long ago, when capturing intimate moments in images spoke directly to her soul. You see, Silber is a visual person. This aspect of her personality allows her to describe and showcase feelings, ideas, and emotions through her photography.

The skill Natacha brings to the table is mesmerizing. From lighting to perspective, she's able to portray connection through photographs. You won’t only see a compelling scene in every picture printed, you’ll also understand how meaningful the memory held within it is.

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Reina Procee Photography

Photography has made Reina Procee and her husband’s dreams come true over the years. The couple have so much fun bringing families together, sharing in the joy they portray, and making them giggle and laugh to no end. Being a part of those precious moments and having the skill and knowledge to capture a present memory is something they truly consider to be a gift.

Reina’s specialty focuses on newborns. The gal with the camera in hand knows just how to pose a delicate baby with attention to detail and comfort. She’s photographed over 450 babies in the past 10 years, and everyone can vouch that her hard work and preparation.

Amy Grauer Photography

Since the day Amy Grauer picked up a camera, she’s been healthily obsessed with photographing the beauty in life. Everywhere she went and everything she saw was captured with her trusty camera. The scenery, people, objects, colors, and everything in between screamed to be showcased through her photographs and edits.

As time went on and Grauer learned to perfect her passionate skill, she began to offer a plethora of photography sessions. Some of the more popular pieces include, maternity, newborn, first birthday, family, couples, animals, and glamor shots. Trusting one photographer to balance such an array of categories can seem quite bold. But Grauer’s expertise speaks for itself, and they say – fortune favors the bold.

Magnolia Studio

Patricia Castiglione, owner and founder of Magnolia Studio, believes that a love story can be captured through a candid photography moment. To her, photographing the love that people share is magical and majestic. As she puts it, a single snapshot can display a few split seconds of her clients' lives, ensuring that they can go back and live in that memory whenever they desire.

With Castiglione, you don’t only get a photographer. You get a professional friend that’s willing to grasp your moment in the present and make it timeless for decades to come.

Lili Sweet Photography

Lili Sweet began her journey with photography in her early teenage years, where she acquired a personal darkroom to experiment with. Naturally, this photographer became fascinated and engrossed in image capturing, building up her portfolio as the years passed. Now, Lili currently operates at her in-home studio or outdoors when the weather permits.

Lili is credible, professional, and fun spirited to work with. She’ll capture you in your brightest moment, emphasizing the beautiful essence you and your surroundings have together.

Helene Ung Photography

Photography went from a hobby to a passion to a business for Helene Ung. Now, she’s able to capture newborns, couples, and families through whatever lifestyle lens her camera draws her to.

Helene works closely with clients on creating images that speak to her, that drive her and inspire her. Her truest desire is to tell your family story and have it be remembered the way you want it remembered.

Carolina Hanna Photography

Carolina Hanna has a talent like no other, as she’s able to capture photographs of you and your family’s genuine, gorgeous, hilarious, chaotic, and emotional nature. Hanna encourages all parents and children to embrace the love that they have for one another in that very moment, giving her the chance to snap a true set of candids.

To Carolina, it’s the little moments that matter the most. Gentle moments and big hugs make us feel warm. These moments are priceless and they are what Carolina is after with every client experience.

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