Miami, Florida, is the vacation destination for those around the nation looking for beautiful beaches and lively nightlife. Whether you are a Miami native, or you are a vacationing tourist, family photos of your exciting adventures are just what you need to capture the moments you spend in the sunshine state.

Regardless of where you want these photos taken, a beachy landscape, a bright cityscape, or even just the comfort of your own home, you are sure to find family photographers in Miami capable of producing stunning photographs of you and your family that will last for generations to come.

Alejandra Escalante Photography

Family Portrait in the woods [Alejandro Escalante]

Alejandra Escalante is a family focused photographer who works with families hoping to capture their loved ones in beautiful snapshots of time. Alejandra grew up in Mexico, but moved to Miami and began her photography business after she realized just how impactful photography was on her life.

Growing up, Alejandra recalls that her father always had a camera and was snapping pictures every chance he got. One of Alejandra’s greatest joys is being able to go back through the thousands of photos her father took, reliving some of the best moments of her life. Her goal is to recreate that feeling for the families she works with, by providing quality images that stop precious moments from slipping away.

Stephanie Anders Photography

Family picture taken in front of the beach with a sunset [Stephanie Anders]

Stephanie Anders balances her time between being a wife and mom, and being a photographer. Her beautiful images have a very personal inspiration, her kids! Stephanie says that watching her kids grow inspires her to try and capture each and every moment before it passes.

Because she feels this way about her own children, Stephanie knows that families coming to her are hoping for the same thing. Stephanie’s work has been featured in many magazines, both local and national. She has also been presented with multiple awards and accolades, including some from the National Association of Professional Child Photographers.

Solo Mio Photography

Family sitting on a patterned rug [Solo Mio Photography]

Solo Mio Photography is a team of ultra-talented photographers who have a different approach to photography. Solo Mio Photography focuses on capturing real life, moment between the moment shots, and true, candid emotion. Solo Mio claims that they will never ask for a perfect pose or a head tilted just a little bit more.

Instead, their goal is to capture life, and to present you not with a picture, but with a work of art. Solo Mio is made up of three photographers, Damien, Millie, and Rob. Between these three, you are sure to experience a photo shoot like no other.

Lisset Galeyev Photography

Family posing in front of a dark grey studio backdrop [Lisset Galeyev Photography]

Lisset Galeyev Photography promises to deliver beautiful, sophisticated, and clean studio portraits to your family. Lisset is a trilingual photographer, fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, making it easy for her to work with clients from around the world.

Lisset’s studio photography is focused on creating timeless images that will showcase your family and that will last for generations to come. Lisset’s full service photography makes it easier than ever to get the images of your family that you have been dreaming of. All it takes is one consultation, and soon you will have portraits that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Tova Photography

Father pictured picking up toddler daughter in a garden landscape [Tova Photography]

Tova has been a professional photographer for well over 12 years, and she has a background in fine arts photography, meaning that the images she creates for you are sure to be both beautiful and authentic. Whether you are hoping for staged shots or candid captures, Tova is able to create images that you will cherish forever. Tova loves using the picturesque scenery that Miami has to offer to frame the background of her photo sessions. With quick turnaround and a keen eye for detail, you will be sure to adore the work Tova provides.

Lulu and Petunia Photography

Family with two large dogs pictured in the woods [Lulu and Petunia Photography]

Lulu and Petunia, run by professional photographer Andie Salinas, is a well-established and highly praised family photographer in Miami, Florida. Born and raised in Miami, Andie has the ins and outs of the area memorized, giving her the ability to choose the perfect location for every shoot she does.

Andie began her professional career in 1999, though she has been taking pictures since she was 12 years old. While she started by shooting commercial shots, Andie soon discovered her love for photography, and in 2005, she went out on her own to create Lulu and Petunia. Since that time, Lulu and Petunia has been delivering beautiful family photos and documenting precious moments in time.

Meli B Photography

Family photo on the beach [Meli B Photography]

Meli B Photography is committed to capturing the story and the emotion behind each session. Whether you are taking newborns shots, or capturing the entire family, Melissa, the founder and photographer of Meli B, wants to portray the love and connection between the family.

Melissa produces images that are sincere, beautiful, and memorable. Her goal is to create an image that is both artistic and able to bring you back to the moment the picture was snapped, reliving all the wonderful memories you have with your family. With awards, accolades, and certificates awarded to her in all areas of family photography, Meli B Photography is sure to provide you with stunning shots of you and your family.

Manolo Doreste Photography

Family sitting on a dock with palm trees behind them [Manolo Doreste]

Though Manolo Doreste Photography is well-known for their stunning wedding photography, they also offer beautiful family photography as well! If you are searching for family portraits that are dramatic, over the top, and yet simple and stunning at the same time, Manolo Doreste Photography can make that happen.

With a background in theater, Manola takes his art very seriously, and everything he does is dramatic, even if it seems simple. Manolo’s goal when working with clients is to make them laugh! Doing so unwinds the clients and allows for beautiful and real emotion to take center stage. Manolo has worked with many notable clients, and he has worked with companies such as J.P Morgan, Saks Fifth Avenue, and The Ritz-Carlton.

Aurora Photography

Portrait of family sitting on driftwood in the ocean [Aurora Photography]

Aurora Photography was founded and is run by a husband and wife team who have seen first-hand the importance of capturing beautiful images of your family. After they had their first child, Eva Aurora, the duo set out to create a photography company with the goal of creating timeless images that will last a lifetime and project the love and happiness that comes from family.

With a full service wardrobe styling and preparation guide, Aurora Photography has all the bases covered, meaning that your photography session is sure to be seamless and end with a gorgeous final product.

Janeris Photography

Large family photo in the woods [Janeris Photography]

Janeris has been in the photography industry for over two decades. Her passion for capturing sweet memories of families stems from her own journey to motherhood. Janeris and her husband began fostering children, and she noticed how special their foster children felt after having framed photos together in their home.

Janeris hopes to make your children feel just as special by creating timeless photographs that will last generations. Her hope is that her photos will decorate the walls of your home, telling the beautiful story of your family.

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