Best Family Photographers in Marietta, GA

Family photographers find themselves in an exciting position. They use their techniques across several genres, including weddings, engagements, portraits, corporate headshots, among others. Their skills are diverse and they can efficiently work across several genres. Interpersonal skills pay dividends here and these Marietta-based recommendations each have more than enough to handle all your family's foibles to take your portrait.

Ready to start your search for family photographers in Marietta? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for you and yours.

Jamie Howell Photography

Jamie Howell is well known in Georgia's wedding and engagement photography circles. The studio is highly sought after by couples getting engaged and or married. Apart from wedding and engagement shoots, the studio also does popular family photography sessions.

Jamie loves photographing human emotions, and he believes it's best captured within a congregation of closely related people. He can travel anywhere in the USA to shoot on any assignments.

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Jina Lee Photography

Jina is the founder and lead photographer at Jina Lee Photography. She initially started her career as a digital marketer until her father gave her his Canon 20D, which hooked her onto the art of photography.

Jina specializes in maternity, newborn, and family sessions. She loves shooting family photos, portraits, and everything in between.

Hellen Oliveira Photography

Hellen and Rafael are the faces behind Hellen Oliveira Photography. They're lifestyle and wedding photography experts from Georgia. Together, they service the whole of the state and beyond to undertake assignments that range from weddings and engagement sessions to family photos, lifestyle sessions, and more.

This dynamic couple has been together for five years, and they harbor a shared passion for photography and videography alike. Within this short period they have been in business, they have made a name for themselves as one of the finest photography studios in the region.

Melissa Giles Photography

Melissa is a professional newborn and natural light family photographer. For her, photography always had a special place in her heart. Her father before her was a photographer and she looked forward to the career since she was young.

Melissa's inspiration to photograph newborns and family photos comes from her child, especially her son. She does not want anybody to miss out on those beautiful moments with your child.

Joyful Day Photo

Heather is the face and the lead photographer at Joyful Day Photo. She is a fantastic photographer who loves documenting her clients' best moments, preserving them to be remembered.

Joyful Day does family and wedding photography throughout Georgia. They cover the whole state and beyond and have taken on assignments ranging from weddings and engagement sessions to family photos, lifestyle shoots, or much more. Heather is ready to face any challenge you set before her.

Laura Brett Photography

Laura Brett is a newborn and family photography expert. She has, over the years, photographed more than 3,000 newborn photos. In the photography profession since 2007, she's earned a reputation for being one of the best family and newborn photographers in Georgia.

Along with shooting with natural light and sometimes mixing with artificial lights, she uses a subtle retouching technique that brings forth the best portraits of her clients.

Atlanta Portrait Studio

Atlanta Portrait Studio is a professional, family, portrait, and wedding photography business. They deploy experienced hands, with hundreds of assignments completed over the years, always ready to capture your best images.

They have a fully functional studio set-up for shooting portrait photos and other genres of photography, including headshots, couple shoots, and special mini sessions involving special occasions like Valentine's Day, and other special occasions.

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