Top 10 Family Photographers in Las Vegas

No matter where you are in the world, there’s at least one consistent dynamic that all cultures and people highly value: family. Childhood, adolescence, and even young adulthood fly by in a blink of an eye so it’s so important to capture those moments.

Cue family photographers - a creative niche of photography that freezes time and encapsulates your family’s love and enduring bond. Las Vegas is home to a number of talented photographers who are eager to photograph those precious moments of your family’s love and laughter.

Lala Photography

Lala Photography is a boutique family photography studio that captures everything from the innocence of newborns to the precious moments of maternity and weddings. With each photo, Lala Photography ensures quality and wholesome content that will permanently hold a place in your heart.

In the studio or on location, Lala Photography is comfortable shooting a plethora of families in any environment. They ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere that is warm and welcoming and deliver quality photos of your group.

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MBF Photography

Shiran Mariasov, the owner of MBF Photography, works closely with her clients to produce quality, intimate images of newborns, families, and expectant mothers. She’s able to capture everything from the soft cheeks of an infant to the shining smiles of the entire family.

Mariasov has numerous awards and recognition for outstanding family photography from Expertise and AFNS and was awarded "Best Photographer" by Best of Las Vegas. MBF Photography approaches her family photography with warmth and an open heart, making the studio a valuable choice.

Little Loo Photography & Films

Little Loo Photography & Films approaches each photography session subtly and carefully to capture the natural activity and connection of the family. Unique to them, they also film intimate at-home births for the parents to look back and remember the miracle of life.

What sparked Lisa Weingardt’s passion for family photography was her personal experience giving birth and creating a family. She continues to document these precious moments and touches the hearts of many families while preserving the family’s bond.

LJ Holloway Photography

Lisa Holloway is a refined family photographer who captures the wonder, love, and innocence of children and families. The team works diligently to created irreplaceable mementos for your family while perpetuating family values.

LJ Holloway has been awarded internationally numerous times and has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, and CBS News. Holloway embraces creativity and innocence in all of her photos, framing your family’s smiles from cheek to cheek.

Marie Grantham Photography

Marie Grantham is a maternity, family, and newborn photographer in Las Vegas, but first and foremost, a mom. By blending her passion for photography and inspiration from her own family, she continues to preserve the memories for you and your family.

Marie Grantham Photography has been published in Pin Up America Magazine and Photography Magazine for several years in a row. Grantham’s family photos consistently exude beauty and are instantly uplifting and reminders of affection.

LV Photography

LV Photography captures every candid moment of your family’s endeavors. From weddings, proposals, and professional headshots, LV Photography tells stories of its clients through quality and original images.

LV Photography’s images quickly become a permanent addition to your home and are fun, creative, and add the element of adventure, a natural theme for Las Vegas.

SheenaGal Photography

With a passion for producing quality photos, head photographer Sheena captures adorable family photos that will leave you speechless. She works closely with clients to develop a professional relationship and a comfortable photo session.

SheenaGal Photography has been recognized by Newborn Magazine and Expertise as "Best Newborn Photographer." Her gentle photography skills mix creativity and warmth through natural photos and at a variety of locations.

Laura Barnett

Specializing in families, weddings, and portrait photography, Laura Barnett creates stunning photos of families during their most precious moments. Barnett pushes for creative and bright photo sessions that will forever bring joy to you and your home.

Barnett lives life freely and perpetuates the same energy through her family photography. By bringing together the entire family and creating an uplifting environment, Laura Barnett documents priceless shots of you and your family.

Glitter Lens Photography

The team at Glitter Lens Photography celebrates and captures every exciting and candid moment out there. Living and breathing the true energy of Las Vegas, Glitter Lens shines because of its quality images and dynamic experience.

The studio's specialties range from family portraits to special events and commercial photography. Anyone looking for a bit more spunk in their photos will be pleased with Glitter Lens’ professionalism and creative eye.

Donna Vie Photography

Donna Vie takes simplicity to a new level. She captures simple yet elegant photos of families, soon-to-be-parents, engagements, and senior portraits. She thoroughly enjoys her work as a family and lifestyle photography and has a passion for storytelling.

Her natural approach to photography invites families to relax and be themselves - something that is rarely found in many photo studios. With great patience and mindfulness, Vie captures intimate and candid shots of your family.

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