Family: whether it’s the family you have by blood, or the family you build by choice, memories with our loved ones are always precious and never last long enough. We could live a hundred lifetimes and never tire of our children’s laughs, or our parents’ and grandparents’ hugs, or even the banter with our siblings.

Time always passes by much too quickly. In Indiana, aka 'the Crossroads of America,' it can feel like something is waiting at every turn life brings you to. This is why it’s all the more important to capture and preserve as many of your sweet family memories as possible. What better way than a family photoshoot with a true professional? Years from now, you’ll have beautiful keepsakes to look at when the children have moved away, the parents and grandparents have been called home, and the siblings have families of their own.

Ready to start your search for family photographers in Indianapolis? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your shoot.


A little boy stands on top of his father’s shoulders, his arms outstretched like wings of an airplane; beside them, a laughing little girl is carried by her mother; the entire family is in the park on a bright sunny day [Piper+Claire]

Gina Miller is the owner and photographer of Piper+Claire. Gina has been a photographer for over 15 years, offering maternity, children, families, and seniors portrait photography. Over the course of her photography career, Gina has shot over 2,000 photography sessions—so she surely knows her stuff.

Gina photographs to achieve one goal: to capture connections. She doesn’t mind at all if a photoshoot “doesn’t go according to plan” – there is no plan except just to enjoy being together, and have someone photographing all the fun. As a result of this philosophy, Gina’s family portraits are candid, dynamic, and full of the spontaneity that children are bursting with—and that adults often forget.

KristeenMarie Photography

Parents with big, beaming smiles hold up their bubbly, giggling daughter as the sun illuminates their happy faces [KristeenMarie Photography]

Kristeen Marie Waddell is the founder and head photographer of KristeenMarie Photography. Kristeen has always been passionate about digital photography. When she was a child, she was given a digital camera one Christmas, and has never been far from a camera ever since.

Having been a professional photographer since 2006, Kristeen has mastered the art of telling your family’s story through her incredible photographs. From newborn photography, to maternity, to family portraits, her photos can be a wonderful treasure trove of your family’s love, captured forever in a still image.

Jessica Dingledy Photography

A little boy and his parents sit on lush green grass in a park; the mother and father are clapping and smiling as the little boy turns his head toward the camera [Jessica Dingledy Photography]

Jessica Dingledy is the owner and mother-behind-the-camera of Jessica Dingledy Photography. Jessica started her photography working with a nonprofit organization, honing her photography skills over the years, and discovering what she was truly passionate about photographing: newborn and family portraits.

As a mother herself, Jessica knows just how quickly the first few years of your children’s lives fly by. This is why she's dedicated to helping you preserve as many of those memories as possible. Her family portraits are a testament to capturing life as it is, before everything starts to change. Full of life, light, and smiles, every photoshoot with Jessica is not only a chance to preserve memories, but to make them as well.

Ellen Joy Photography

A black-and-white photo of a big extended family hugging each other and smiling [Ellen Joy Photography]

Ellen Bugler is the owner and lead photographer of Ellen Joy Photography. A lifelong photography hobbyist, Ellen finally made the leap into full-time professional photography in 2009. Ellen specializes in portraits such as families, seniors, and children, and also photographs for weddings.

Ellen’s family portraits are beautiful and traditionally-posed. Most of her portfolio shows the sessions taking place outdoors, on-location – perfect for bringing nature and tons of natural light into the photos. In addition, clients can choose from small or extended family sessions, so it can be as intimate or as big of an event as you’d like.

Kirsten Wray Photography

Two dads swing their giggling toddler son in between their arms as they walk through a lush garden path [Kirsten Wray Photography]

Kirsten Wray is the founder and head photographer of Kirsten Wray Photography (KWP). Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Kirsten has dedicated herself to offering the best professional photography for all her clients, both in Indianapolis and across the country.

The photography style of the KWP team is a mix of traditional portrait photography and documentary-like photography. The result is a masterful, candid way of storytelling, capturing all the beauty of conventional portrait poses and the dynamic fun of candid lifestyle shots.

Liz Donovan Photography

Parents, an older daughter, and a younger son walk hand-in-hand on a park path, surrounded by tall grass on either side, and bathed in the warm light of sunset [Liz Donovan Photography]

Liz Donovan is the owner and head photographer of Liz Donovan Photography. Liz is a self-taught photographer, and started by photographing her own children before eventually founding her very own studio.

Liz is a self-proclaimed creative, and it’s so easy to confirm that by looking through her portfolio. Her creativity shines through in the lush, vibrant palettes of her photos, in the artful use of light and movement. Liz often has her clients interact with their environment to create dynamic shots. She offers sessions both on-location and in-studio, whichever best suits your family and the look you’re going for.

Kelly Martin Photos

A family walks single-file, hand-in-hand, wearing colorful outfits as they pass an old-timey barbershop in town [Kelly Martin Photos]

Kelly Martin has always been interested in photography. Even as a child, her favorite school project were those that involved photography. Kelly’s foray into professional photography came after 10 years in the corporate world, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Kelly’s photos are vibrant with color, movement, and lots of genuine laughter. Her goal for every client session is to just have as much fun as possible—whether you’re comfortable in front of a camera or not, Kelly will help you find a groove so that everyone looks and feels their best during the photo shoot.

casey and her camera

An explosion of autumn leaves envelopes a little boy and his older sister as they jump and run in a field [casey and her camera]

Casey Rucinski is the owner and photographer of casey and her camera. Casey’s love for photography stemmed from seeing her own mother create memories with their family through a camera. In 2013, after a healthy career mentoring teenagers and doing other corporate work, Casey finally jumped headfirst into full-time professional photography, fulfilling a promise she had made to herself many years prior.

Casey’s photography style is honest, spirited, and each photograph looks and feels truly unique. She always makes sure that each session is tailored to the family she is spending the day with: what their likes, quirks, hobbies, personalities are, are all taken into consideration. At the end of the day, you’re sure to come away with albums upon albums of incredible photos worth treasuring for a lifetime.

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