A good family photographer goes beyond the traditional stiff posed photos and looks for ways that can capture real emotions in people. A great family photographer would be willing to break the stereotype and shoot candid photos that bring out the best in a subject. Above everything else, a family photographer should have great interpersonal skills.

Memphis is a vital city in Tennessee and there are many gifted family photographers operating there. If you are looking for one yourself, check out this list of some of the top family photographers in Memphis, TN.

Patrick C Photography

A little girl playing with water, captured in the moment [Patrick C Photography]

Patrick carries diverse photographic interests, from fashion to entertainment to events. But what he loves doing the most is family photos. Be it a family event, a wedding or engagement, or even a newborn session, Patrick is a great guy to have by your side.

He has been working in the Tennessee area as a professional photographer for more than 20 years. With experience and technical know-how, Patrick wields the means to produce stunning images that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

Natalie Fuschi Photography

A fall family photo, with another on the way [Natalie Fuschi Photography]

Natalie has been a family photographer for years. She is a born and raised Memphian with a passion for documenting lovely family moments using her camera.

Something that started as a hobby when she was babysitting soon became a passion that transformed into her career. Natalie loves shooting in a storytelling style and always focuses on making images to be remembered for a lifetime.

G Nelson Photography

Newborn baby laying down, thinking. About what? [G Nelson Photography]

Geoff is an artist, a designer, a photographer, and a communicator. But above all, he is a storyteller and that is precisely what he tries to bring out in his images. Whether he is photographing expecting mothers or newborns, his style is personal.

Through his own words, he strives to capture stories that will last a lifetime. Through his photography, Geoff tries to communicate the importance of human emotion in people of all shapes and sizes.

April C Hurdle Photography

A family photo session of sharply dressed siblings [April C Hurdle Photography]

April is a family photographer raised up in the Memphis area. She got hooked on photography after the birth of her first child. A self-taught photographer always eager to learn more, April specializes in natural light photography.

She serves the Memphis, Collierville, Germantown, and Rossville areas with care, doing every session on location. A fantastic photographer and a great conversationalist, she will talk you through your shoot to ensure its satisfaction.

Allison Rodgers Photography

A child playing at the beach [Allison Rodgers Photography]

Allison Rodgers wants us to slow time down. Working as a photographer since 2004, she is a specialist in black and white portraits yet also enjoys making vibrant color photos of families. Her portfolio displays simplistic, human compositions highlighting individuals with little or no external interference.

Allison's motto as a photographer is to bring a smile to your face every time you see her work. She insists that her images not remain hidden within your phone and instead be displayed on the walls of your home.

Mallory Lane Photography

A cute baby in the shower [Mallory Lane Photography]

A specialist family and lifestyle photographer, Mallory has been operating in the Tennessee area for several years now. Her focus is on candid family photos, shot as real moments between children and parents. She seeks out authentic moments and hopes to document them for families to see.

Though she excels in many genres of photography, family and newborn photos are closest to her heart. If you are looking for an expert family photographer based out of Tennessee, review her portfolio and see for yourself.

Shannon Lenoir Photography

Smiling girl stands before a background of shining lights [Shannon Lenoir Photography]

Operating as a professional photographer since 2007, Shannon’s portfolio of beautiful shots are produced by someone who didn’t always love to have her own photo taken. Aiming to make her subjects comfortable, she deals mostly in natural light before simple yet attractive backdrops.

Her compositions range from picturesque and full of color to sincere black and white portraits. Shannon often uses wide apertures to capture a soft out-of-focus effect around her subjects. A versatile and understanding photographer, her range of work is testimony to the fact that she is at home in all sub-genres of family photography.

Karen Waits Photography

Photo of a smiling family outdoors shot with natural light [Karen Waits Photography]

Karen has been passionate about photography for more than 20 years. She has been a family photographer for about as long, carrying a special interest in maternity and newborn photography.

A natural light-focused photographer, Karen positions families in organic settings for their portraits. However, she is also adept at shooting in a studio environment. Photographing families since 2010, Karen tries to make her sessions easy and fun, and to the point of capturing unforgettable candid moments.

Dream Boats Images

A backlit photo of a family jumping in the air [Dawnella Hopper, Dream Boats Images]

Dream Boat Images is a professional photography studio in Tennessee. The face of the business is Dawnella Hopper, a mother of two lovely girls and a photographer who always has a smile on her face.

Working in the Memphis area for a few years now, Dawnella wants to create a deeper relationship with each of her clients. She offers a variety of family photography packages in a comfortable and well-defined set-up.

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