Top Family Photographers in Hamilton, ON, Canada

Top Family Photographers in Hamilton, ON, Canada

One of the best memories you can keep as a family are photos. Almost every family all over the world will have family pictures in their home and their photo albums. However, because most photos are digital now, and the only photo albums people have these days are on their phone or social media, you hardly see any newly developed or printed photos of your happy family in Hamilton, Ontario or elsewhere.

If you want new family photos to put on display in your home or want new family photos to post on social media– whether there is a significant event or not, you can always hire a professional family photographer to take the photos for you.

Ready to start your search for family photographers in Hamilton? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your family.

Christine Love Hewitt Family Photography

Christine is the master when it comes to taking candid shots of family members during events. You definitely want to hire someone like her to cover your family gatherings, whether it is a big event like a reunion or wedding or any other smaller family gathering.

This photographer really loves to take photos of every moment she can so that families can review almost everything that happened during the event. Aside from events, you can also hire Christine to take wonderful family portraits you can use for display at your home. She has excellent attention to detail, and her years of experience show in the way she captures photos - as a work of art.

Studio Chris Photography

Studio Chris Photography specializes in family photography. Whether you are expecting a child or already have one, Studio Chris can help be with you to create memories you will want to remember forever. They specialize in event and family portrait photography, and they can provide their services in Hamilton, and surrounding Ontario cities.

The lead photographer, Chris Semcov, has been taking photos for a long time. He couldn’t even remember the first time he picked a camera up, his years of experience date back to childhood. Chris started with constructing galleries of his own family - but now other families can also be blessed by his raw talent and eye for frame-worthy photos.

Beautiful Inspirations Photography

Jenna is the main photographer for Beautiful Inspirations Photography. Although she doesn’t have a family of her own, she's very close to her mother and understands her role as an Aunt, Daughter, and Sister.

Jenna discovered she had a talent and passion for photography because of her own beautiful inspirations throughout life. She's a family photographer that can create cheerful photos and memories for families, enabling them to cherish them for years to come. Jenna's focus is on everyday life, in natural light and with simplistic yet touching connections between the family.

Moments by Melissa Miller

Melissa is born and raised in Ontario, meaning she is the best person for taking photos of Ontario families. She's been working as a professional photographer for over 11 years and is loving every minute of it. It shows in her work that she truly loves what she is doing, bringing out the best smiles amidst natural family moments.

Her family photo package includes a 45-minute session at your choice of location in Hamilton. Melissa's base experience includes 15 high-resolution photos - at your desired locale and your pets can even be included. She can be very busy because families love her work, so make sure you book her in advance.

Jennifer Blaak Photography

Jennifer, the lead photographer for Jennifer Blaak Photography has been in the industry for a little over 10 years. She loves creating images that tell a story, and her work tells a bigger picture than what you see. A wife and mom herself, she understands exactly what it takes to create a top notch family gallery.

With a very outgoing personality and excellent work ethic, Jennifer knows how to bring out any person’s natural smile, and loves to take candid shots of family members genuinely having fun together. Whether you need a photographer for a family event, like a wedding or birthday, or just about any type of family photoshoot, Jen is your girl.

Hope + Salt Photography

Hope + Salt Photography is led by Kathleen Neufeld. She's a popular photographer based in Burlington but does most of her business in Hamilton and the greater Ontario area.

Her favorite subjects are her own kids, which makes her experienced in the field of creating stunning family portraits that tell a deeper story. Kathleen is a true artist and loves taking family portraits more than anything in the world (except for being a committed superfan for everything Disney).

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