Family photographers are responsible for capturing a family's best moments together. Most family photographers prefer to shoot in outdoor locations where the light is beautiful. With natural backdrops, a family of smiles really shines.

Whichever family photo you choose to set up, working with a professional means great results no matter your choices. Ready to start your search for family photographers in Halifax, NS, Canada? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for you and yours.

Moments in Time Photography Studio

True to its name, Moments in Time Photography Studio is all about capturing the fleeting, precious moments that hide a lifetime of smiles. They strive to capture photos that their clients will want to see repeatedly. Each time you see them, they want you unable to hide your smiles, recollecting those precious moments.

The studio dedicates its time to clients in Halifax. But that said, they're willing to travel to cater to special requests from clients living outside.

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Katie Harding Photography

For Katie, photography is more than just something she does as a career option. It's something that she uses to express herself and her creativity. On an everyday basis - she's excited at the opportunity to meet families and shoot photos.

Family photography is certainly something she feels passionate about. The best thing that she likes about family photos being a part of their stories. Mainly a natural light photographer, she loves mixing natural light with artificial lights and producing bright, vibrant, and memorable images.

Little Windows Photography

Karen is the owner and the lead photographer at little Windows Photography. She has a Bachelor's degree in Education and has extensive experience as a teacher at a local lower elementary school.

Passionate about family life, she enjoys photography for its own sake - in addition to the successful galleries she can put together for clients. Karen is fantastic with kids – and dogs. She's get along great with your family and set up your frame just as you imagined it.

Mosy Photography

Mosy Photography is a professional portrait, family, and corporate photographer based in Halifax. The studio is renowned as one of the best in family and portraits photography. They also have a separate corporate photography segment, along with drone and wedding videography services.

They're mainly natural light photographers shooting a bulk of their work in ambient light. However, they can also incorporate artificial lights to get the best results when necessary. Mosy Photography mainly service Halifax and surrounding areas but are willing to travel outside Nova Scotia on assignment.

Rebecca Clarke Emotive Photographer

Rebecca Clarke is one of the most well-known family and newborn photographers in Halifax, NS. Predominantly an outdoor photographer, incorporating natural light in her photos and the beautiful scenery of Novia Scotia. Rebecca loves experimenting with her compositions and pushing the limits of what's possible with family photography.

Rebecca will be fantastic photographer to work with. Not only because she's a great photographer but also because she can ease the nerves of her subjects when they're facing up to a camera.

Steph MacKinnon Photography

In a short period of time, Steph MacKinnon has earned a reputation for being one of the best family photographers in Novia Scotia. A general photographer, she offers many genres and prizes loves stories and family compositions best of all.

Steph enjoys taking on challenges, and can work in-studio or on location, under natural light and environmental conditions. She's available to shoot anywhere in Nova Scotia and beyond for any family or other photography assignments.

Capture It Photography

Jay is the founder and the lead photographer at Capture It Photography. His particular skill set revolves around making people who hate having their picture taken stand confidently facing a camera.

Jay's photos are bright and full of proud people. If you can see yourself within one of his frames, then give him a call. For his family photos, he intends to make sure you appear as you do in real life.

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