Whether you’re a newborn parent or want to celebrate your growing clan of grandchildren, there’s nothing quite like a family portrait to hang on the wall. Family photography has come a long way in recent years, with stiff, posed portraits giving way to a more relaxed and natural lifestyle approach.

No matter what kind of family portrait you’re after, there are photographers in Eugene who can deliver. Read on to learn about 10 of the best and the services they offer.

Lux Marina

Amanda is the one behind the lens at Lux Marina, a family, newborn, and maternity photography company that is based in Eugene, Oregon. She says that as a mother herself, she understands how quickly time slips away, which is why she is so passionate about capturing the fleeting moments of family life. Through her art, she wants to empower other mothers and offer something different from the airbrushed perfection that is often posted on social media.

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Alex Elise Photography

Alex Elise Photography specializes in photographing weddings, elopements, and engagement sessions, as well as offering family photography. Her journey as a photographer began as a young girl playing around with disposable cameras before she began capturing portraits of family and friends as a teenager.

Alex Elise says that she really loves people - “the way people fit together, the way they look at each other, and the way everyone has their own unique path and story.”

Joshua Rainey Photography

Joshua Rainey wants you to know that he is not a “cookie-cutter in any way” and is on a mission to keep things simple for the families he photographs. His style blends fine art with photojournalism while focusing on capturing “emotion and beauty in every shot.”

After studying photography at the University of Oregon, he established himself as a Eugene wedding photographer, as well as offering family portrait sessions. Through each and every shot, he wants to tell a story that is as unique as the clients he works with.

Amanda L Smith Photography

Amanda L Smith launched her photography business in 2009 and she hasn’t looked back since. Her career began as a staff photographer for “The Spokesman-Review” before she went to work for “The Seattle Times.”

Not only has Amanda’s work been featured in “Shape,” “Sports Illustrated,” and the “New York Times” but she was chosen by the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Lanker to work as his assistant. As a family photographer, she continues her commitment to capturing life moments, with stunning results.

LifeSlice Photography

LifeSlice Photography was established in 2009 as a part-time business for Mike and Elsie Nordtvedt, two Eugene-based photographers who spent most of their time shooting weddings. Five years later they decided to go full-time, shooting everything from high school seniors to business headshots and family portraits. They travel throughout the state of Oregon for work and have ventured as far afield as Eastern Europe to document life as they see it.

Kelsea Joann Photography

Kelsea Joaan describes herself as a “sarcastic, fun-loving, sentimentalist,” who also happens to be a very talented photographer. During the week, she works as a family attorney “divorcing people” and “arguing over dollars and cents,” while on weekends, she enjoys connecting with parents and their children in happier situations. Ultimately, she wants her family portrait sessions to be easy and offer a “surprisingly good time” while coming away with images you are sure to love.

Shanna Chess Photography

Shanna Chess first signed up for photography classes in high school and learned the ropes while shooting on a 35mm manual camera using black-and-white film. After photographing the daughter of a family friend, she ended up taking portraits of more and more children as her interest in the craft grew. It was while pregnant with her first daughter that she invested in a digital DSLR camera and began capturing every single moment of her newborn’s life. Today, Shanna is one of Eugene’s most talented newborn photographers, with an inspiring portfolio that will make anyone “clucky.”

Reep Photography

Clarissa is the Oregon-native behind Reep Photography, which is dedicated to showcasing the stories of families and motherhood. As a mother of three, she understands that there is joy and hardship at every stage of the journey but tries to focus on capturing the beauty of “wherever you are right now.” She says that behind the camera, she feels fully alive and where she is supposed to be: “It is my contribution to the world.”

Amanda Meg Photography

Eugene-based Amanda Meg is passionate about being around people and the energy and joy it makes her feel. As a family photographer, she wants to make each and every one of her clients feel special and the reviews she receives seem to confirm that she does just that. Even during initial phone conversations, she has a knack for making her clients feel comfortable and at ease, with the sense that they have known her for years.

Wendy Gregory

Wendy Gregory says that she has loved photography since the third grade when she received her first Polaroid camera. Not only does she take beautiful family portraits but she also photographs children, high school seniors, pets, and weddings. At her home studio, she offers professional headshots and is happy to travel to locations around the Eugene and Springfield areas. Aside from being a talented photographer, Wendy was recently named a Register-Guard Readers Choice winner for 2015 and a Volunteer of the Year by the United Way.

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