In Boston, also known as "The City on a Hill," find the best family photographer for a lovely photoshoot. These local photographers offer incredible experiences for the whole family, with an ending gallery to show for it. True professionals will work with to build out your family portraits, for certain milestones or year in and year out.

Ready to start your search for family photographers in Boston? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match to document your family's story.

Kate L Photography

Family photoshoot on the dock [Kate L Photography]

As a mother herself, Kate knows the importance of those special moments with your family. That’s why she turned to photography to help document family time with folks in and around the Boston area.

Kate brings a touch of color to every family photo. Her vibrant pictures aim to find the real emotions shared between families. She works well with kids, letting them behave naturally so that she can get best shots. Kate's service is personalizable, with input from parents and children alike. It’s no wonder why she’s an award-winning photographer.

Isabel Sweet Photography

Park photoshoot with a family in the sun [Isabel Sweet]

Isabel Sweet is one of the best family photographers in Boston, providing full service to her clients. With options to customize your photoshoot and how the pics are displayed, you’ll have everything you need.

Families get all the spotlight when working with Isabel. She helps style the shoot and provides any props to get the perfect shots. Clients can choose a location, or you can go with the natural setting of your home. Either way, the resulting photos should prove to be timeless, worth passing down for generations.

Whitney O’Brien

Outdoor photoshoot with mother and daughter [Whitney O’Brien]

The goal is always to create lasting memories for your family when working with Whitney O’Brien. Her clients in the Boston area say she’s one of the best photographers to work with. A friendly photographer, she works well with kids and has a passion for connecting with families. She often works with the same clients from newborn to family photos and beyond.

View her portfolio and see each photo shot by Whitney has a feeling of warmth to it. In natural light, with an emotional connection between families, she crafts the best gallery she can for you to take home. She’s available to shoot on-site or in her local studio.

Beth Miga Photography

Beach photoshoot with a family of three [Beth Miga]

Her fine art style of shooting has made Beth Miga a well-known Boston family photographer. She creates stunning photos that you’ll love to display in your home.

Beth has worked for many years in the Boston area, landing features in the Boston Globe, Boston Mamas, and other publications. Her ability to relate to her clients makes her a good choice for any photoshoot.

Whether shooting in her local studio or on location, Beth always creates stunning images that tell a story. She has a minimalistic approach, allowing your family connection be the focal point of each picture.

Jessica Lynch

Artistic family photo of a mother and her child amidst purple wildflowers [Jessica Lynch]

After years of training with top photographers around the world, Jessica Lynch has worked her way to becoming one of the best in Boston. She brings a lot of technical experience and an artistic eye for creating compelling photos of your family.

Lynch has a local studio in Boston but also shoots many sessions outdoors. She builds authentic relationships with her clients, helping them document their family journey throughout life.

You can always count on a pleasant photoshoot experience with Lynch, as client testimonials can attest. Friendly interactions and a comfortable camera eye make for a successful day out with her.

Cara Soulia

Family playing on a trampoline [Cara Soulia]

Capture the joy of your family with a photo session with Cara Soulia. She’s a Boston family photographer known for shooting authentic photos full of family fun.

Soulia is a talented photographer who turned her passion into a full-time career. She’s very active in the Boston community and uses photography to assist with social projects for local organizations. Aside from being a fulfilling duty, this has helped build her network and portfolio of clients in the city.

With her, families always get an accurate image of their interactions. Soulia has a way of finding the important moments and seizing them in real time.

Willow Baby Studios

Black and white family portrait of four [Willow Baby Studios]

Plan a photoshoot with your family and Ceilidh will be there to capture all of the fun. She’s an award-winning family photographer based in Boston. With a degree in photography and a membership in several professional photography associations, she started Willow Baby Studios in order to pursue her passion. Over the past decade, she's maintained a successful career satisfying many clients.

You’ll love her fine art shooting style, as Ceilidh transforms ordinary family photos into art. The high-quality images that make up her portfolio are sure to look great in a photo album, on a wall, or any other place you want to showcase them.

Helena Goessens Photography

Family silhouette at dusk [Helena Goessens]

Every family is unique, so Helena Goessens photographs each with a different approach. With each client, she finds the best way to capture what makes your family special. Helena specializes in fine art family photos. Whether you’re looking for a portrait-style shoot or lifestyle images, she does an excellent job delivering pictures that satisfy clients.

An authentic style, in natural light, where everyone can be themselves, is her preferred method of delivery. Helena always uses state of the art cameras and lenses to ensure the perfect shot.

BAF Photography

A family of four playing foosball [Beth Ann Fricker]

Stop for a moment during your busy life to capture the magical moments that won’t happen again. Beth Ann Fricker is one of the best family photographers in Boston to assist with such a task, with her studio BAF Photography.

Beth Ann is an accomplished photographer with features in publications and awards won. She always has the best approach when working with families to get pictures you’ll enjoy looking at for years.

She believes the best images always come from candid moments. After working with many clients in their homes to make sessions as natural as possible, Beth Ann knows how to design a setting that your entire family will look forward to.

Boston Baby Photos

Candid moment with family of four in front of a pond [Jess McDaniel]

Jess McDaniel is a trusted photographer who naturally transitioned into family photography from working with clients on newborn photoshoots. Her clients consider her part of the family, and she’ll be glad to be a part of yours.

Whether you’ve been with Jess for a long time or it's your first time booking her, she treats her clients with the same level of kindness and care. You’ll get a personalized photoshoot and amazing pictures at the end of it all. Jess has built a reputation as a go-to photographer in Boston for capturing smiles to last forever.

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