Gorgeous estates, exclusive, high-end shopping places, and five-star restaurants are some of the first things that come to mind when Beverly Hills is mentioned. It is the home of many rich and famous persons and the nightlife is alive and well on the Sunset Strip. Beverly Hills is also a place filled with incredible galleries, museums, and architecture that will take your breath away.

In a place that is so striking and inspiring, it is no wonder the art of photography flourishes. If you and your loved ones are looking for family photographers in Beverly Hills, check out this list of the city's top talent.

Ramina Magid Photography

A family in a sun-dappled field by Ramina Magid

In Ramina Magid’s sessions, the camera eye is not the focus. Rather, she stresses that it’s time you get to spend together as a family that is crucial. By saving such candid moments with fondness, Ramina makes her art for you and yours.

Your photo shoot with Ramina can take up to two hours, during which you can be photographed in up to four different styles. You will receive a digital gallery of all of your images, now color-corrected. From there, you can select your favorite ones for a treatment of artistic editing.

ArtShaped Photography

Gorgeous Family Photo by ArtShaped Photography

Diana’s photography sessions are semi-posed and mostly lifestyle, which is an excellent combination. This style allows members of your family to be themselves while being gently guided. Diana aims for her end products to be photos that you will be proud to showcase.

A session with Diana lasts for approximately two hours. Out of it you will get fifteen hand-edited, high resolution images with print release, as well as three mini accordion books and one 8x10 of your choice. (Bonus: Pets can also be present at your session.)

Heidi Garcia Photography

A family of four by Heidi Garcia Photography

Heidi performs all types of family photography, so you will be able to choose your favorite. Her clients receive a variety of images, from traditional, to camera-aware photos, to overt lifestyle ones where candid moments and more posed photos mix. She also provides photojournalistic, non-staged editions where genuine moments between family members can be caught under her lens.

Heidi’s family collections include a fun photoshoot in your home or outdoors, for at least an hour of coverage. She will give you access to an online gallery where you can view and download your images, including at least ten professionally edited images. Her premium package includes an extra hour and up to one hundred images. Heidi also provides products such as prints and albums.

Jana Bee Photography

A family on a beach by Jana Bee Photography

When it comes to documentary photography, Jana is an expert. She loves capturing every bit of your and your family’s everyday life. What most may see as mundane and ordinary, Jana sees as beautiful and essential. The good and the bad, the temper tantrums and gentle hugs – it all comes together in her photography to show who you are as a family.

You can choose from three Documentary Family Sessions: Full Day in the Life, Half Day in the Life and a shorter Slice of Life session. They all differ in length and number of images but are consistent in the level of care the photographer will provide. As a part of every session, Jana’s clients also receive at least one photo book, print or some other farewell goodie.

Tamieka Smith Photography

A family in front of colorful foliage by Tamieka Smith Photography

A family photo session should be filled with fun and laughter, but should also be well-planned for the perfect execution. That’s why Tamieka Smith likes to get to know what her clients’ expect before the session itself.

To make sure everything goes smoothly, you will have a consultation with her where you can discuss what you want out of your session, or ask any questions you may have.

Each session lasts for two hours, with your images retouched and a full reveal at the end. You also have plenty of options for keeping and displaying your photographs, as Tamieka specializes in creating custom professional wall art, heirloom albums, and story boxes.

Just Maggie Photography

A family of five outdoors by Just Maggie Photography

Maggie is an award-winning photographer with a passion for recording all of the wonderful, all-too-fleeting moments of family life. Working for over a decade, she’s an optimist, is good with kids, and absolutely loves a challenge.

The Signature Sessions are full-length, personalized experiences where each of the family members will get to shine. Her goal is to show the bonds between all of you. The Mini Sessions are perfect for commemorating a milestone or getting a few updated family photos. Just Maggie has a studio, or can shoot out a location of your choice.

Sara Corwin Photography

A family of five by Sara Corwin Photography

Being an award-winning photographer with a lot of diverse experience, Sara will make sure you’re happy with the family photos you get. She has worked with a whole myriad of famous clients, including names such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Rey Valentin, and Kurt Fuller.

In your session, you can get all types of family portraits. You can have pictures of the whole family taken, or just have the siblings photographed side by side. Sara works out of her home studio, but can go on location, providing imagery in color or in black and white.

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