Your family is your life. Everything that you do, everything that you accomplish in your life often revolves around sharing those moments with the people you love and care for. It is thus natural that you want to treasure their memories and pass them on to future generations. The value of a family photo is priceless. And it just so happens that the city of Albuquerque is full of enchanting locales to be with your family.

If you are searching for the best family photographers in Albuquerque, then go no further. We have a compiled this list below of the top talent to help you decide who to work with.  

Kate Buckles Photography

A family photo session on the sunset sand [Kate Buckles Photography]

Kate is the face of Kate Buckles Photography, an Albuquerque-based family photography studio. She loves meeting people with their families. Based primarily out of Albuquerque, she also cover the New Mexico area.

Not only does she do family photo sessions, she also undertakes extended family projects that include relatives from both sides of the family. She loves the cute cuddly moments and emotional teardrops that can take place in a fun-filled family photography session.

Blooming Images LLC

Photograph of a newborn baby [Blooming Images LLC]

Breanna is the face, heart, and soul behind Blooming Images LLC. With more than ten years of experience as a photographer, she has countless successful assignments under her belt. A wedding photographer till about 2012, she then moved on to people and family photography, a cherished direction for her career.

Breanna's use of warm pastel shades in her photographs is a hallmark of her style. Subtle post-processing and elegant posing mark further signatures. With a camera in her hands, you will be promised beautiful galleries.

SMA photography

Proud parents with their little daughter [SMA photography]

Stacey’s journey into photography started when she had her middle child. Photographing her son during his early days kindled the fire of a future career within her. With her photo business, she aims to produce the same wonderful source of joy that she received by documenting her own children.

Starting from a love of her own family, photography has always been Stacey's passion. She enjoys helping families make their memories. Available to shoot throughout Albuquerque and the rest of New Mexico, Stacey also accepts outside assignments for travel.

Tyler Brooke Photography

A family photo session in outdoor golden light conditions [Tyler Brooke Photography]

Tyler Brooke Photography is led by an inspired drive to produce family imagery. Kate leads an all-woman team that clients report is a joy to work with.

The photographers on this studio's team switch assignments among themselves. The three leading photographers work in tandem with second shooters to make for memorable galleries of families together.

Tyler Brooke Photography's editing process is supervised by Kate, who ensures the the company standard is maintained.

Melanie Maxine Photography

An indoor family photography session [Melanie Maxine Photography]

Melanie Maxine is an Albuquerque-based photographer who shoots family photos, weddings, and engagements, among other genres. She is a wonderful natural light photographer but is equally adept at using artificial light in her compositions. Melanie loves framing the people in her camera into beautiful images.

Over the years, Melanie has been awarded many accolades. She is considered one of the top newborn photographers in all of Albuquerque.

Kim Jew Photography

A uniformed family photograph [Kim Jew Photography]

Kim Jew Photography is an internationally acclaimed photography studio. You have probably seen their work before. The team at Kim Jew have consistently photographed every president of the United States from Bill Clinton onwards. They have also photographed some of the best-known celebrities around the world, including Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and Muhammad Ali.

Originally started by Kim Jew in 1974, this studio has stood the test of time. The boldly simplistic style of photography started by Kim Jew became extremely popular among industry practitioners. The business now employs 24 employees and five staff photographers at two different studios.

Natural Touch Photography

A family photography session in golden light [Natural Touch Photography]

As the name suggests, Natural Touch Photography is all about capturing what is natural about you and your family. Minimal post-production processing and retouching finalizes images that focus on you and those closest to you.

Natural Touch Photography is able to photograph more than fifty families each year. The team enjoys working with families, getting to know them, and capturing their memories, helping them crystallize those moments.

Lavel Marie Photography

Mother and Daughter laughing outdoors [Lavel Marie Photography]

Lavel Marie Photography LLC is a photography business established in Albuquerque, NM specializing in family photography along with other genres of photography. The studio comprises three lead photographers making up the creative vision and two assistants who form the backbone of the operation.

The group is wonderful to work with. Regardless of the assignment, they work to create a relaxed environment for everyone. They hope to bring out the best responses for the sake of the images you will take home with your family.

The Hartsock’s Photography

Twins in matching shirts [The Hartsock’s Photography]

Hartsock’s Photography is an Albuquerque-based photography business specializing in family photos. Natural light shoots pair with arranged studio sessions to form their family galleries.

Their portfolio includes theme-based photography sessions, such as the sunflower sessions, among many other outdoor location-based selections. Hartsock uses minimal post-processing to get the colors they originally envisioned through their cameras.

Ell Photography

A family photography session in natural light [Ell Photography]

Ell Photography shoots outdoor sessions for immediate and extended family in and around Albuquerque. You can choose the location and the time of the day for your session with them. They will help you find the best times for light purposes.

Ell's portfolio features happy families enjoying the day, the weather, each other's presences. The studio is available to photograph throughout New Mexico and the adjoining states.

Find a location in Albuquerque for your next film or photo shoot, meeting, or event.