Fairy Tale Wedding

Fairy tales and weddings go hand in hand, don’t they? The romance and wedding emotions were inspired by Kinuko Y. Craft, a children’s book illustrator and in particular, the drawings she did for the book Cinderella. Baby’s breath and a magical carriage begin the theme’s inspiration. Think romanticism, the Renaissance era and a little bit of fantasy mixed in!

When it comes to getting married in London, a horse and carriage fit for a princess is easily brought to mind by royal weddings and the everyday princesses who tie the knot in this beautiful city.

Details for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Most of us grew up romanticizing the idea of being swept off our feet by a dashing prince, thanks to beloved fairy tales like Cinderella. Your once upon a time starts with the big question and the moments leading up to the "happily ever after." The crowning moment is when you recite your vows at an awe-inspiring wedding venue.

A fairy tale wedding should unfold much like the chapters of an enchanting story. Borrow decor inspiration from the dazzling forests described in the classic tales alongside twilight palaces filled with silver, gold, and diamonds. Keep your guests spellbound during the occasion by playing selections of hypnotic music.

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Colour Palettes for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Approach the process of planning a fairy tale wedding like a painter would when working on their masterpiece. The goal is to come up with an exquisite visual representation of what the moment means to you and your significant other. Combinations of wedding colour palettes have the ability to create a bewitching and magical atmosphere.

Borrowing from "The Twelve Dancing Princesses," gold reigns supreme for a fairy tale wedding combined with silver details. Include white or pastel pink and blue accents into the mix so that you can conjure up your very own enchanting space that will truly mesmerize your guests.

What to Look for in a Venue for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Transport everyone back to the Renaissance with your choice of a wedding venue that exudes the best of that era. You may want to explore the enchanted forest theme, dreamy palace dance event, or a magical rustic theme for your big day. It doesn't hurt to go for an actual castle, wooded grove, or garden venue for your nuptials.

With a venue locked down, dress it up accordingly to create a venue that aligns with your fairy tale vision. To borrow inspiration from "The Twelve Dancing Princesses," yet again," go for a wedding venue with a layout including passageways and lots of trees.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Short of donning Cinderella's gorgeous gown and glass slippers; every bride simply wants to be the belle of the ball. A gold-toned gown suits a fairy tale wedding. You can equally go for a blush-coloured outfit or a nude gown if you prefer to keep things more traditional.

Simplicity works well for this theme, especially if you go with a dramatic puffed-up skirt. A crystal headpiece and diamond earrings will take your royal look to the medieval chic level. If you so please, you can equally don a crown for the occasion because the ceremony itself symbolises the moment when you get crowned as someone's better half.

Bridesmaid Dresses for a Fairy Tale Wedding

The reason why classic fairy tales still capture our imaginations is simply that they are timeless. Countless screen adaptations have provided vivid depictions of how the storybook ladies dressed to the nines. We can also conjure up bridesmaid dresses from these references. Anything involving tea-length, daring bustiers, and chic chiffon paints the picture of a dreamy bridal party.

Depending on the specific fairy tale that inspires your big day; you can equally choose velvet fabrics for the occasion. Combinations of tulle, linen, lace, sheer, and puffed sleeves also suit such a dreamy affair. A touch of colour on the bridesmaids' dresses completes the Picasso-worthy image.

Groom Style for a Fairy Tale Wedding

In the classic tales, Prince Charming was often depicted as a sharp dresser. He never shied away from rocking intricately detailed suit jackets with gold-tone shoulder tassels and embroidered embellishments. His suit jackets were typically light blue or white in colour, and he would pair them with red or white-coloured pants.

As for the footwear selection, Prince Charming teamed up his look with a pair of Victorian-style riding boots. It takes a discerning man to spot the storybook look at a modern wedding but a classic black tuxedo is equally befitting for the royal occasion. The British royal weddings also offer more modern inspirations.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Fairy Tale Wedding

While sneaking out for their dancing rendezvous, the twelve princesses made their way through three tree groves. One had trees with silver leaves, another with gold, and the final had glittering diamonds. It describes what the wedding bouquets and boutonnieres for a fairy tale wedding should look like.

Bring your storybook tale to life with a selection of the right centerpieces and bouquets. Enchanting flowers will bring the venue into full bloom. That includes butterfly blue scabiosa, pink roses, carnations, lisianthus, and dyed pampas grass for the powdery/ethereal feel. Floral arrangements take romanticism to the next level, and they also serve as ideal table decor and wedding arch accents.

Reception Decor for a Fairy Tale Wedding

You can sum up fairy tale wedding decor with these words; delicate, elegant, with lots of glitter and sparkle. Fresh blooms intertwined with fashion floral arrangements create the dazzling atmosphere you have in mind for your fairy tale wedding reception. Drape the trees or arches around the venue in the "Twelve Dancing Princesses" style. That means incorporating glittering diamond decor, gold-coloured string lights, and silverware into the mix.

Consider including jewel-like paintings as an ode to Kinuko Craft and Marianna Mayer's take on the classic page-turner. String lights, a floral arch, and lots of wedding flowers, as well as green accents, suit the theme.

Food for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Fantasy intertwines with fairy tales, and that's the idea that should inspire your wedding menu. Just like they did in the days gone by, the wedding food should be presented as a feast. Think along the lines of fine wine, artisanal cheeses, artistically-displayed fruit platters, and selections of roasted dishes.

The table setting should incorporate details like metallic cutlery, floral centerpieces, and wreaths or twines decorating each table/chair. Go for bronze flower vases as well as other vintage-inspired decor pieces to enhance an enchanted forest theme. The cake should undoubtedly be the grand presentation, with a vintage-inspired look or lots of floral toppings.

Wedding Invitations for a Fairy Tale Wedding

Even the wedding invitations for a fairy tale wedding should exude splendour and romance. The possibilities are endless when it comes to fairy tale wedding invitations. You opt for a storybook-themed invitation or an engraved card with hidden details about the big day. Present the invites in intricately designed golden envelopes for a royal touch or wrapped in lace for a rustic tone.

Have fun with it and extend a royal invitation to guests in unique, fairytale-inspired ways. For instance, you could have a "herald" call on invited guests to inform them about your upcoming nuptials and present them with a befitting invitation card.

Fairy tale wedding

Fairy tale weddings are the epitome of romance. This particular inspiration board was inspired by the drawings from my favourite children’s book illustrator: Kinuko Y. Craft. Her drawings are pure magic and as a child I carried around her edition of The Twelve Dancing Princesses everywhere I went. I can still picture the exact image on every single page – in order! There’s just something transporting about her art – it’s the perfect combination of Renaissance style, romanticism, and fantasy.

This fairy tale wedding inspiration board was based on the above illustration from K.Y. Craft’s Cinderella. The gold is reflected throughout the board, the twinkle is mimicked by the spray painted baby’s breath, and I love the way the carriage detailing is mirrored with the Parisian carousel. If there’s ever a time for a fairy tale, it’s definitely at your wedding!

Credits: photo credits: gold spray-painted baby’s breath // bride via Grey Likes Weddings, wearing Samuelle Couture, photographed by Elizabeth Messina // cake via The Lane, photographed by Nikole Ramsay, created by Victoria Keith Cakes // drink glasses from Style Me Pretty, photographed by White Loft Studio // antique chairs from Restoration Hardware // Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris Carousel // Alex Monroe ring via Alex Monroe Blog.