Are you planning an event in Simi Valley? Add a professional touch to your gathering by hiring an event photographer. Art professionals cover the region and offer their expert services for corporate and private events, preserving the memories of parties, conferences, and celebrations.

Check out this list featuring some of the top event photographers in Simi Valley to find the best person for the job.

Austin Santiago Photography

Public street fair event shot by Austin Santiago.

Don’t let the excitement of your event end as soon as it’s over. Austin Santiago is an excellent event photographer in Simi Valley who helps create lasting memories of your event.

Santiago is a professional photographer with more than ten years of experience behind the camera. His goal is to create a service affordable for everyone to take home photos letting you relive your events.

You can find Santiago shooting at public and private events. He has a discreet shooting style for finding event attendees in their natural state, with candid moments showing accurate views of your event. Whether indoors or outdoors, Santiago is flexible to accommodate your next big day.

Robert Orsa Photography

Class reunion group shot by Robert Orsa.

Robert Orsa is an excellent event photographer in Simi Valley who makes events look as fun as they are to attend in person. With over 20 years of experience, it’s no wonder why he’s a client favorite.

Robert is a flexible photographer able to adapt to any type of event and setting. He’s shot many corporate events, bar mitzvahs, class reunions, and more. One of the great things about working with him is the diversity of his gallery. All details of the event are captured for posterity, including the attendees, live performances, decoration, and overall setting.

Rest assured, Robert is familiar with many of the best event venues in the area and likely already has an idea of how to get the best shots for your event.

Mark Laing

Corporate giveaway event [Mark Laing]

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, you can count on Mark Laing to show up and deliver incredible photos. He’s one of the best event photographers in Simi Valley and services surrounding areas.

Mark Laing works with events ranging from weddings to corporate parties. He works at many corporate events to provide images used in PR or shared across social media. He’s also available for private events like quinceañeras and bar mitzvahs.

Laing takes care of the photos so that you can spend more time enjoying the event. You no longer have to stress about pulling your camera out at the right time while trying to entertain guests. Laing is a self-sufficient photographer able to manage events of all sizes.

Raymond Karapetian Photography

Backyard cocktail party photographed by Raymond Karapetian.

Raymond Karapetian is the perfect photographer to have at your event to tell its ideal story.

Karapetian has an eye for finding authentic moments during any event. His portfolio shows he’s always in the right place at the right time to capture an event’s most significant moments. While he works, your job is to enjoy the event yourself.

Raymond is based in Simi Valley and works with various events, from private gatherings to company shindigs. He is also available to travel as necessary.

Lindsay Melanie Photography

Spraying confetti during a celebration captured by Linday Melanie.

It’s hard to believe that most of the event images captured by Lindsay Melanie are candid moments. Her specialty is capturing moments at the perfect time.

Melanie studied photography intensely before passionately starting it as her full-time career. She’s one of the top event photographers in Simi Valley well-known for her creative pictures.

Clients work with Melanie for celebrations, parties, corporate events, and more. She loves the challenge of shooting quality photos at diverse events and venues. Lindsay is a go-to event photographer for images you won’t get from anybody else.

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