Event photographers are a group of hardworking professionals who love to run around, juggling scenery and people, looking for the best moments to capture for posterity. They're the record keepers of an event, shooting photos candid or posed or otherwise.

A pro behind the camera can make the whole effort of big-budget weddings or a large event worth the while. Without them, there would be no professional record. In Georgia and elsewhere, it pays to search for the best to make the most of your upcoming celebration.

Ready to start your search for event photographers in Sandy Springs? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Dora Photography

Dora is a Georgian professional event and people photographer. She loves being part of an event – from the vibes to the music and the people. Dora will gel with the rest of the invitees and find great photos by mingling with them.

Dora has been photographing for several years now and has earned a reputation as one of the finest event photographers in Georgia. She's also willing to travel for your event coverage.

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Sabrina Fattal Photography

Sabrina is a professional event and portrait photographer and the face of Sabrina Fattal Photography. She has been practicing her craft in the Georgia area for several years and has carved a name for herself as one of the best event photographers in the state, specializing in weddings and engagements most of all.

When doing events, Sabrina finds herself going with the flow. Among your guests, she is sure to find the best scenes worth remembering through her camera lense.

Diego's Photography

Diego is the face and the lead photographer at Diego's Photography. He is a professional event and portrait photographer. He also shoots a lot of wedding and engagement photography on the side, always in a candid yet artistic style.

Diego has a background in art, and this is something that he tends to bring into his work whenever he can. His passion for art makes him try and experiment with almost every image that he takes, for the best possible results.


Jay is the owner and founder of Jay-Ography, a professional event photography studio in Georgia. They shoot beauty, fashion, lifestyle, boudoir, headshots, bridal, engagement, and many other photography assignments.

Jay is highly experienced with years of event photography assignments under his belt. He shoots all kinds of event photography assignments, including small birthdays, a get-together of friends, and corporate events. Detail-oriented and gaining a stellar reputation, Jay will go to the destination of your event.

Courtney Goldman Photography

Courtney is the face and the lead photographer at Courtney Goldman Photography. She's a professional portrait, engagement, wedding, and event photographer.

From weddings, engagements, birthday parties, and corporate events, Courtney is ready to put her photography skills on display - no matter the scope or purpose of the event.

Sarah Slavik Photography

Sarah Slavik's wedding and event photography studio gets the job done. With a penchant for detail, she helps couples and companies capture what is most special about their celebrations. No matter the size or context of your party, Sarah will construct a gallery of its best highlights.

Travel-ready and with a portfolio of past successes for all her prospective clients to see, Sarah Slavik is ready for your event.

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