The basic attributes of a great event photographer go beyond just camera skills. You got to have top-notch people skills, a great personality that can brighten up the day, and of course have an eye for detail. Event photographers spend an equal amount of time interacting with people as well as taking photos. So, your event photographer must come with the necessary skillset.

Sacramento being the capital of California is one of the most happening places in the state. It is also home to some of the most talented event photographers in the country. In this list, we have highlighted the 10 best event photographers who stand out from the rest.

Anna Perevertaylo Photography

Tiny feet of a month old baby [Anna Perevertaylo Photography]

Anna Perevertaylo is a Sacramento, CA based events photographer. She loves shooting weddings among other genres. For Anna, wedding photography is like storytelling except in this case she uses her pictures to do the talking. She admires the whole concept of weddings. In her own words, “I am an artist, a storyteller. I admire shooting weddings.” Her portfolio of event photos is filled with beautiful images that reveal her amazing talent as a storytelling photographer.

Derrick Studio

Family joining hands for a cute picture [Derrick Studio]

Derrick’s main inspiration for pursuing event photography, in general, is the belief that photos are eternal. When the music stops playing, the last of the guests leaves and all the lights have been turned off, all that remains are the photos that have been captured by the photographer. A printed photo can last for hundreds of years and with memories from the day.

Honey Love Photography

Woman in graduation day attire [Honey Love Photography]

Pastel shades, beautiful poses, and tasteful editing, Brenda and Brandi’s brainchild Honey Love Photography’s portfolio of event work, mainly in the wedding segment, is a testimony of their love for exquisite lighting and delectable editing touches. They prefer to keep things simple and exquisite, shooting with the perfect light and letting their cameras do the rest. Being friends for over 20 years does help too because when it comes to capturing ad presenting memories their brains work together.

Mischa Photography

Small business group image [Mischa Photography]

When Mischa is not being the quintessential event photographer he is your average Jack of all trades. He loves chasing his kids around or finishing the trim on his windows or making Eggs Benedict. But more than anything else he loves making photos that you would cherish forever. Always with a grin on his face, this Redwood City resident started his journey in photography at the age of 9 under the auspicious watch of photography professor Neil White.

Mischa's love for photography transcended the limits of film as he moved to shoot digital. He is widely accepted as an accomplished event photographer with his particular skill set in creating “hero images”, single in-camera shots that captures the essence of the moment.

Luke is the Blacksheep

Fun outdoor photo of a newborn [LUKE IS THE BLACKSHEEP]

Luke is a completely self-taught photographer and that has influenced the way he makes his photographs, in a completely good way of course. From taking pictures for fun sitting in the lower bowl to doing commercial event photography Luke has come a long way indeed.

Luke says, “I have a lot of fun with the camera and am not afraid to take risks to create an image that is dynamic and interesting.” Which kind of gets reflected in his work.  So, if you want something special for your event, be it a birthday party or a school event, Luke’s up for the challenge.

Samantha May Photography

Vocalist expressing his emotions [Samantha May Photography]

Based in Sacramento, California Samantha May is a professional photographer working in multiple genres including event photography. Passionate in the art of photography and anything creative from her childhood days, Samantha loves her job as a professional photographer. In her own words, “I feel fortunate to be a professional photographer doing what I love as a career for so many years now!”

Samantha is mainly a natural light photographer and that means she spends a lot of time working with her subjects capturing their emotions and personality in a very dynamic lighting scenario. She loves a good laugh, is super-friendly, and enjoys a good movie. But above all, she enjoys it the most when her work brings a smile to the face of her clients.

Elegant Events Media

An intimate moment of a couple on their wedding day [Elegant Events Media]

Elegant Events Media is a Sacramento-based event photography business. Their calling card is their speed and professionalism and how they handle timely delivery of the work. It is a great advantage when you have a wonderful team standing by to shoot an event that you’ve organized. It is a great reassurance that they are an experienced team and are going to work with you as per your schedule.

The photographer and videographers at Elegant Events Media will give you invaluable inputs along the way so that the photos and clips from the day turn out to be super gorgeous. In most cases, they send you all the photos that they take on a day plus special edits to the photos that you select so that you never miss out on a moment.

The Freckled Photographer

A couple standing on a hillside under a cloudy sky [The Freckled Photographer]

Wendy is the face behind the Freckled Photographer. She loves to describe herself as a crazy cat mom, a sun chaser, an auntie of 8, and a happy wife. But besides all of these, she is also a wonderful photographer. Based in Sacramento, CA her motto is to capture unseen moments that make the story of the day come alive.

Fits and Stops Photography

Senior portrait in a park [Fits and Stops Photography]

Operating out of the heart of California P.J. Oswald is an event and people photographer who specializes in doing storytelling photography. With more than six years of experience in the industry, his photography reflects the way he thinks - a passionate mind that focuses on telling the underlying story behind every moment.

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