Top 8 Event Photographers in Palm Beach, FL

Event photography is one area not to overlook when planning your upcoming event. It’s the perfect way to document your event for memories, get shots for future marketing materials, or highlight your favorite moments to share with people who couldn’t attend. So, check out some of the best event photographers in Palm Beach, FL, to shoot your next event.

One Perfect Event

One Perfect Event is the perfect match for your well-planned event. Its founder and lead photographer, Ivanka Ivanova, works seamlessly with your event planner and delivers a fantastic collection of images at the end of the event.

Ivanka started as a model before transitioning into a role behind the camera. She has a photojournalistic style that helps her to document your event as it happens. Candid photos showcase the energy of the room, and she’ll get plenty of shots highlighting the event atmosphere.

One Perfect Event offers packages that may include multiple shooters to support larger events. Ivanka makes getting quality event pictures hassle-free, and you’ll be happy you hired her to shoot your event.

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UKI Productions

The team at UKI Productions is expert at putting on incredible events around the South Florida area. It’s a full-service event production company with special services such as event photography available to all clients.

UKI Productions works with corporate and private clients to put together the best events. Its expertise in the local area prepares them for any event situation and still achieves a successful outcome with each shoot. So, whether they’re planning your entire event from scratch or merely providing photography services, you can always expect professional quality.

You don’t have to compromise value based on the price because UKI Productions makes sure you get the most bang for your buck when you finally see the event picture gallery.

Hotrock Pictures

Even with over 25 years of experience in the industry, Hotrock Pictures (HRP) stays true to its roots by catering to the entertainment industry. It’s worked with numerous musicians on capturing their live shows in dynamic ways.

Build your portfolio by showing the turnout at your concerts or get some press kit pictures to send out for magazine features. HRP will shoot incredible images that will make anyone look like a superstar.

HRP works with musicians of all types. So, whether you have an upcoming gig at a local bar or playing a massive concert in front of thousands, HRP will be by your side snapping pics from on stage, of the crowd, and every other angle you can think of to capture the entire event within one gallery.

KVL Media

Images shot by KVL Media immediately grab your attention. The vibrant colors seem to make your event come to life just from a single shot, while the gallery tells the story about the entire event.

KVL Media will document your event with a series of pictures from start to finish. You’ll see the moments when your guests become relaxed and share candid laughter, still shots of unforgettable live performances, and the small details that make your event special.

Kevin Lawson founded KVL Media and works with a team providing professional services to clients in the Palm Beach area. He has a storytelling approach to photography that helps capture your event as it happened in great detail.

All For One Creations

Discover the beauty in every moment when you look at your pictures by All For One Creations. Fern and Christian are the photography duo who work together to capture the moments during your event that you don’t want to forget.

Candid moments during your event always make for the best pictures. Forget about posing because Fern and Christian prefer to photograph you when you least expect it. So, let out a burst of laughter, hug your favorite people, or indulge selfishly in the delicious desserts. It will all be caught on camera for you to smile about later.

All For One Creations works with all kinds of events, from elegant parties to fun family get-togethers.

Coastal Click Photography

After weeks of planning, Coastal Click Photography will help you capture your event the right way to highlight its success. Don’t let all those stressful hours go to waste, and let the professional make the event last forever.

Based in Palm Beach, Coastal Click Photography has experience photographing projects on either coast. Its portfolio includes birthdays, anniversaries, political to charity events, luncheons, workshops, and tons more. Working with so many different events gives them expertise in knowing how to satisfy their clients.

Coastal Click Photography gives clients a professional experience by editing and retouching images when delivered in an online gallery. It charges by the hour so that you can cover the entire event and have extras like a 2nd shooter or onsite photo booth.

Allure 360 Photo

Get glammed up for the Allure 360 Photo experience. Founded by Desiree, she turned her photography hobby into a career with modern photo booth offerings.

Allure 360 Photo brings the party to you while giving your guests something fun to do at your event. Desiree sets up a professional, contemporary photo booth with 360-degree capabilities to capture fun videos and poses.

Customize your photoshoot experience with Allure 360 Photo. You can get a simple package with typical photo booth features like props and backdrops, or go for a premium package complete with professional lighting and an entire area dedicated to the activity.

Strike your favorite pose with your event squad as Desiree captures pictures you can share instantly through her digital sharing capabilities.

Jeri Lynn Vizzi

Ever since she was young, Jeri Lynn Vizzi has always had a camera in her hand. It’s something that’s helped her through challenging moments in life and now a gift she shares with others. Based in Palm Beach, she specializes in shooting numerous niches, including events.

Vizzi can frequently be seen at events happening around town. Public gatherings and parades are a magnet for her to get pictures. Alternatively, she works with clients to photograph private events. From parties to reunions to outdoor festivals, Vizzi is always excited to check out new events and showcase them through her eyes.

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