Orlando is a hub for hosting events. Whether you’re planning a large corporate conference or a private party at home, you can find the perfect event photographer that can spotlight its success. We’ve selected the best event photographers from this sunny Florida city that cover a range of events, all so that you can find the perfect fit.

Ready to start your search for event photographers in Orlando? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to discover the best match for your next big event.

Lotus Eyes Photography

With Denisse and her team handling the photography, any event will look successful. It’s what has propelled her company Lotus Eyes Photography to one of the best in Orlando.

The studio was founded a decade ago and photographed events hosted at the White House, Pfizer Inc, and NASA. Many of its clients fall within the medical and tech conference niches, but the talented team can accommodate events of all types.

Denisse isn’t just a person with a camera at your event. Everything she and her team photograph is intentional to document your event. Images provide insight into the event’s branding, audience, and details to give companies the perfect content to share on social media or future marketing materials.

Orlando Event Photography

For over 20 years, Orlando Event Photography has positioned itself as a premier photography company. With an extensive portfolio showcasing its experience in different event niches, there isn’t an event that its team cannot manage.

Orlando Event Photography specializes in photographing trade shows, sporting tournaments, meetings, conventions, and more. Its range of photography services includes event documentation full of candid images that detail the event’s activities, as well as providing fun for your guests with green screen and red carpet photoshoots.

Clients have access to flexible photography options through Orlando Event Photography. In addition, the company stays updated on the latest technology by allowing for immediate social media sharing and onsite printing.

Uptown Selfies

Hiring Uptown Selfies for your event adds a lively activity, whether it’s a formal, corporate event, or fun, private party. Based in Orlando, its award-winning photo booth experience has created smiles and fun for its clients.

Uptown Selfies provides professional services for all event types. Its revolutionary photo booth will elevate your event with an activity that gets everyone engaged. It collaborates with the venue to set up the photo booth equipped with self-sufficient lighting, a high-resolution camera, touch screen capabilities, and instant printing so that your guests walk away with a gift.

Clients have several ways of customizing their event photo booth experience with personalized graphics, backgrounds, and even an inflatable photo booth to make the experience you own.

Family Art Photography

When they aren’t working with local Orlando families on private photoshoots, you can find the Family Art Photography team at corporate events providing high-quality images of the event. Since 2008, it’s provided photography services to businesses in Orlando.

Family Art Photography staffs a team of photographers to accommodate events of all sizes. Whether you have an intimate corporate party or a major business conference, no detail will be left uncovered. In addition, the company has experience photographing indoor and outdoor events.

Photo galleries shot by Family Art Photography provide various images that spotlight your entire event. For example, see the fun candid moments of your audience interacting during a breakout session or check out shots of your keynote speaker delivering his main points.

Ride the Wave Photography

With a fast-growing company, Ride the Wave Photography (RTW) remains in demand for photographing events in the Central Florida area. Its headquarters is in Orlando, where it manages a large team of photographers and support staff providing exceptional customer service and industry-leading photo quality to its clients.

RTW was founded in 2017 by Derrious Robinson, whose photography passion continues to fuel the company's rapid growth. In just a few short years, it’s worked with everyone from corporate clients like Google to educational institutions like Florida A&M University. The company also works with private clients on parties and local school events.

The success of RTW is attributed to understanding its clients’ needs and providing an image gallery that surpasses their expectations.

Jessica Friend Photo Design

Something as simple as a backyard birthday party or a special celebration with your child’s friends can create tons of memories worth capturing. Luckily, it’s what Jessica Friend specializes in, and she’ll gladly help you preserve the memories of even the smallest gatherings.

Jessica studied photography, and people are her favorite subject to photograph. It’s what draws her to event photography, where she has plenty of people to photograph, from the parents to the kids. She works well around children, and you’ll barely notice her at your next event as she discreetly captures all of the fun everyone has at the party.

Jessica's clean, modern images are the perfect photography gift to keep for a lifetime.

Victoria Angela Photography

Even after photographing 1,000 events, Victoria Angela continues to find joy in event photography as she continues to deliver spectacular image galleries for her clients. As an award-winning photographer, she transforms any event or social gathering into a timeless image.

Over two decades in photography, Victoria Angela has had images featured in People, Today, ET, and other major outlets. She maintains such high quality in her pictures by staying updated with the latest camera equipment and accessories. She arrives at every event fully equipped to take photographs that her clients love.

Victoria Angela’s images tell a story of the event. Each picture is full of emotions that accurately represent the overall atmosphere experienced during the photo moment.

Stan Flo

Working with Stan Flo is a fun experience for all clients that hire him to photograph their event. He’s an event photographer based in Orlando who works events ranging from classy to casual.

Stan Flo is a natural talent with the camera who immerses himself into any event to get shots, unlike any other photographer. He can get close-up shots of key speakers or audience members from afar that spotlight emotions, excitement, fun, and more.

While several photographers may provide high-quality pictures, Stan can adapt to any event settings. He’s well-prepared for formal or laidback settings and enjoys showcasing the overall event atmosphere in addition to the small details that make it special.

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