Do you need an event photographer in Newark, NJ? If you’re planning an upcoming event, be sure to hire the best event photographer to photograph it. Event photography is a way to highlight your event’s success or capture memorable moments that happened during it.

We’ll take a look at the best Newark, NJ event photographers who are perfect for your next gathering.

Rich Green Photography

Corporate event group photographed by Rich Green.

Ever since a child, Rich Green has been a passionate photographer. His interest in the field led him to develop a career as Newark’s top event photographer.

Rich Green is available to shoot at events in any location – he’s able to travel when needed. In addition, his versatility in working with different types of events makes him a popular choice for many clients.

You can take advantage of Green’s services for your private event or if you’re an organization. He shoots everything from corporate events to parties. He has a true talent for capturing the event atmosphere in photos.

J Martin Production

McDonald’s corporate event photographed by J Martin.

Corporate events require someone like J Martin to handle the photography. He’s an NJ event photographer who understands the purpose of hosting corporate events for branding and PR.

J Martin makes sure that his clients get the shots that they need from their event. He has a marketing mindset to capture all of the branding details, excitement, and more. The result is a gallery perfect for sharing across your PR channels and using in marketing materials.

Major corporations, including McDonald’s and Verizon, have trusted J Martin to photograph at their events.

Mary B Photography

Live concert shot by Mary B.

Working with Mary B is always a professional experience. She’s one of the most experienced NJ photographers who is always ready to take on your event project.

Mary B is a very accomplished photographer. She’s worked with many celebrities, published in major magazines, and more. With over two decades of experience, she continues to build her impressive portfolio through freelance projects.

Clients can hire Mary B for their events – she works for all types of events. No event is too large or small as she has experience with private parties to major concerts.

Focuz In Photography

Focuz In Photography capturing event attendees

Want to make your event guests feel special? Set up a red carpet at your event, and Focuz In Photography will be your paparazzi. He’s a popular choice for Newark, NJ events to bring exceptional photography services.

Focuz In Photography does an excellent job at spotlighting your attendees and overall event atmosphere. The attention to detail is always welcomed by clients who want to capture any memorable moments during the event.

You can work with Focuz In Photography on your next special event to get an awesome gallery full of high-quality photos.

Vero Luce Photography

Candid event moment shot by Vero Luce.

The award-winning Vera Luce is one of the best photographers you’ll find servicing the Newark area. She is a talented photographer who shoots across various niches, including events.

Vero Luce has experience working on photography projects around the world. She pulls techniques and inspiration from all of her projects to keep developing her skills as one of the top photographers.

With over 20 years of experience, she works with many private clients to photograph their special events like family get-togethers, Bar Mitzvahs, and other private parties.

Penguin Moon Studios

Youth party photographed by Penguin Moon Studios.

Penguin Moon Studios is a familiar name when it comes to events in Newark. It’s a full-service studio providing event photography services.

The overall service makes working with Penguin Moon Studios a pleasure. It’s a professional company that sets out to document your event so that you can see a gallery from start to finish. He has a fast turnaround and also provides photo touch-ups.

Penguin Moon Studios specializes in family events. It provides quality photos that recap all the fun that occurs at the events. Some of the event types include parties, celebrations, religious, or cultural events.


Private baby shower event photographed by Emilie Alpert.

Emilie Alpert is the owner of the ElliPortraits studio, a premier event photography company near Newark. Events are one of her many specialties where her skills behind the camera genuinely show.

Alpert gets to work closely with her clients since she’s frequently hired for special family events like baby showers and private parties. Although in an intimate setting, she knows how to bring the event to life through photos that capture the event atmosphere, your guests, and even the excitement throughout the day.

Clients are always satisfied when working with the award-winning talent of Alpert on their events.

Nebu Photography

Child baptism event shot by Nebu.

For Nebu, event photography is a way to capture memories to remember all the fun times you had during your event. It makes his approach to event photography unique compared to other photographers.

Nebu sets out to shoot pictures that tell the story of your event. He provides his clients with a gallery worth looking at years later and still can recall the same emotions and excitement as the day of the event.

You can hire Nebu for events of all sizes. He works with a team to support larger event coverage.

Chris Bow Photo

Private family party photographed by Chris Bow.

It’s always a pleasure working with a talented photographer like Chris Bow. He’s based near Newark and available to work at local events.

Event photography for Chris Bow is always fun. He enjoys interacting with people and gives him a chance to photograph his favorite subject. You’ll enjoy having him at your event, thanks to his friendly personality. He’s professional when interacting with guests to pose and also finding unique angles for creative shots.

Chris Bow has customized event packages for each client to tailor his services to your event’s needs.

Reena Rose Photography

High school graduation shot by Reena Rose.

For over 20 years, Reena Rose has built one of the best event photography portfolios in New Jersey. She’s located right outside of Newark and available to travel to your location to photograph your event.

Reena Rose is a versatile photographer and able to capture all kinds of events. She’s worked numerous public/private events, major news and media events, and local graduations. She’s known for her ability to capture emotions and tell a story through her images.

The award-winning talents of Reena Rose are excellent for getting the best pictures of your event.

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