When you’ve put so much time and effort into planning an event, you’ll want to make sure you hire a great photographer to capture all of its special moments. Whether you are putting on a family gathering or a corporate event this year, use a pro to create images that you can look back on.

Experienced event photographers are used to working at busy events and won’t get in the way of all of the action. The best photo artists will be able to accentuate individuals without making them feel uncomfortable in front of the camera.

Looking for event photographers in Nashville, TN? Review our selection of the top talent in the area to help you plot your next big event.

Event Coverage Nashville

Bridgestone Arena Event Captured in Nashville by Jason [Event Coverage Nashville]

Event Coverage Nashville understands the requirements of event planners in Nashville. They specialize in event photography for conventions and conferences and offer their services for groups ranging from 15 to up to 15,000 people.

During your event, they’ll capture keynotes, breakouts, expos, entertainment, and headshots of your team and your guests. Previous clients they’ve worked with include KFC, Best Western, and Siemens.

Nashville Corporate Photography

A Keynote Presentation Captured in Nashville by Nashville Corporate Photography

Nashville Corporate Photography was established back in May 2016 and works to serve businesses and individuals in the Nashville, TN, area. They primarily offer corporate event photography. The studio consistently works to help businesses rebrand their image.

Their team will work alongside your marketers to ensure your identity can be found in each image they produce. You’ll receive a set of professional, sleek images that you can upload straight away to your company website following your event.

Tina Gionis - Nashville Event Photography

A Welcome Speech Captured in Nashville by Tina [Nashville Event Photography]

Tina is passionate about shooting events in Nashville. Thanks to her photojournalism background, she is the perfect choice for your upcoming event. She knows how to tell a story through her photos, using wide shots for the setting and then close-ups on the details.

During your event, she’ll work to capture all of your attendees interacting with each other, showing off the hard work you’ve put into the event. Regardless of the type of event you are hosting, you can be sure her pictures will work to tell the story of every moment of the special day or night.

She has previously worked with clients such as Comcast, the Boys and Girls Club, and the Tennessee Titans.

Tony Young Photography

A Friendly Welcome Captured in Nashville by Tony [Tony Young Photography]

Tony offers a wide range of photography services in Nashville and has been involved in the creative industry since 1993. He is passionate about shooting events in the city and will work with you to understand your unique needs and requirements.

You won’t even notice his presence during your event yet will be left with an amazing set of photos. Thanks to a range of photographic experiences over the years, he’s comfortable capturing events of any shape and size for his clients. He’s worked with Home Depot and Greater Nashville Realtors.

Nathan Morgan Photography

A Huge Sale Captured in Nashville by Nathan [Nathan Morgan Photography]

Nathan works as a corporate and editorial photographer in Nashville, his hometown. Previously working for five years in California, he studied photojournalism and practiced his art to build his career. Over the years, Nathan has worked to improve his portrait and event skills and has now built a steady stream of clientele.

Nathan returned to Nashville in 2021 and has since spent that time capturing images of big events and celebrations in the area. He is known for his patience and attention to detail; he will do anything it takes to get the great shots you need at your next event.

Kathy Thomas Photography

A Disney Celebration Captured in Nashville by Kathy [Kathy Thomas Photography]

Over the years, Kathy has worked on many large events in Nashville, including capturing appearances by John Legend and other popular artists. She has had the honor of being an integral part of the special days for many companies and families. Always, Kathy works to create memories you’ll treasure forever.

On top of that, she also offers wedding and family photography in Nashville. She’ll work with you to understand your expectations and then exceed them.

Jay Farrell Photography

A Family Celebration Captured in Nashville by Jay [Jay Farrell Photography]

Jay started his career working as a photojournalist creating street photography images. Today, he takes a documentary approach to any event or wedding he works, including cultural and familial celebrations.

He is based in East Nashville but will travel around the state to meet your family or company for your upcoming event. He promises to never ‘take over’ your special day. Jay’s passionate about finding his place and seeing the true essence of your occasion. He will showcase it simply by photographing everyone having a great time.

Kerry Woo Photography

Kim Kardashian Captured in Nashville by Kerry [Kerry Woo Photography]

Kerry Woo is passionate about sharing his love for the city of Nashville. He works to create portfolios that share his love for life and collect the moments we often miss during a big event.

Over the years, he’s worked with clients of all kinds, including Kim Kardashian. On top of his core event work, Kerry can also make 3D virtual tours, which can be used to showcase your real estate property in an artful manner.

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