If you’re planning an event at one of Milwaukee’s many venues, hire the right event photographer to spotlight the event’s success. Whether you’re looking for event photos for personal memories or want images to use in marketing materials, Milwaukee has a talented pool of photographers ready to work with new clients.

Events by Carter

Show why people continue to talk about your event long after it ends with photos by Events by Carter that document your event’s success. This full-service event company offers photography services to its clients. Or, if you’re already finished planning, it can handle the pictures on the day of the event.

Events by Carter has helped companies and individuals execute the perfect events. But no event is complete without photography. Events by Carter will spotlight the best parts of your event, from the details to the attendees.

Images of your event shot by Events by Carter bring it to life. You’ll feel all the event excitement and practically hear the cheers just by looking at them. The overall goal for Events by Carter is to aid clients with their event’s success, and photography is a professional touch needed for any occasion.

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Colorful Dreams 4 U

Photography has always been a creative outlet for Ron and Gloria, but it wasn’t until 2011 that they established Colorful Dreams 4 U and became full-time photographers. The two work as a team to provide event photography services.

Ron and Gloria are professionals at shooting incredible event pictures. So, whether your event is held indoors or outdoors, a major concert event with over a thousand people, or an intimate gathering, the team has the expertise to manage the project.

Your event may only last a few hours, but images shot by Colorful Dreams 4 U will help your event continue on. It allows clients to look back and see how much fun the event was or used as marketing materials to promote upcoming events. The special moments in your event will always make the best pictures.

Linda Smallpage

After working with everybody from large corporate clients to families, Linda Smallpage is a master at her photography craft. She’s a boutique photographer specializing in small gatherings like mitzvahs and other parties. Her authentic images bring a real-life look to recap your event.

Based in Milwaukee, Linda has photographed numerous local events. She’s known for her editorial-style shooting that makes pictures look like they belong in a magazine. She knows how to time the perfect shots so that even the candid moments look like perfectly timed activities.

Linda sets herself apart from other photographers by bringing along professional lighting and other equipment to maximize the quality of your pictures. She discusses the shot list with clients before the shoot day and always incorporates her expert eye on shots to deliver a gallery surpassing client expectations.

Watts Communications

Established in 1991, Watts Communications remains a leader in event photography in Milwaukee. Over the years, it’s expanded to service other major markets in the area, making it one of the best-known companies for photography.

Watts Communications is an Emmy Award-winning company that specializes in corporate event photography. It works with everyone from Fortune 500 Companies to small businesses in Milwaukee.

The in-house staff propels Watts Communications to success. It allows the company to stay flexible and accommodate events of all sizes. It has a team of photographers that can support even the largest conferences without sacrificing the quality of the images.

Watts Communications is always reliable to deliver excellent quality images to its clients. Events only happen once, and it will show up on time and capture all of the best shots until it ends.

Lila Aryan

A long-running career spanning three decades and counting proves that Lila Aryan is a top event photographer. Throughout her career, she’s won awards and had images exhibited in the Milwaukee Art Museum. She’s photographed everything from Presidential debates and political conventions to working with celebrities and non-profit organizations.

Lila Aryan has been a full-time photographer ever since earning her fine art degree. Over the years, she’s shot events of all kinds, giving her plenty of expertise no matter what type of event you’re planning.

Based in Milwaukee, local clients in Milwaukee have access to a world-class photographer. She frequently travels for different photography assignments and works with major companies in town to provide photo content at events. In addition, she’s available for freelance projects to photograph your next event.

Cream City

Scott Patrick has had a long career ever since photographing professionally in 1988. After learning the business over several photography companies and jobs, he founded Cream City in 2011.

Cream City is conveniently located in downtown Milwaukee where it can easily reach client events in the surrounding districts. Scott remains the lead photographer but now works with a team to provide the best customer experience to his clients.

Scott and his team use a documentary-style approach to shooting events. It’s the perfect way to provide recap images of an event.

One of Scott’s specialties is capturing the overall event atmosphere. He creates an entire visual of your event by providing shots of your event before guests arrive so that you can see the result of all your hard work—from the décor to the event lighting.

Noun Photography

Miranda and Adam from Noun Photography take a marketing approach to their event photography services. Its goal is to help companies create professional brands by providing event photography as one of many services. It’s where the company truly excels, which is of great benefit to companies who use them.

Noun Photography is a creative company that uses event photography to help companies build marketing content. A large conference is a perfect way to showcase the impact of a company announcement or product release. It helps companies strategize how event photography is an effective solution to elevating one’s brand.

In addition to having an impact, Miranda and Adam know how to take fantastic photos. They have even photographed events with lots of action while still providing crisp visuals.

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