Top 10 Event Photographers in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Top 10 Event Photographers in Melbourne, VIC, Australia

A metropolis like Melbourne has no dearth of small and large events being organized by corporates, organizations and individuals. While the city boasts of great indoor and stunning outdoor venues, the need for the right kind of photographer or videographer remains steady. Customers wants photographers with vision who can effortlessly handle both a wedding and a company award function with equal ease. You will want a visual artist who can capture all the highlights and key moments of your event, alongside the spirit of its participants.

The event photographers from Melbourne on our list are mighty skilled in covering events of all kinds. Use it to choose a noteworthy photographer for your special event. Ready to start your search for event photographers in Melbourne? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next festivity.

Fresh Photography

While Andrew provides business clients with creative photos for their brand, product or service, he also covers wedding, concerts, festivals, and other events.

Andrew worked in corporate finance for years and considers preparing excel spreadsheets a creative process. Jokes aside, this experience has allowed him to understand the requirements and anticipate problematic situations and find solutions. He has the natural talent for sensing and capturing defining moments on camera. Bright and colorful images with smiling faces are his favorite captures.

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Shoot Everything

One look at Ben’s profile and you know this is a photographer who knows his stuff. Whether it is a matter of using a particular lighting technique or props and human elements, this photo artist is definitely skilled.

While Ben has worked in diverse types of shoots, his events portfolio stands out for a reason. He seems to have worked on difficult projects, in terms of technique and venue challenges. Ben is clearly an expert when it comes to packed corporate parties or entertainment shows with his ability to capture the light within their dramatic stages.

Craig Sillitoe Photography

In his earlier avatar as an editorial photographer, Craig let his camera tell the story unfolding in front of him. But now as a commercial and event photographer, he uses it as a tool to draw viewers’ attention to the client’s story.

Craig's event coverage is not a montage of random shots. There's a lot of thought and creativity that goes into each shot he takes of your corporate meeting or music festival. As a photographer, he enjoys using angles, colors and composition to create compelling images that capture all the vital moments.

Craig Dingle

The only photographer on this list who specializes in sporting event and weddings, Craig creates magazine worthy snaps. He counts schools, sports clubs and wedding couples among his regular clientele. His portfolio is filled with magazine-quality images that tell fascinating stories.

By his own admission, Craig enjoys the action and energy on field and bringing a professional look to school and grassroot sporting pictures. Throughout the festivity, he switches gears to capture emotional moments and the bonding between couples, family, friends, and teammates for all his projects.  

Belinda Lee Photography

For Belinda, photo sessions are all about you – your moments, your image and your event. She's an award-winning and trained photographer who specializes in private events and family lifestyle. That said, she also takes up photo projects for corporate and non-profit events.

Belinda's event and wedding shots have this ability to make the viewer feel part of the ceremony or party. The unposed images she skillfully captures give out warm vibes and make you smile. Belinda has this ability to tease out something extra from each and every shot.

Melissa Hobbs

Melissa Hobbs has covered countless events in her extensive career as a commercial photographer, and has mastered the patience and quick-thinking skills required to excel in this tough photography niche.

Her commercial images have been featured in magazines, trade pubs and newspapers. Melissa's work is not limited to corporate meetings and conferences. She has been the first choice for her clients to capture captivating images at galas, tradeshows and even the Miss Universe Australia pageant.

Ferdi Photography

Ferdinand or Ferdi (his personal brand name) makes even boring and serious events look interesting. A popular event and commercial photographer in Melbourne, there are few event types he hasn’t covered yet.

From wedding and birthdays to company parties and charity dinners, he is open to showcasing them all with memorable images. One thing sets Ferdi's work apart from others is how he incorporates portraiture into event galleries. As an artist, he understands the human element as the central focus of any given celebration - and strives to adequately capture it for his clients.

Man With A Camera

Don’t be fooled by his studio and brand name. Simon means business, especially the serious event variety. Simon photographs corporate and business-related events including conferences, expos and meetings. Versatile, his samples also include sporting, beauty and other exciting events.

Simon's blog posts are replete with client images that reveal his ability to capture the essence of the event. His people images look natural rather than posed, and include clicks on every moment of special significance.

Kylie Iva Photography

At first glance, Kylie seems to cover small or intimate functions and events like engagements, birthdays and weddings. Browse through her portfolio and you’ll discover that this talented photographer has covered bigger commercial events.  

From conferences and galas to award ceremonies and conferences, you name it and she has captured attractive shots of it for clients. As a matter of fact, Kylie has done over 900 events to date. Her enthusiasm and love for people shines throughout her portfolio.

Emma Tkalcevic Photography

While Emma has mastery over commercial photography, her music event shots deserve a special mention. These are not your standard random or long-distance shots but impressive close-up images that capture the vibe and energy of the moment.

Emma applies this technique to other event assignments as well. She takes shots from different angles to give viewers a different perspective. You’ll often find her capturing her audience from the stage. Despite the often chaotic and dark setting of certain events, she manages to capture vibrant and unforgettable shots.

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