For your next event in Madison, don’t forget to hire a photographer to document your big day. A gallery for posterity is an excellent way to showcase your event’s success with images worth sharing on social media. Give your celebration the spotlight it deserves by working with a local professional in the "Mad City."

Ready to start your search for event photographers in Madison? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big event.

Paul Must

Corporate event in red photographed [Paul Must]

Document your event's success the right way with Paul Must. Paul is an award-winning photographer who is available to shoot at local events of all kinds.

Paul is located in Madison and specializes in working corporate events. He's had past experiences working at various events like conferences, meetings, ceremonies, presentations, trade shows, and more. His goal is to create authentic photos that highlight the best parts of an event.

Paul works by providing coverage based on the hour. He’ll shoot for as long as you need him to work and you’ll have a lot of photos to choose from.

Ruthie Hauge Photography

A concert performance [Ruthie Hauge]

Whether working at an event on assignment or commission, Ruthie Hauge does an excellent job photographing it. Understanding each event is unique, she’s fit to make lasting memories out of it.

Ruthie is an award-winning photographer and works on staff at a local publication. Her background in editorial and photojournalism has gifted her the skills to shoot events by paying attention to details. Events through her camera lens are documented with an accuracy that clients can appreciate. Rest assured she deploys the same dedication to her publication as she does to event commissions.

Sarah Maughan Photography

Construction site project launch event shot [Sarah Maughan]

Sarah Maughan works with many companies and organizations in Madison. She’s a go-to events photographer in the city, operating at public and private events each.

Events come to life when you look at the gallery shot by Sarah. Her vibrant photos capture the excitement, joy, and other emotions at an event. You’ll get to recall all of the best candid moments, never to be forgot.

Sarah works at numerous events for adults and kids, including countless public festivals, school events, and with clients on private birthday parties.

David Gaustad Photography

High school sports parade [David Gaustad]

You can often catch David Gaustad at exciting local events. He’s one of the top event photographers in Madison who works at both personal and corporate events.

Event photography is one of the many niches of Gaustad. Projects like these are special because they allow him to happily preserve memories for his clients. Delivering a beloved gallery from a special event and seeing the client’s reaction makes his job worthwhile.

Gaustad’s talent behind the camera helped build his passion from hobby to career. Today, he continues to develop his portfolio with events of all sizes.

SV Photography

School graduation ceremony captured [SV Photography]

Working with Sharon from SV Photography allows you to have someone on your team intensely passionate about photography. She puts her all into any project, and can accommodate any kind of event.

Sharon delivers with a fun personality to boot. She brings energy and expertise to each session to deliver the best of her abilities, working with different photography niches to keep things interesting. Whether you want to document a public gathering or a private event, Sharon is available with her trusted camera.

Carolina Marie Photography

Kids playing with a mascot shot by Carolina Marie.

The excellent photo quality from Carolina Marie represents her passion for photography. She’s someone who loves taking pictures, and each project is an opportunity to do what she loves.

Carolina Marie focuses on event photography primarily, as a way to connect with the community. For clients, she understands event photography is a way to document its success through all the smiling faces. Authentic moments and natural lighting are the best conditions for Carolina and her camera. Events for businesses and individuals are well within her repertoire.

Jim’s Photos

Water skit live performance [Jim's Photos]

Jim is one of the most reliable photographers in Madison. A cameraman for any occasion, he enjoys making memories as much as his clients.

He works with many public and private event galleries. Jim's private clients include families that hire him to photograph family reunions, birthday parties, and school celebrations. His public events include many community or citywide events. Either way, Jim does an excellent job adapting to new locations with his photo work.

Sweeney Photography

School chess club photographed [Sweeney Photography]

Having someone like Sweeney at your event will give you peace of mind. As a self-sufficient photographer, you can enjoy your event while he gets all the shots you need.

Sweeney is a professional photographer. Whether he’s interacting with guests for shot posing or setting up for a candid view, his work is unobtrusive and often welcomed by guests.

With a friendly personality and a flattering eye, his gallery should surprise you. It will have shots of key people, the audience, venue, decorations, etc. If you want, speak with Sweeney in advance about shots to definitely include, and he’ll be sure to have them in your gallery by the end.

Ania Fields Photo Art

Costume party captured [Ania Fields]

With experience photographing around the world, Ania Fields has built an impressive portfolio. She’s one of Madison’s best event photographers who also services the surrounding areas.

Ania is known for her meaningful imagery. For her, each picture serves a purpose to show who was at your event, what happened, and what your event looked like. Ania's diverse photography skills give her the flexibility to handle all types of events for clients.

Hedi LaMarr Photography

A street festival in progress [Hedi LaMarr]

Born and raised in Madison, Hedi LaMarr enjoys being a big part of her local community. She’s known as an event photographer and works with many Madisonian organizations.

Hedi’s credibility is solidified by her contributions to the community. She works with many local businesses, artists, and nonprofit events here in Madison. Photography is an artform for Hedi. Not only do her images document events, but strive to provide a perspective that no one else can see. Choose Hedi and gain a lively presence at your next event.

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