Best Event Photographers in Los Angeles

One of the largest media capitals of the world, Los Angeles is not only home to influencers and other social media gurus - some of the world’s leading production and entertainment agencies are headquartered in the heart of Hollywood.

The city’s call for creative individuals is what makes Los Angeles such an attractive city. And the artists behind the cameras are vital elements in showcasing the city’s amazing landscapes and its extravagant galas, fashion shows, and movie premiers.

Los Angeles event photographers are well-versed in both digital and print photos and hold a passion for visual storytelling. Here’s a rundown of some of the city’s best talent.

Kyle Espeleta Photography

Specializing in a large number of corporate and social events, Kyle Espeleta strives to create engaging photos that articulate the energy of the occasion in one snapshot. Working across the nation, he has dedicated his craft to portray emotions for attendees and memorabilia for all organizations.

Whether the event is PR-related, an enticing product launch, or a feature in a real estate spread, Kyle has an eye for perfection and strives to convey an idea, brand image, or message through his photos without missing a beat. His previous clients include Google, Instagram, PBS, and numerous technology and media companies.

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Willy Sanjuan Photography

With an extensive past in photography around the globe, Willy Sanjuan brings passion into every project. His expansive portfolio consists of almost every event or occasion you can think of; headshots, weddings, graduations, and more.

From his passion for family photography, Willy has photographed newborns, toddlers, mothers-to-be, and families in a variety of venues and appreciates and understands every precious moment captured. He’s also photographed headshots for celebrity and public figures, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Black Panther’s Danai Gurira, and Hollywood director Ron Howard.

In addition to his studio work, Willy has photographed numerous live concerts for clients like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, as well as fashion shows for Dior and Moschino. His work is a true testament to Hollywood’s talented pool of photographers.

Ed Carreon Photography

For over 25 years, the team at Ed Carreon Photography has worked with corporate and editorial clients, including the New York Times, Discovery Channel, Forbes, and Target. By working with their client’s vision, Ed Carreon and his team produce both quality and quantity in their work.

His photography expertise is showcased in essentially all industries, from fashion to healthcare and architecture to commercial–telling compelling stories that the average photographer could easily overlook. As a photojournalist, Ed Carreon focuses much of his work on capturing crucial story elements that convey headline-worthy material.

Helen Rossy Photography

With a passion for cherishing every memorable moment, Helen Rossy focuses on shaping the story that her clients want to tell. Keen on snapping beautiful lifestyle photos, her work comprises family portraits that would awe any viewer.

The team at Helen Rossy Photography captures intimate moments for every family throughout Southern California from Los Angeles to San Diego. Helen Rossy Photography is an ideal choice for both casual and once-in-a-lifetime celebrations or a seasonal holiday card.

Mik Milman Photography

Mik Milman Photography offers a refined photography experience. Specializing in both social and corporate events, the photography team works towards expressing all clients’ stories. Though at a glance, blowing out candles at a bat mitzvah may seem simplistic and routine, a child’s joyous face during the candid moment is what Mik Milman Photography aims to capture.

There’s no ceiling for Mik Milman’s talent. Some notable clients include Adobe, Nike, Adidas, and Kaiser Permanente. Whether it’s a family, political, or corporate event, the team pushes the envelope to create memorable pictures that speak beyond a thousand words.

Maya Myers Photography

Specializing in weddings, private gatherings, and corporate events, Maya Myers Photography delivers quality photos that encompass all of her client’s needs. Between Los Angeles, New York, and Israel, Maya enjoys taking a peek into her clients’ lives and captures irreplaceable moments.

Maya's empathetic nature, artistic eye, and professionalism allow her to execute exceptional photo shoots for all types of events, and past clients rave about working with her.

John Bosma Photography

From remarkable landscapes to engaging corporate events, John Bosma Photography captures every spontaneous and candid moment. Through his lens, he catches glimpses of moments that are both breathtaking and unforgettable. Previous events photographed include ABC7’s Sports Charity event, Special Olympics SoCal, and Code 3 Athletics.

From the day of the event to post-production, John emphasizes quality and detailed moments for the best images possible, all while making it easier for clients to view the final images via his online gallery service.

Gavin Photography

The team at Gavin Photography are pros at capturing fun, exciting, and unique images for any event. Their experience in wedding, family, sport, and commercial photography between Los Angeles and Orange County has made them an adaptable team with an eye for outstanding photos.

They provide photography services at numerous venues ranging from nightclubs, bars, and indoor and outdoor wedding and engagement parties. By successfully and continuously blending traditional photography and modern photo techniques, the team is capable of creating contemporary shots with an artistic approach.

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