Event photographers are an interesting, highly sought-after group of professionals. There's a wide spectrum of events that an artist could be called on to shoot, which means they need to be versatile in their skill. The best in the business can handle any event, whether private or public, for your business or your spouse.

In the grand city of Big D, you will want one that is used to working large events with lots of people. And those are just the kinds of professionals we have gathered here in this list.

Ready to start your search for the best event photographers in Dallas? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big event.

Hamilton Pictures

Hamilton Pictures is a group of creative photographers and videographers who are laid back, fun to be with, and a bit unpredictable in their approach. They love shooting in the creative documentary style, with all of the details found and included in the film. Hamilton does wedding and engagement photography as well.

Their team believes every celebration of love, triumph, or just the big event's passing deserves a prestigious film worthy of the remembrance. This philosophy drives their photographic style.

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James Edward

James Edward is a professional event photographer in Dallas with a stellar reputation. Spending years now in the industry has marked him in the community as one of the best event photographers around.

With a degree with accounting and finance and a drive to join the corporate world, James did not originally plan to be a professional photographer. After a few years grinding away at a desk, James realized a better calling. The excitement of event photography changed his course. When he quit the corporate world and pursued – it and found success – he altered his career path. The rest is history.

Today, James is known as one of the most successful photographers in Texas.

Holly Kuper

Holly Kuper is an event photographer with over 25 years of experience in the industry. From events to portraits, she's earned herself as reputation as a lively artist with a background from the newspaper.

Simply put, Holly's skill lay in expertly documenting people, places and events – and much of her work has been featured in prominent international publications such as Time, Forbes, and People. She's also worked with the major brands Frito-Lay, IBM, Kraft Foods, Walgreens and DuPont.

Society Booth

Society Booth, a studio with more than a decade of work experience, shot events and portraits throughout Dallas. Their specialty is deployable photo booths, which include a variety of props and backgrounds both physical and digital.

Society Booth is led by an artist from Austin, who enjoys being able to meet so many people as part of his career. The studio portfolio is full of colorful fun scenes of smiling individuals and groups, shot from around the event or in the booth.

Suzi Paparazzi Photography

Suzi Paparazzi Photography is run by Suzi, a professional, wedding, people, and event photographer. She loves wedding, being able to be a part of your big day is her biggest dream. Willing to travel, Suzi also covers other events via "elegant, affable, affordable images."

Suzi's portfolio includes inventive images of weddings, portraits, and events. Shoots include people traversing their environment, and also up close shots of flowers and architecture. For an intriguing shoot of your next event, choosing Suzi could mean gaining a gallery like no other.

Lucy Thornton Photography

Lucy Thornton is a Dallas-based portrait event, real estate, and landscape photographer. Her primary passion deals with meeting people at events like weddings and engagements, happy people in a happy place.

Altogether, Lucy has a unique eye for event photography. She favors candid moments, but is versatile enough to work the party environment as she sees it.

Convey Studios

Sesha is the heart and soul behind Convey Studio. She's a gifted photographer offering her services in weddings, engagements, events, and other kinds of photography. She loves to work in fast-paced event environments and considers it to be her privilege to photograph eventful memories in real time.

Sesha and her team use state-of-the-art equipment in the field, including lenses and lights. Convey Studio's comprises the photographic styles of photojournalism, lifestyle, dramatic, and traditional – for events and portraits alike.

Allen Tsai Photography

Allen Tsai is a pro photo artist with a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Needless to say, he's not your average event photographer. A diverse background lends him a unique perspective on the lovely scenes of life.

Based on both his gifts and desires, Allen believes this to be his true calling. His approach to photographing weddings or other big events is to find the balance between setting up shots and finding them amidst the crowd. Allen's style is photojournalistic, with an eye for the fine art of smiling people spending time together.

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