Your engagement is a special day worth documenting with a photographer specialized enough to capture the moment. For someone to be there with you in this vital moment in your life, you will need to trust their judgment and their ability.

Regardless of whether it’s a surprise engagement or a pre-wedding photo shoot, there are a variety of talented engagement photographers in Tampa. Check out this list of some of the city's top professionals to find the best match for your "Yes" moment.

Regina as the Photographer

Creative, double-exposure engagement photo by Regina Rached.

Engagement pictures shot by Regina Rached give the viewer an authentic glimpse at your relationship. A session with her is the perfect way to start your love story.

Regina loves her job and enjoys making real connections with the couples she works with. She makes the session fun so that you and your partner can showcase your personalities in natural poses.

Your engagement photo gallery taken from Regina’s camera will be full of beautiful pictures for sharing and saving as keepsake memories.

Ashlee Hamon Photography

Candid moment with a couple covered in paint captured by Ashlee Hamon.

Couples that identify as *fun* would connect well with Ashlee Hamon. She brings her energetic personality for a session that promises to be just that.

Ashlee is one of the best engagement photographers in Tampa and knows how to bring out a couple’s wild side. Even if you may not enjoy being photographed, she will make you feel more than comfortable enough in front of the camera to enjoy the entire process. She understands the best pictures happen once you are relaxed and smiling.

Ashlee’s elegant photography style is the perfect way to capture the love and emotions you share with your fiancée.

Djamel Photography

Couple on a balcony photographed by Djamel Photography.

A timeless moment such as your engagement deserves a commemorative photoshoot so that you will never forget it. Djamel is always humbled to capture the special moment and promises to deliver 100% with each of his sessions.

Djamel Photography is based in Tampa, where couples can look forward to romantic yet tasteful galleries. His work has been displayed in prominent publications such as The Knot and The Advocate, among others. Djamel strives to catch excitement for the upcoming wedding in images that help tell a page in his couple’s love story.

The fine art shooting style of Djamel makes his pictures perfect for displaying at home. Under his eyes, your engagement photos will indeed be a work of art.

Jake and Katie Photography

Engagement photoshoot in an arcade with Jake and Katie Photography.

The husband and wife photography duo at Jake and Katie Photography know a thing or two about true love. They work with clients that they believe are the real deal. Their portfolio showcases couples with true connections expressing real emotions to one another.

Jake and Katie work together on each shoot to capture the moments that matter most. They stress to their subjects not to worry about standard poses because the real magic happens in candid moments.

Couples receive the gift of memories to hold forever when working with Jake and Katie, who have been happily married since 2011.

Awey Photography

Awey Photography captures an engaged couple posing next to a fountain.

Engaged couples will have a professional photography experience with Awey Photography. Founded by Kristin Huskin, she’s one of the most popular Tampa engagement photographers around.

One of the best things about Awey Photography is they operate 365 days out of the year. That means whether you need a last-minute photoshoot or desire to work on holidays around on your tight schedule, Huskin is flexible enough to get you and your fiancée in front of the camera whenever you need.

For nearly 20 years, Huskin has run her wedding and engagement photography studio, known for its fine art style, for many happy clients.

Rad Red Creative

Couple posing in front of a mural captured by Rad Red Creative.

Leo and Brittany provide the creative energy behind Rad Red Creative. Their career together began as a “crazy leap of faith” into storytelling and people. They love to work with daring couples who will let the in-the-moment work unleash creative turns in the session.

Most of all, Rad Red Creative wants to help you tell your love story. They aim for engagement sessions to display the real emotions existing between couples, evoking those vibes every time you look at them.

The dynamic duo of Brittany and Leo have been photographing for nearly a decade, each with a charming personality that is evident from their artful website.

Marissa Moss

A couple kiss outside a station by Marissa Moss.

Since 2010, Marissa Moss has been a full-time photographer working with couples in the Tampa area on engagement photoshoots. Her experience and portfolio each highlight her ability to take meaningful pictures of people in love.

Marissa Moss has an excellent eye for spotlighting a couple’s joy during a session. She specializes in storytelling within photography. Your gallery will be a journey into a romantic day out with your soon-to-be spouse.

Engagement could just be the start, as many couples work with Marissa long-term on photoshoots to document important life milestones for years and years.

J Canelas Photography

Couple posing before a pond photographed by J Canelas.

J Canelas works to provide all her clients with a fun and hassle-free process from the moment you first contact her. Her excellent communication skills make her a favorite photographer with couples in the Tampa area.

Your engagement is a special time, and J Canelas knows how important it is to get the best shots in the moment. Her clients’ kind words and recommendations feature in countless testimonials on her website.

J Canelas has a friendly personality that you will instantly connect with. Viewing her portfolio, it becomes easy to see why she was meant to be the eyes behind a camera.

Samantha Lowe

Engaged couple laughs on a beach photographed by Samantha Lowe.

Samantha Lowe understands one-of-a-kind love and is more than eager to capture you and your partner’s. A laidback photographer with incredible skill behind the camera, she works to make any couple look and feel like supermodels.

Samantha aims to seize all the rawest emotions within her sessions. She has experience photographing subjects together and individually, outside and inside, usually amidst natural light. Above all, she believes everything happens for a reason, and hopes that you will choose her to share in your engagement shoot.

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