Engagements are all about celebrating togetherness and new beginnings. Couples need a photographer who understands this and feels the same way. And with Utah being famous for its stunning landscapes, local photographers love to include these scenic backdrops in couple portraits they shoot.

Ready to work with an engagement photographer in Salt Lake City? Here's a list of some of the area's top talent. These pros strive to shoot creative, thoughtful, and unconventional images that showcase your relationship, personalities and special moments.

Austen Diamond Wedding Photography

As an award-winning photographer and owner of the studio, Austen believes in portraying love stories and capturing non-traditional shots.

Austen believes that a great engagement photographer needs to be attuned to people’s emotions and not just skilled in techniques.

His work reflects this approach and he finds moments and elements that help showcase the personality, passion and lively nature of his subjects.

He also offers unlimited consultation and planning advice for these photo sessions. For enchanting engagement shots and unorthodox portraits, Austen is the photographer for you.

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Moose Studio

Michaela and Josh believe that your engagement photos should tell a visual story of your special day.

With seven years of experience shooting engagement and couple portraits, they provide clean and timeless images that showcase authentic and beautiful moments of your celebration.

With exhaustive knowledge of outdoor venues and natural spaces, the duo makes best use of lighting, natural poses and backgrounds to recreate romantic and unforgettable images that you’ll cherish forever.

What we love about their work are the cinematic vibes, warm tones and the use of natural light to highlight color and emotions.

Sparkle Photography

Sarah doesn’t believe in simply documenting a celebration but prefers to catch those priceless emotions and moods behind every photo. Her images have this ability to make the viewer actually feel what the couple experience at that exact point of time.

She uses Utah’s stunning landscapes to great effect to create a romantic or adventurous story you can share with families and friends.

While Sarah is committed to your vision of the photo session, she also brings meaningful and innovative ideas to the table.

Busath Photography

This family business has been around for 44 years and is now managed by the three Busath brothers. As the head photographer, Richard is an old hand at clicking natural looking portraits and spontaneous images from your special day.

Their work motto is to create beautiful images whatever be the circumstances. This professionalism explains their repeat clientele and their enduring presence.

Whether you prefer an outdoor shoot or opt for a relaxed session at their historic mansion studio, they make it happen.

Rachel Nielsen Photography

Rachel’s evocative images speak volumes of her talent at not just capturing the best moments but the spark between couples in love. She believes that the less self-conscious her subjects are in front of the camera, the more beautiful and natural their images turn out.

She seeks to explore the strong bond between her subjects with gorgeous outdoor scenes lending a larger than life imagery.

Sarah’s work has been appreciated and featured in many wedding and photography magazines. We love her use of light, spaces and settings to create magic with her camera.

Photography by Tasha Rose

Tasha and her small team of photographers cover weddings and engagements in and around Salt Lake City. When she is not working as a nurse at a school for autistic kids, you’ll find her taking gorgeous couples photos and portraits.

While Tasha is open to suggestions, she often provides location ideas and advice on how to get the best shots.

She works with clients to capture the kind of photos they want. This results in a photo session that exceeds the client’s expectation.

Natural light, soft color tones, beautiful compositions, scenic backdrops, and use of bokeh are part of her signature style.

Kylielin Photography

Kyleilin is the kind of fun, friendly, caring, yet professional photographer you want around to capture unforgettable moments of your special day.

She doesn’t take click pictures but also takes care of makeup and dress fix issues that seem to crop up when least expected. Kylielin is open to client suggestions and accommodates their one-off requests.

Her photos capture the feelings and atmosphere in that particular moment and make you look confident and beautiful. Her attention to detail is reflected in the bright, sharp, colorful, sometimes amusing and often candid images she captures.

Kenzie B Photo and Film

Another Utah based photographer whose work has been featured in magazines like Style Me Pretty and Belle Lumiere, Kenzie offers Luxe engagement and wedding photo experiences.

Kenzie's photographic journey is slightly unconventional. This graphics artist used photography to sharpen her design skills, but has now put her shooting skills to work full-time.  

Kenzie excels in capturing couple love stories, and creating precious memories of their special day and showcasing their relationship with vibrant and beautiful photos.

Her approach to shoots is simple and her images are bright, elegant and classic with a hint of contemporary.

Jessie & Dallin Photography

Jessie and Dallin, a husband and wife team, cover weddings and engagements throughout Utah and Mountain West. Their work has featured in local and national bridal and wedding magazines

Proud fans of Star Wars and Utah jazz, they believe in crafting stories that are all about the couple. Jessie and Dallin prefer natural interactions to capture authentic shots over awkwardly posed photos.

They are happy to cover engagements and weddings in any setting from your family farm to the national park. This commitment and care, coupled with their work ethic has garnered appreciation from clients.

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