Everyone wants to have the second-best day of their life – their engagement day – captured beautifully. Professional hands are a must-have for that and that is why wedding and engagement photographers are in demand the world over.

Pittsburgh is known for its sleek urban beauty, with plenty of bridges and parks available for scenic photography. If you are a native of The Steel City and in need of engagement photography, we've compiled a handy guide for you.

Ready to start your search for engagement photographers in Pittsburgh? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big moment.

Michael Will Photography

An outdoor engagement session on a cruiser bike [Michael Will Photography]

Michael is the face behind this Pittsburgh-based wedding and engagement studio. He is also available for travel throughout the USA for engagements or other photography sessions from his wide-ranging, high quality service.

Michael is an avid photographer who believes in the simple motto that one should "never stay comfortable." He strives hard on every new assignment to get creative and improve, delivering the best possible photography to his clientele.

Amber Marie Photography

An engagement session in the park [Amber Marie Photography]

Hiring a top professional from the city you are going to get hitched in makes sense. With pro photographer Amber Marie, you'll get help finding the best locations and venues, and key advice on the best times of the year to get hitched.

Amber Marie Photography is a local Pittsburgh-based photography studio that specializes in wedding and engagement photography. She loves shooting engagements in natural light. True to her words, view her portfolio to see some of the best places in Pittsburgh to conduct memorable engagement shoots.

Courtney Gilliland Photography

A beautiful golden light intimate engagement shot [Courtney Gilliland Photography]

Courtney is the face of Courtney Gilliland Photography. All she ever wanted to do since her high school days was to become a photographer when she grew up. Enthralled, she took photography classes in high school to achieve her ambition.

Courtney considers it to be a blessing that she gets to meet so many beautiful couples thanks to her profession. She focuses on shooting engagements and weddings for her joy and yours. An easy-going photographer, she is available for shooting engagements anywhere in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Joey Kennedy Photography

An outdoor engagement session with a fluffy pup [Joey Kennedy Photography]

Joey is the heart and eye of Joey Kennedy Photography, a Pittsburgh-based photography studio specializing in engagement and wedding photography. Before becoming a full-time wedding and engagement photographer, Joey taught photography to students. A teacher for seven years, he founded his own business in 2009 and has been working ever since.

Joey is a master of natural light photography and portfolio showcases that mastery. He also knows how to mix ambient light with artificial lighting gear to produce a satisfying synergy for his photography.

Kathryn Hyslop Photography

A couple photographed against a night cityscape backlit with a strobe [Kathryn Hyslop Photography]

Kathryn is the owner and lead photographer at Kathryn Hyslop Photography. A wonderful photographer, she manages to setup and produce stunning photo galleries for clients with a variety of lighting equipment.

Since she has opened the doors of her studio, Kathryn has become a well-known name in the engagement and wedding photography segment in Pittsburgh. View her portfolio for a taste of what kind of work she is capable of completing.

Mike Christ Photography

Outdoor engagement shot using natural and ambient light [Mike Christ Photography]

Owner and lead photographer at his very own studio, Mike Christ has a background in Fine Art and has shot weddings and engagement sessions for years. He loves working in natural light but isn't afraid to make shots in artificial lighting as well.

Mike loves the whole experience of interacting with people to help make their images sing at the end of a session together. He loves traveling and is available to shoot anywhere in Pittsburgh and the rest of the US.

Jenna Hidinger Photography

A couple walk along a winter path [Jenna Hidinger Photography]

Jenna Hidinger proclaims herself a photographer for people who need more than a photographer. She will help you plot out and organize your engagement or wedding session with a smile on her face. Real connection with people and getting to hear their love stories is what drives her to continue her work as a photo artist.

Jenna was previously named 1st place as a "fan favorite" in Pittsburgh photography. Her portfolio includes short blog pieces on some of her clients, whether they did engagements or portraits with her. She does an excellent job mixing the satisfaction of a good posed production with the naturalism of a candid shot.

Mandy Fierens Photography

An adventurous engagement session with a couple in a natural setting [Mandy Fierens Photography]

Mandy Fierens is a destination engagement and wedding photographer based out of Pittsburgh. In love with life and documenting its most special moments, Mandy lets this sentiment lead her photography career. She is ready and willing to travel around the country providing her services.

Mandy's website details her photographer origins and a love story of her own if you wish to learn more about her. Her portfolio features stellar lifestyle shots from engagements, weddings, and more. Mandy's work has been showcased in British Vogue, The Knot, and Huffpost Weddings.

Lindsey Zern Photography

A couple walk along the rooftops of Pittsburgh for an engagement session [Lindsey Zern Photography]

The couples she works with provide the simple yet powerful motivation for Lindsey Zern to be a photographer. She provides Pittsburgh-based wedding and engagement photography for bold, passionate couples looking for their relationship to be beautifully documented.

Going by "LZP", Lindsey shoots love stories for their adventure and their magic. Her photographic style for engagements aims to draw out the personality of her subjects. You can expect pleasant conversation and music throughout your session together.

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