Orlando is a magical city to get engaged in—with its many lush green state parks, historic houses, libraries, and chapels, and fun beachside spots, you’re sure to find the perfect place to pop that life-changing question. So whether you’re looking to catch the moment as it happens, or you’re heading to Orlando for your pre-wedding engagement session, you can choose from a myriad of incredible venues that will suit your personality and story.

Aside from the venue, the other important thing to secure is your photographer, of course. Your engagement photographer needs to be able to connect with you and understand your story, so that they themselves can tell it in the way you want it to be told. It can be overwhelming with so many options available, but we’re here to help you. Check out our list of the top ten engagement photographers in Orlando, FL, below, and so you can find your perfect photographer-match.

Wanderlust Portraits

A woman in a beautiful white dress kneels in a shallow lake as she tilts her head up to kiss her fiancé, who is sitting on a rock, as the clear waters cascade around them [Wanderlust Portraits]

Angel Sanchez is the founder and head photographer of Wanderlust Portraits. Angel has been a natural light photographer for nearly a decade, and has photographed hundreds of weddings and portrait sessions in that time. Angel’s style is candid and authentic, with minimal posing, choosing to focus on capturing the moment as it happens.

As far as engagement sessions go, Angel and her team consider not only what happens on the day itself, but what you plan for the photos; will they be for “Save the Date” invitations? Or simply portraits to share with your friends and family? Wanderlust Portraits will help you design a photo session that perfectly complements your vision and creates beautiful, timeless pictures.

Daylin Lavoy Photography

Against a backdrop of a baby blue, peach, and pink sunset, a couple dressed in white stand under a historical clock tower, holding each other close as they look into each other’s eyes [Daylin Lavoy Photography]

Daylin Lavoy and Justin Clarke are the duo behind Daylin Lavoy Photography. Daylin and Justin are big believers in the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words.” More than being incredible photographers, Daylin and Justin are passionate storytellers—they believe that all one thousand of those words should be telling your story from start to finish.

Photos by Daylin Lavoy Photography are often shot with natural light, giving an airy and authentic quality to the portraits. For engagement sessions, these are often one of the first times the couple will get to work with the photographer from the team, so it’s a great way to get to know each other before the big day.

Honeywood Photography

A woman in a lilac dress with wavy dark hair sits in her fiancé’s lap as he wraps her in his arms; they are looking at each other lovingly, as they are surrounded by lush green foliage [Honeywood Photography]

Kristine is the founder and photographer of Honeywood Photography. Kristine takes great pride in turning her clients into friends, and becoming their go-to photographer to capture all the significant milestones of their lives: from engagements, to weddings, maternity shoots, and even family portraits.

With over six years of experience, Kristine has a bag of tricks to help you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, no matter how nervous you might feel! Her photography style is light and almost lifestyle-like, with a few gently posed photos here and there. With Kristine, your engagement photos will make wonderful timeless portraits to hang around your home for years to come.

Brian Adams PhotoGraphics

A black and white photo of a retro-themed engagement shoot; the couple share a sweet kiss as they sit on the road leaning against an old convertible [Brian Adams PhotoGraphics]

Brian Adams is the founder and head photographer of Brian Adams PhotoGraphics. Brian firmly describes himself as a Wedding Photographer; he is passionate about photographing weddings of all traditions, cultures, and religions, and it’s what he has been doing since 2002. Along with his team, they have photographed hundreds of weddings all over the country and the world.

Brian and his team highly encourage getting an engagement session done, though they emphasize that it is not needed. However, it gives a great chance to deepen your relationship with your photographer before the big day. You can expect show-stopping engagement portraits from the team, with a range of shooting styles and color schemes perfectly tailored to your wedding.

Sufia Huq Portraits

A sunkissed couple are on either side of a surfboard, their foreheads touching and eyes gently closed, as the gentle waves lap at them and the beautiful sun sets behind them in the middle of the sea [Sufia Huq Portraits]

Sufia Huq is the owner and photographer of Sufia Huq Portraits. Sufia’s photography journey started when she was in high school, spurred by her love for concerts—she quickly realized that photography was her favorite way to form connections with people, friends, and everyone else around her. Years into her career as a professional photographer, Sufia keeps this drive for connection as she photographs couples and families around the world.

As a traveling wedding and engagement photographer, Sufia is heavily inspired by her surroundings and the locations she shoots at. Her style is dreamy, with muted colors giving her photos a classic, timeless look, whether you see them today or 50 years from now. Sufia shoots candidly for the most part, but will include some gentle posing to help bring out the best of the couple.

Captured by Elle

A woman in a bright red jumpsuit smiles on as her now-fiancé is down on one knee, asking her to marry him; in the background one can see a big Ferris wheel, and just above the couple is a bespoke floral arrangement [Captured by Elle]

Elle founded Captured by Elle, and serves as its head photographer and videographer. Elle and her team have photographed over 150 weddings, engagements, and proposals over the past six years, which means they have an arsenal of tricks and all the experience needed to make sure your engagement session goes off without a hitch.

Elle and her team specialize in lifestyle and candid style photography, documenting the candid moments full of genuine emotion that deserve to be preserved! One of the team’s favorite things to shoot are surprise proposals around Orlando—so if you’re looking for a partner-in-crime to plan and photograph your fantasy proposal, look no further than Elle.

A. Harris Photography

A man proposes to his new fiancée in front of bright LED-lit letters that spell out “Marry Me”; the woman wears a pale pink dress and wipes away tears from her eyes [A. Harris Photography]

Albert Harris is the owner and lead photographer of A. Harris Photography. Albert and his team of senior photographers make up the eagle-eyed storytellers of A. Harris Photography. Between the three, they have over 25 years of experience, and have captured countless weddings, engagements, proposals in over a hundred different locations.

A. Harris Photography offers traditional engagement portrait sessions—a fun way to celebrate or announce your engagement to your friends and family—but they also offer surprise proposal sessions. The team has photographed over 900 surprise proposals all over Orlando, and will even help you set up your proposal. In addition, they have special relationships with some locations and vendors to help make it easier for you, so all you have to focus on is the happiness you’ll feel once she says YES—and all of that caught on camera.

Matthew Hayford Photography

Against pink early dawn light, a couple kiss passionately in the sea, as the waves caress them [Matthew Hayford Photography]

Matthew Hayford is the owner and photographer of Matthew Hayford Photography. Matthew spent time working in musical theatre—which is where he met his wife —which included part-time photography work. Along the way, Matthew fell in love with the art of theatre and the art of capturing it through photography, which still inspires Matthew’s photography style today.

Matthew’s background in musical theatre has taught him how to appreciate light, color, and dynamic movement in photography. His photos reflect that: engagement photos are lively, saturated with color, and yet all of that only serves to highlight the real star of the story: you and your partner’s love.

Janira Photography

A couple camp out in the back of their truck with a soft fluffy duvet, wearing warm sweaters, and having a fun time; the smiling woman pours some liquor into her fiancé’s cup, as he “wows” appreciatively [Janira Photography]

Janira is the incredible artist and photographer behind Janira Photography. Janira has been a professional photographer for almost six years, but has always had a passion for photography. Through photography, Janira is able to explore and capture relationships, love, and tell the stories of all the couples who come to her to be photographed.

Janira’s photos are playful, with that easygoing, lifestyle vibe that can be safely qualified as “Instagrammable” While she leaves room for a few traditional poses here and there, most of the time, she just lets her clients have fun and be themselves in front of the camera. Her photos have rich, deep tones, making them look like stills out of a modern fairytale.

Kelly Berringer Photography

Lit by a warm golden sunset behind them, a man gently caresses his fiancée’s cheek as she closes her eyes and tilts her face up to kiss him [Kelly Berringer Photography]

Kelly Berringer is sunshiney founder and head photographer of Kelly Berringer Photography. Kelly is a wedding, engagement, and lifestyle photographer that is absolutely in love with love—or rather, telling love stories.

Kelly’s photography style is bright and rich, relying on natural light with just a little help from post-processing to ensure you and your partner are highlighted and look great in every photo. Though Kelly may gently suggest some poses, she, for the most part, prefers to let the moments unfold in front of her, so that she can capture your story in the most authentic way.

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