Engagement photographs have special significance for couples. It represents the moment when you make the choice to try and spend the rest of your lives together, as lovers. The best in the business of documenting engagements believe that every couple is unique – and they will structure the photo session around that fact.

Ready to start your search for engagement photographers in Milwaukee? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your big day.

Gloss Photography Studios

Gloss Photography Studios is a Milwaukee-based wedding, engagement, and portrait photography studio. They have carved a name for themselves as one of the best and the most reliable studios in the great state of Wisconsin.

The most striking thing you will notice when you review Gloss' work is the way they arrange couples within the background. Their scenes are always full of vibrant color. If you love high contrast colors and a bold treatment of your lovely images, then you'll appreciate their work.

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Little Giant Photography

Little Giant Photography is a professional wedding and engagement photography studio based in Milwaukee. They believe in creating photo compositions that really lean in to the art of storytelling.

They often shoot in black and white in order to find the right expression for a couple, but don't limit their galleries to just that. Little Giant's photographers deal in the subtle emotions of the engagement moment. Check out their portfolio and contact them today for more details.

Ashley Durham Photography

Ashley is the face, heart, and soul of Ashley Durham Photography. Even as a kid growing up, she always had a camera in hand. Fascinated with the idea of being able to save a moment for all times, her career path was laid out long ago.

Ashley started her photography career and in addition to her considerable skill, she gets to display her standout personality with each pair of clients. With every engagement shoot, she aims to connect with you on a sincere, emotional level. For her, these connections result in the best galleries.

Bokeh Effect

Bokeh Effect is run by two friends who share a mutual respect for engagements and the art of photography. The studio itself is the result of years of challenges and experiences in professional photography. Many, many wedding and engagement sessions have fine-tuned their brand as a go-to within Milwaukee.

Bokeh Effect is ready to shoot anywhere in the USA for any wedding and engagement work. They employ state-of-the-art tools in an effort to produce portfolios unlike any other in the industry.  

Kathleen Stogin Photography

Kathleen Stogin loves shooting engagements in a journalistic style, with impromptu techniques and unique visions for each couple. She's always been intrigued by the art of photography, so much so that she doesn't even call it 'work.'

Through her art, Kathleen truly enjoys turning strangers into friends, and with every engagement that is just what she accomplishes. Many of the couples she's worked alongside have become friends for life.

Dennis Felber Photography

Dennis Felber utilizes a simple yet effective approach to the art of photography. With every couple, he wants you to have fun while you engage yourself in candid shots or poses for his camera. He aims for a stress-free, highly satisfying experience with each and every client. Expect some cool shots by the day's end.

Dennis has been photographing for more than 20 years and has garnered an immense amount of knowledge, experience, and reputation in this genre.

Real Life Photos

Behind Real Life Photos are David and Sarah, the dynamic couple who loves a good adventure. As engagement photographers, they love every aspect of the session, from working with couples to finding the perfect setting for them.

Together, they have been photographing weddings and engagements for 10 years and have loved every moment of it. Ready to travel anywhere in the USA, they are available to shoot weddings and engagements throughout the country.

Nikki Winter Photography

Nikki and Bobby are the dynamic duo behind the name Nikki Winter Photography. Together, they offer a professional engagement and wedding photography service to clients in Milwaukee and the adjoining areas. They are also willing to travel for engagement and wedding shoots.

Together, Nikki and Bobby love engagements and weddings for what they give the people participating: love, joy, peace of mind. They feel great satisfaction for their integral role in documenting such joyous events for people.

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