Your engagement is one of the happiest and most exciting moments of your life, so it’s only natural you’ll want to capture this moment to remember forever. After getting engaged, many couples choose to enjoy a photo session with an engagement photographer. These photos can be used to share your happy news with your family and friends and may even go on your wedding invitations.

When it comes to selecting an engagement photographer in Los Angeles, you’ll want to look for a photographer who specializes in wedding or engagement photography. They’ll be used to working with couples and guiding you to create photos you’ll treasure forever.

Here's a list of the ten best engagement photographers in Los Angeles, California, all of which will help you to capture this momentous occasion to remember for years to come.

Alex Shevchik

A Joshua Tree Engagement Shoot Captured in Los Angeles by Alex [Alex Shevchik]

Alex is a passionate professional photographer who began his career with studio and reporting photography. He soon realized his passion was photographing couples during their wedding or engagement, and he works to capture each couple’s love story.

Alex knows that no two couples he works with will be exactly the same and works to understand the essence and relationship of each partnership. He is happy to travel around the Los Angeles area and is passionate about discovering new locations to capture his engagement photography shoots.

Joanne Leung

A Beautiful Outdoor Photoshoot Captured in Los Angeles by Joanne [Joanne Leung Photography]

Joanne Leung is a wedding and engagement photographer in Los Angeles. She has many years of experience within the industry and balances traditional wedding photography styles with photojournalism.

Her engagement shoots are often based in the beautiful outdoor scenery of the Los Angeles area. She understands that this time in a couple’s life passes by extremely quickly, so she wants to capture these special moments so you can remember them in detail for years to come.

Clarkie Photography

An Atmospheric Engagement Shoot Captured in Los Angeles by Rich [Clarkie Photography]

Clarkie Photography is run by Rich, who was born in the UK, but is now based in Los Angeles with his family. Rich is fascinated by the connection between couples and loves capturing genuine and authentic moments while celebrating your engagement.

Engagement photoshoots with Clarkie Photography center around emotion and creativity. You won’t be asked to hold any forced or cheesy photos, and instead, you’ll work to create a natural and authentic connection in each image Rich takes.

Lulan Studio

A Wedding Celebration Captured in Los Angeles by Lulan Studio

Lulan Studio primarily works as a cinematic wedding photography studio and serves the Los Angeles and surrounding area. As well as wedding and elopement photography, they also offer engagement and portrait sessions.

Your photography session and contact beforehand will always be conducted by the owner or an assigned photographer, so communication is easy for everyone involved. The photographers at Lulan Studio are passionate and committed to their work, which is reflected in the images they capture.

Josh Goodman Photography

A Country Themed Engagement Shoot Captured in Los Angeles by Josh [Josh Goodman Photography]

Josh at Josh Goodman Photography works to capture each couple’s love story through his still photography. Whether you are looking for engagement or wedding photography, he will strive to see the joy and connection between each couple he works with.

Josh is happy to create any aesthetic or style you please for your engagement shoot and also works on fun, themed shoots. The photo above is from a recent country-themed engagement, but he’s happy to cater to your needs and requests.

Jessie Caballero

A Malibu State Creek State Park Engagement Shoot Captured in Malibu by Jessie [Jessie Caballero]

Jessie Caballero has been passionate about photography since the age of 12 and realized engagement and wedding photography was her passion after her own engagement. She knows how special it is to record that precious moment between couples and loves preserving a couple’s engagement for years to come.

Jessie loves going on adventures and exploring new destinations. You’ll find her portfolio of previous photoshoots involves a variety of landscapes and backdrops from which you can draw inspiration from for your special moment.

May Iosotaluno

El Matador State Park Engagement Captured in Malibu by May [May Iosotaluno]

May was born and bred in Los Angeles, and she knows all of the best places to go for your engagement shoot in the area. She first picked up a camera in 2005 and has a background in filmmaking. Graduating from USC Film School, she then went on to work at Pixar before shooting her first wedding in 2015.

She enjoys traveling and exploring new areas, and this is reflected in her stunning engagement shoots. May knows that each couple works in a different way and has a unique love language, which she strives to capture in her photography.

Gina & Ryan Photography

A Boho Wedding Ceremony Captured in Los Angeles by Gina & Ryan [Gina & Ryan Photography]

Married couple Gina and Ryan met in high school and went to college together. They picked up a camera for the first time together and now work in Los Angeles photographing couples on their wedding day and creating stunning engagement shoots.

They focus on the love between a couple during their shoots and go for an authentic look instead of forced poses. They aim to capture raw images of a couple in love, as opposed to a perfect staged image.

Gene Kang

Angeles Crest Highway Engagement Captured in Los Angeles by Gene [Gene Kang]

Gene Kang started working as a wedding photographer for a friend and realized this was his true calling and passion. He loves to capture images of couples in love and primarily conducts engagement shoots outdoors in various locations around Los Angeles.

Gene understands that most people don’t feel very comfortable in front of a camera lens. He strives to make every couple he works with feel relaxed and have a fun time during your engagement shoot in Los Angeles.

Cory N. Cates Photography

A Snowy Engagement Shoot Captured by Cory and Yamalia [Cory N. Cates Photography]

Cory and his wife Yamalia work together to create a relaxed and fun environment for you and your partner during your engagement shoot in Los Angeles. Cory specializes in wedding and engagement photos. He enjoys combining his background in music and a career in technology with his passion for photography.

Cory and Yamalia work together to create a meaningful day during your photoshoot that you and your partner will remember forever. Yamalia is passionate about traveling, and they enjoy choosing unique outdoor locations for your engagement shoot.

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