Emerald Wedding

Emerald is an absolutely stunning colour to incorporate into a wedding. From the icing on the cake to the dresses on the bridesmaids, emerald stands out beautifully! Emerald shoes and a big pop of emerald in the table decor make a statement too.

Imagine your wedding in Manchester and a photo shoot in the emerald greenery of Heaton Park. Be sure to get Heaton Hall in some of the pictures for a day to remember!

Colour Palettes for an Emerald Wedding

The emerald colour theme falls in the category of summer and spring wedding colours. This colour palette is mainly for couples who don’t want overly bright and pastel colours throughout their wedding. There are several excellent combinations with emerald green like peacock, ginger, olive, teal, and sage. Matching these colours and ensuring emerald green stands out will make the ceremony and reception striking.

Couples can also pair emerald green with a gold, cream, or silver latticework while thinking of a profusion of other complimenting colours like dusty pink, peach, and desert rose. Ensuring these hues match the wedding and reception will help maintain the colour theme throughout.

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What to Look for in a Venue for an Emerald Wedding

Emerald and other shades of green are indicative of nature. It is best to consider wedding venues with plenty of greenery to fit the wedding colour theme. Open fields, vineyards, large cottages, barns, and of course, castles and chateaus! Emerald green-themed weddings should be out in the open and held in the summer or spring.

Considering the weather changes and the heat, shaded wedding venues for the ceremony and reception would be ideal with the rest of the emerald decor. If this seems too far-fetched, you could also opt for open terraces or patios in stately homes that have a gold and marble foundation to perfectly offset the emerald colour of the wedding.

Table Setting Style for an Emerald Wedding

Come table decor, the versatility of emerald colour is endless! A hot favourite is crinkled table runners in emerald glass or ceramic planters filled with white and blush pink blooms. You can also opt for mute gold-lined flatware with gold-coloured silverware tied with emerald green ribbons or fancy lace.

Tables with green tablecloths and stark white dishes and placeholders or table numbers in emerald green lettering against a wooden background make for striking pictures. Colourful flowers, verdant botanical-patterned tablecloths, stylish wooden chairs, and elegant serviettes in gold are excellent conversation starters and fit perfectly with the intended theme of the wedding.

Wedding Dresses and Accessories for an Emerald Wedding

Emerald green is gorgeous for a wedding gown. However, if a white gown is your preference, it is best to have emerald accessories to stick to the wedding colours. Wedding dresses in emerald are incredibly versatile and can be tailored or purchased in fabrics like velvet, satin, and cotton blends.

To accessorise the wedding gown, gold lace, crystal-work in gold and silver, hair clips with emerald, navy blue, and white stones, and bracelets of green and gold can be worn. For brides wishing to do something different, velvet strappy in-line or block heels for comfort and style with gorgeous gold and rhinestones will do wonders!

Bridesmaids Dresses for an Emerald Wedding

Since emerald signifies new life, progress, and growth, bridesmaids' dresses will give life to the wedding palette in lush tones of green. Full-length bridesmaid dresses in satiny shades of seafoam or sea moss are excellent to make the event glam! If the wedding is outdoors, short or knee-length dresses in flattering styles will also look incredible.

Fabrics like tulle, satin, silk, or lace usually accentuate all feminine body types, and accessories in contrasting colours will make your bridesmaids look gorgeous. Pairing the dresses with shades of white, pink, and peach blooms for the bouquet will make the emerald hue pop out.

Groom Style for an Emerald Wedding

Groom styles for the colour emerald are also in vogue currently. Stylish emerald or dark green suits with white shirts and lapel pins make for a handsome outfit. Some fabrics to opt for are wool, velvet, or thick linen. A tuxedo in emerald shawl with a dark green bow tie also looks fabulous.

While getting the suit tailored, it is essential to ensure that the fit is perfect. If the fitting is too tight or loose, the entire ensemble will lose its finish and end up looking frumpy instead. The footwear should be formal or dress shoes in black or beige to ensure the emerald colour stands out prominently.

Bouquets and Boutonnieres for an Emerald Wedding

Bold bouquets with a profusion of pink, white, and mustard yellow are a must to offset the emerald green. A partially white wedding bouquet with various shades of green like lime green, forest green, and blush pink will ensure that the colour scheme is a one-of-a-kind arrangement.

Boutonnieres need not be overlooked. Since the emerald colour is so versatile, groomsmen and grooms can opt for dark green succulents instead of roses, peonies, edelweiss, or other blooms for their boutonnieres. While placing the emerald green boutonniere, men can also add ivory tulle or ivory sola with trimmings to make the colour pop!

Wedding Invitations for an Emerald Wedding

The wedding invitations should set the tone for the colour theme for the ceremony. Wedding invitations can be personalised to make the entire look extremely glamorous. Incorporating emerald green is possible with rose gold additions, blush pink, or woody browns. Customised illustrations, tones of olive green, beige, and brown, and subtle seafoam green can also add depth to the invites.

The classic pairing of emerald and gold can also make the wedding invitations stand out. Couples can select off white background colours with green lettering, or blush pink and peach backgrounds. Choosing a legible script for the cards while adding the finishing touches is essential to make the invite dramatic.

Wedding Cake Ideas for an Emerald Wedding

Wedding cakes are classic and timeless in white. However, you can add emerald green to signify your new life and prosperity. Edible copper leaves, white sugar toppings, botanical green patterns, and a few icing roses in pastel shades will make for a fabulous designer cake. If you are so inclined, customizing an art deco cake with emerald and white lace patterns, edible pearl necklaces, and gold detailing will also look highly striking.

Multi-tiered wedding cakes in alternating patterns of emerald and white with gold leaf and green hoops will look stylish yet classic against the wedding colour theme. Adding edible greenery to the ring will add a modern twist to the traditional white cake style.

Ceremony Decor for an Emerald Wedding

Emerald green paired with muted beige, gold, copper, and white shades will add sophistication to the ceremony. Green and white flowers along the aisle, satin drapes for the pews, and floor-candelabras in muted gold will make the wedding beautiful. The archway for the wedding vows can also be a profusion of flowers and greenery with subtle hints of emerald.

If you want to avoid an archway, opt for a planted wall backdrop for the ceremony. Planted walls are in fashion currently, adding a touch of elegance and beauty to the vows. A wedding crest made from evergreens, twine, and ivory lace can also work wonders for the wedding ceremony.

Pantone Color of the Year 2013 Emerald

Pantone has announced its colour of the year for 2013 and I couldn’t be more thrilled that it is emerald! Emerald is a lively and lush colour most often associated with the gem of the same name. Since antiquity this luxurious and sophisticated colour has represented wealth, prosperity, and energy. These are all reasons why Pantone’s colour of the year makes such a perfect wedding palette! I’ve put together five brand new inspiration boards for you to celebrate this gorgeous colour – enjoy!

Pantone's color of the year for 2013: Emerald
Winter Emerald 
Pantone color of the year for 2013: Emerald
Tropical Emerald
Emerald and gold wedding inspiration - Pantone 2013 Color of the Year
Antique Gold & Emerald 
Emerald green wedding inspiration - Pantone Color of the Year 2013
Vintage Emerald

So which of these Pantone Colour of the Year looks is your favourite? If you haven’t quite gotten enough emerald wedding inspiration, here’s one more post from a while back:

Emerald Wedding

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