Spring Themed Loft Wedding

The wedding venue, with its pops of color, really makes a statement. Every room featured in the inspirational wedding photo shoot tells a story. Why not make a spring themed loft wedding your story. too?

Color Palettes for a Spring Themed Loft Wedding

It would be easy to create a cohesive theme when you're armed with the right wedding colors suitable for an elegant spring-themed celebration. There are several options to choose from, but your choice of colors should be inspired by your location, the event’s seasonality, and your preferences.

Not all color combinations work, especially for a loft venue. But you’ll never go wrong with the gentle romanticism of light, neutral tones. Additionally, lofts often have a chic industrial feel with steel beams and exposed brick. So adding spring colors like lush greenery, dreamy pastels, and soft blush will create an exciting contrast that adds character to your setting.

Details for a Spring Themed Loft Wedding

Loft wedding venues are like a black canvas. They give you plenty of opportunities to get your creative juices flowing, explore your imagination, and turn a space into whatever you have in mind. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with linens, laces, flowers, and foliage for your spring-themed loft wedding.

Sure, many wedding flowers are beginning to bloom in spring through melted snow. But it doesn’t mean you should fill your ceremony and reception with blooms of all types and hues. Pick one or two of your favorite flowers and integrate them into various aspects of your wedding, including the tablescape, bouquet, and ceremony backdrop. You’ll also want the minimalism, tenderness, and soft elegance of spring to reflect in your dreamy day.

Table Setting Style for a Spring Themed Loft Wedding

You’ll love how unpretentious yet elegant the table setting style is for a spring-themed loft wedding. All you need is a tulle table runner in soft pink, white and peach taper candles, and some glasses on a wooden table for a minimalist tablescape. It only shows that you don’t need to spend your wedding budget on expensive decorations to design a table that will catch everyone’s attention.

You’ll still want to keep your flower arrangements simple for your centerpiece. Instead of going for cascading centerpieces or intricate floral details, using bud vases is the best way to make an impact without breaking the bank.

Budget for a Spring Themed Loft Wedding

A spring-inspired loft wedding can be one of the most cost-friendly themes you can try if you know where to allocate your budget. Use the loft’s unique structure to your advantage and enhance its dynamic features with clever décor choices. Instead of covering the brick wall with fancy balloons, glitz, and flowers, elevate its chic look with lush greenery. It’s up to you to adapt to the space and use your creativity to transform it into your dream wedding venue.

Loft-size weddings are typically small, so you can provide killer food and drinks that will satisfy your hungry guests. Since you won’t spend a lot on décor, you have more to spare for food. You could customize a gourmet menu or even bring a chef to cook on-site.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Spring Themed Loft Wedding

You’ll want a bridal gown that will fit the laid-back atmosphere of a spring-themed loft wedding. Loose-fitting fabrics, like chiffon, are the usual favorite among brides looking for an outfit that will keep them cool on their big day. Wedding dresses with a chiffon skirt are lightweight and breathable. You can keep the bodice looking more glamorous with a beaded pattern to shine on your wedding day and dazzle your guests.

For a loose-fitting dress, it’s best to sweep your hair up into a messy or loose bun to highlight your beaded top. Then complete the look with a fancy headband to match your glittering gown.

Groom Style for a Spring Themed Loft Wedding

The groom will stand out in an open loft setting with a high ceiling and lots of natural light. You can go with the traditional black suit or tux and tie while injecting your personality into the look. A two-piece suit paired with a crisp white shirt, black shoes, and bow tie will always look dapper on the stylish groom.

But if you want to step out of the traditional, you may ditch the jacket or skip the tie for a more casual appeal. You also don’t have to spend too much time worrying about matching your fiancé or groomsmen. Sure, your looks must complement each other, but your outfit should accentuate your individual tastes.

Wedding Invitations for a Spring Themed Loft Wedding

Not only should your wedding invitations match the spring theme, but they should also reflect your loft venue. Thankfully, there are various styles and designs you can get inspiration from to create an elegant invitation suite that will give your guests a sneak peek of your special celebration.

Adding floral touches is often expected for a spring wedding. After all, it’s the time of the year when vegetations begin to grow, and flowers start blooming. But if floral designs aren’t your cup of tea, consider integrating your wedding color palette, like blush pink, cream, and pastels, for a dreamy invitation card.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas for a Spring Themed Loft Wedding

Having a wedding photoshoot in a loft venue is exciting and fun. You can unleash your creative side by designing captivating backdrops for stunning wedding photos. Take a romantic picture of the couple holding hands against a one-of-a-kind floral background or highlight the loft’s chic, industrial vibe by taking shots of the couple against a brick wall.

Make sure you include the venue's unique elements in the wedding photo album. These include the loft’s high ceilings, wooden beams, rustic brick walls, large windows, and rough-looking hardwood floors. Combining these industrial features with modern decorations creates a beautiful contrast you should immortalize through wedding photos.

Add an outdoor party vibe to your wedding photos by having some pictures of you and your group outside in the walled garden if there is one, or perhaps on a rooftop for extra fun.

Favors & Gifts for a Spring Themed Loft Wedding

Spring represents new beginnings or the blossoming of new things. So a plant-based wedding favor is a clever gift you can give your guests as a token of appreciation for being part of one of your most memorable days. Perhaps, you can give them personalized seed packs to give your friends and loved ones something to grow. Once they see the blooms, they will surely be reminded of you and your partner.

Succulent wedding favors are also a favorite idea for spring weddings. Home-grown potted succulents are adorable and require less maintenance. So even those guests who don’t have a green thumb won’t have trouble growing these mini plants.

Ceremony Decor for a Spring Themed Loft Wedding

Choosing a loft space means you’ve taken a step toward the unconventional by picking a quirky venue for your ceremony. So why not go all out and forego those traditional decorations? For instance, you could fill the space with different candles for a romantic feel, bring in an antique cabinet, or feature cool couches with your ceremony table.

The design and decorations of your loft wedding ceremony can also depend on the elegant spring look you want to capture. You may convey the early days of spring with light tones or encapsulate the season’s vibrant and colorful scene using different flowers of various kinds and hues.

Elegant spring loft wedding

From photographers Alexander and Marina Santi – “Originally we had planned to shoot our editorial in a garden, but it is Moscow the weather turned inclement with rain and an icy wind. This did not deter our vision of springtime beauty! We recreated the look inside a cozy studio loft with an elevated elegance.”

Spring bridal boudoir
Ink drawn flower
Unique wedding dress
Spring wedding invitations
Natural lipstick
Spring bloom
White lace romper

“We love the spring for its elegance, tenderness, and minimalism, which we reflected in our wedding inspiration shoot design and the photography. We tried to convey early spring days when there’s still a chill, however nature is awakening with her fragile and delicate first flowers.”

Loose ponytail
Chapel sketch on wedding invitations
Formal groom's attire
Spring loft wedding ceremony
Bridal headband
Spring colored candles
Spring wedding ceremony

“To emphasize our springtime theme we used lots of greenery and fragile flowers in pastel shades alongside a natural fabric wedding dress which added an airiness and elegance. Everything together underscored the lightness and minimalism of a spring wedding!”

Spring tablescape
Spring place setting
Spring wedding dress
Spring bridal bouquet
Spring tablescape
Spring loft wedding
Natural makeup
Loft wedding reception
Shabby chic napkin holder
Spring wedding ideas
Spring wedding dress

Credits: Photography: Alexander and Marina Santi // Wedding Dress & Morning Dress: Katerina Varaksina // Beauty: Anna Melostnaya // Jewelry: Wedery // Décor: Mary Flower of Only Wed // Calligraphy: Nadezhda Holopova // Film Lab: Home Filmlab // Models: Julia Korotkay & Alexey Kornienko // Location: Studio Loft in Moscow, Russia.