Eclectic Farm Wedding

Picture rustic elements elevated with the use of bronze gold. With a table of wood to chairs of bronze metal to a soft grey couch in the reception area inside, the outdoor venue is a vibrant contrast of green grasses and colorful wildflowers.

This inspiration, set in Maine, has the details of the wedding down to an art. Rose gold wedding bands and copper-pipe place cards are the ideal hues alongside the backdrop of the farm. Even the cloudy day made everything picture-perfect!

Color Palettes for an Eclectic Farm Wedding

The color palettes for a farm wedding should be an ode to the surrounding vistas and rolling greens. An eclectic farm wedding in Maine will be in the midst of hills, distant mountains, cooling breeze, and gorgeous clouds. The wedding colors for such a magical setting should be vibrant violets, greens, subtle shades of pink, blush, and peach, with pops of lavender.

If the wedding is in the barn on a farm, the entire color palette can include shades of copper, bronze, gold, maroons, and deep browns. Colors that complement the rustic feel of the farm, like deep grays, black, dark green, and beige, can also be considered for the color palettes.

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Details for an Eclectic Farm Wedding

Farm weddings are rustic and exceptionally down-to-earth. The wedding decor can be mismatched to suit the surrounding beauty with rustic floral motifs and colorful cushions. When assessing a farm wedding venue, it is necessary to consider accommodation for out-of-town guests, enough space for caterers and decorators, and plenty of light for the ceremony.

For the reception, you can play around with a long oakwood bar on one side of the barn, gorgeous lighting fixtures, and softly lit overhead beams. The overall feel should be of understated elegance with an eclectic vibe that will make your big day magical – something like stepping into a fairy tale.

Food for an Eclectic Farm Wedding

The wedding food should reflect the overall theme and setting of the event. Menu cards can be gorgeous bronze or brown with lettering in a lighter color like gold or beige to offset the style. Some excellent menu choices would be a mix of fresh salads and scalloped potatoes in a light dressing, with starters like a wood-fired pig roast and rich barbecue sauce. If you want a few vegetarian choices for starters, you could include some seasonal fruits and veggies, herbs, and mixers.

Grilled chicken, beans, corn salad, and beef sauce would also work excellently for mains. When finalizing the menu, speak to local caterers and ask for the freshest seasonal produce.

Table Setting Style for an Eclectic Farm Wedding

Think of a literal rustic wedding table for the decor, with florals repurposed from the wedding flowers of all bridesmaids. These could include red, blush pink, peach-colored roses, violet wildflowers, fern fillers, common bluebells, morning glory, lavenders, and lilies. Adding plenty of natural wood chargers, greens, leafy fillers, and linens that are an actual part of the farm will add authenticity and natural beauty to the table.

Place settings in thin wood, elegant dark olive tablecloths, beige table runners, copper pipe place cards, and mismatched coasters will also add a rustic edge to the table. If you want additional authenticity, you could also opt for oakwood tables (without tablecloths), gorgeous white and gold dinner plates, linen napkins in varying shades of violet, and golden-colored flatware.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for an Eclectic Farm Wedding

The wedding dress can be equally unique since farm weddings are associated with kindness, ease, and warmth. Brides usually opt for all-white wedding dresses in flowing styles. Ethereal wedding gowns with lace and tulle are timeless and, when paired with some gorgeous flowers, always add elegance to the wedding.

Elegantly cut sleeves, alluring open backs with a deep V-cut neck also look exquisite when paired with accessories like rhinestone earrings, thin gold multi-layered chains, and tinkling bracelets at the wrist. Brides could add an heirloom hair clip borrowed from an elderly relative for something blue. Doing this will serve as the ‘Something Borrowed and Something Blue.’

Wedding Invitations for an Eclectic Farm Wedding

Wedding invitations are the first introduction to your theme. Since it’s an eclectic farm wedding, the invitation and response cards can be customized to suit both your personalities and individual preferences. Rustic lavender and burgundy laser-cut floral wraps with elegant lettering are excellent options.

If you would like something more traditional, then a light-colored background like beige or off-white with floral designs or motifs in a circular pattern in rose gold would also look extremely elegant. A simple yet classic wedding invitation would be a plain one with a gold, black script tied with a jute string. If you prefer a paperless invite, the designs can also be customized for e-vites according to your taste.

Wedding Cake Ideas for an Eclectic Farm Wedding

Farm wedding cakes can be countrified, aesthetic, and absolutely delicious! Adding subtle grace and organic details with berries, nature-inspired touches, and hand-painted blooms will have guests scrambling over each other for a slice of this heaven. When choosing a wedding cake, think of nature – three-tiered cakes with blossoms and vines covering it from all sides, adding a wild touch as though it was plucked from a fairy feast.

Another fabulous wedding cake idea is an ombre crepe wedding cake. Not only is this quite homely, but also highly modern. Most couples choose traditional Victorian sponges for the cakes. By selecting a crepe wedding cake, you would become trendsetters with a cake that genuinely fits the wedding theme to the letter.

Reception Decor for an Eclectic Farm Wedding

The reception decor should be precisely like the farm. Part of the celebration should be inside, with a part outside surrounded by nature. You can set up tables with finger foods, drinks, children’s food, and a bar outside while considering the inside of the barn for dancing and eating. An elevated section inside the barn can serve as live entertainment for the musicians and the stage for the speeches.

Enhancing the farm vibe with fresh flowers, smokebush foliage, and rust-brown (nearly toffee) colored elements will keep the reception decor similar to the wedding theme. Placing wooden lanterns in a disorderly manner with bold and creative lighting above the tables will also add depth and meaning to the reception decor.

Wedding Reception Music and Entertainment for an Eclectic Farm Wedding

A creative wedding band playing Mumford and Sons, jazz, swing, and other numbers could enliven the reception and ensure everyone stays on the dance floor. You could also consider hiring a string quartet for the night. However, there would be a need for a DJ or other entertainment if you want people to keep dancing all night long.

Some excellent wedding numbers are Perfect by Ed Sheeran, Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley, I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur, and You’re Still The One by Shania Twain. When you’re hiring a live band, always convey your favorite songs beforehand to avoid last-minute disappointments.

Favors & Gifts for an Eclectic Farm Wedding

Since the wedding theme is a farm wedding, couples should ensure they send guests home with something useful. Mini succulents are excellent as wedding favors because they are green, add to the environment, and are delicate. They’re also extremely low maintenance and don’t have the requirements of hothouse flowers.

Chocolate boxes are always an incredible option. Pairing a box of chocolates with a small bag of coffee tied with a jute string will also be extremely helpful for guests. Another useful option is mason jars with mineral bath salts or candy (if you prefer). Once packaged beautifully, the gifts will look gorgeous!

Eclectic Farm Wedding Inspiration

From Amanda Fogarty – “A classic Maine farm with 450 acres of rolling green hills and far-off mountain vistas, served as the setting and inspiration for our elegant and eclectic wedding shoot.

We chose lush, vibrant greens and deep, royal violets along with pops of bronze gold to honor the location and elevate the barn wedding. The bold and creative lighting brought the barn to life and illuminated the substantial wooden table flanked by copper bronze metal chairs.”

“The rich and abundant florals exuded warmth, sophistication and charm and played well off the surrounding landscape of wildflowers, grasses and farm gardens.

Every detail was considered. The rose gold wedding bands, Maine tourmaline earrings, hand-lettered ring box, copper-pipe place cards, violet linen napkins and an ombre crepe wedding cake tied the theme together. The modern yet classic styling and the delicious yet unfussy wood fired food represent all that is great about this Maine ‘wedding:’ chic, diverse and comfortable!”

“So with my eyes I traced the line
Of the horizon, thin and fine,
Straight around till I was come
Back to where I’d started from;
And all I saw from where I stood
Was three long mountains and a wood.”

– by Edna St. Vincent Millay (born in Maine)

Credits: Photography: A.Fogarty Photography // Planner: Pinch Me Planning // Florist & Designer: Flora Fauna // Lighting: The Event Light Pros // Caterer: Fire & Company // Rentals: Heartwood Essentials  // Dessert: Nothing Bakes Like A Parrott // Jewelry: D.Cole Jewelers // Hair & Makeup: Hair That Moves  // Calligrapher: Letter and Adore // Officiant: A Sweet Start // Wedding Dress: Blush Bridal & Formal // Tux: Panscofars By Blush // Officiant’s Dress: Tavecchia By Blush // Venue: Private Residence in Maine.