Drone footage is becoming more and more accessible. Pros and semi-pros are learning to fly them and use them in films, commercials, and private video productions of all kinds. In sum, you no longer need to hike to the top of a mountain to get aerial views - camera drones can take care of such footage.

Professional drone videographers take the time and risk to work with businesses all the time, in Winnipeg, Canada and beyond. If you are looking aerial cinematography for your projects, events, films, and many more– you came to the right place.

Ready to start your search for drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in Winnipeg? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.


Scott Zielke is a drone photographer that introduces a new perspective on things. His artistic capability and skill creates cinematic footage that can make a statement without saying a word. If you need a professional drone pilot to create aerial footage for a real estate listing – you should consider hiring Scott and his team to get the job done.

Scott can create virtual tours inside and outside a home listing. With their cinematic style, crisp quality videos, and professional post-processing – potential buyers will find your property well worth buying.

Wornstar Media

Drone footage is not just for movies and high-budget production anymore. With Wornstar Media, they can help you create cinematic drone footage that could help your brand grow by creating high-quality content. The company does not only offer stunning aerial photography, but they are also a marketing firm that provides tips on how to grow a larger audience. They can help brands grow by using social media and aerial footage.

Wornstar specializes in filming cinematic landscapes, which is excellent if you are trying to promote a location or create a property listing for real estate.

Canada Sky Drone Services

Canada Sky Drone Services maximizes the way they utilize their drones. They offer a ton of drone services, such as shooting action and extreme sports, events, concerts, weddings, and other marketing services. With their ability to create cinema-quality shots using their drones, you can definitely make your content more interesting for your target market.

This studio understands the importance of visual content. They ride the drone wave by creating eye-catching imagery and aerial footage for companies who want to grow their brand. Whether you need drone footage for a short video, listing, or any other purpose– this versatile drone service is definitely worth every cent.

Greg Mardero Film

If you are looking for a drone videographer that can uniquely craft cinema-quality drone footage for your brand or event, Greg Mardero is a highly-talented drone videographer that pushes his creativity to its limits. He lives to create the most flattering shots with real emotion. Plus, he and his team are prepared to create footage based on every client’s vision and bring it to life using cinematic drone technology.

Aside from being very talented with his craft, Greg also has an excellent work ethic. He always strives for a quick turnaround of projects for his clients and guarantees finishing all the work he starts. If you are looking for a reliable and talented drone videographer equipped with the latest tech, you can rely on Greg to deliver.

Lightstruck Photo Project

Lightstruck Photo Project specializes in covering weddings from the ground and the sky. With their tools and creativity, they can create excellent footage of your wedding – allowing you to remember that significant day in the best way possible.

Lightstruck's wedding videos offer an innovative approach, with years of experience under his belt. You can count on this studio to make your special day extra memorable.

Kinetic Pictures

Kinetic Pictures is a film company that not only shoots stunning aerial footage for social media content, full-length films, and vlogs, but they also use their unique skills for crafting commercials, real estate listings, and more.

Every footage they create tells a story. You can hire them to shoot aerial cinematography for your projects or you can hire them to take over your entire project. This Winnipeg-based company can handle any film project from the planning stage to releasing the final product.

Drone Manitoba

Drone Manitoba has a team of advanced drone pilots with years of experience working in the television and film industry. With that in mind, you can count on them to create large-scale projects such as full-length feature films and more.

Although they are highly-talented and licensed drone pros, Drone Manitoba can work on any type of project no matter how small or big it is. You will be happy to know that they offer competitive prices, which can be rare for companies of this level.

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