Up until recently, capturing aerial footage of a property or landscape meant hiring an expensive helicopter or plane. But that has all changed with the invention of drones. They have opened up the aerial videography market to a whole new range of clients and raised the bar when it comes to marketing real estate and businesses.

In Victoria, you’ll find some of the top aerial drone pilots on Vancouver Island, all of whom are licensed to fly with Transport Canada. Read on to learn about 8 of the best and their areas of specialty.


Established in 2017, SkyScope offers simple and safe drone videography services for businesses based in Victoria and across Vancouver Island. They regularly collaborate with developers, real estate agents, and production companies to capture high-quality aerial footage, whether it’s for marketing and media production needs or construction monitoring. Danny and Ryan are the innovative drone operators at the helm, with both committed to providing the best service to their clients.

Devin Card Professional Photography

Devin Card is an aerial photographer and videographer who captures low elevation footage for weddings, commercial work, and independent films. He uses a remotely controlled helicopter known as the Cinestar Octocopter, which is capable of capturing aerial scenes from 1 to 100 meters in elevation, as well as boasting 360-degree panning and 150-degree tilt. Devin says that his love of photography started just over a decade ago when he began to travel and he wanted to capture the beauty of the countries he was visiting.

Pacific Media Group

The Pacific Media Group is a locally owned and operated company that specializes in offering cinema-grade videography for corporate clients. Whether you’re after professional photography, videography, or drone footage, they will help to elevate your business and personalize your company’s message.

While they work in a range of different industries, real estate is one of their specialties, with their marketing services including fully licensed and insured drone work. Over the years, the Pacific Media Group has worked with big-name clients that include Morgan Block, Northpoint Helicopters, The Condo Group, and Canwest Games.

Cave Productions

Based in Victoria, Cave Productions is owned and operated by Tyler Cave, who has worked all over the world capturing footage for lifestyle brands, hotels, and tourism boards. He regularly works on project developments and surveying projects, as well as helping prospective customers to better understand business landscapes. Cave Productions is a certified Transport Canada aerial photographer and videographer who owns state-of-the-art Inspire 2 and Mavic 3 drones. Not only do they allow Tyler to capture high-speed aerial footage but the quality of imagery is second-to-none.

Pinnacle Visuals

Andrew and Simon are the team behind Pinnacle Visuals, which specializes in aerial videography and photography for the real estate, commercial property, construction, and business marketing sectors. They hold an advanced drone operations license with Transport Canada and can be hired for work throughout the greater Victoria area. The team at Pinnacle Visuals can not only inspect rooftops, towers, and entire worksites but they can provide progress videos to visually track your project. They are also no stranger to capturing aerial footage of boats and yachts to help market them to potential buyers.

Agile Drone Services

Agile Drone Services is a Victoria-based business that provides high-end aerial imagery for projects across British Columbia. In addition to drone videography for companies and municipalities, they can also be hired to conduct thermal camera scans, 2D and 3D modeling, and construction inspections. Agile Drone Services is equipped with the best DJI drones and Zenmuse HT20 Sensor Payloads, which provide top-quality footage in any weather. Additionally, they sell some of the best drone equipment that is currently available on the market.

AirView Production

Based in Toronto, Vancouver, and Vancouver Island, AirView Production is a passionate team of video editors, drone pilots, and marketing specialists. They can be hired to document a range of outdoor events and celebrations, including weddings, and offer live streaming services to help you connect with the wider community. Air View Production can also take care of capturing overhead real estate property footage for the residential and commercial markets and monitor construction sites for property developers.

Flyboy Productions

Flyboy Productions is owned and operated by Harrison Fletcher, who established the business back in 2017, driven by his passion for cinema and love of editing. Today, he creates “gripping, story-driven marketing videos using state-of-the-art cinema equipment” and has helped countless brands to tell their stories.

Harrison has worked hard to establish ongoing relationships with businesses throughout Vancouver Island and highly values loyalty and trust. As such, he is regularly called back by previous clients to do more work - a sign that he delivers on what he promises.

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