Top 9 Drone Videographers Shooting Aerial Cinematography in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Top 9 Drone Videographers Shooting Aerial Cinematography in Vancouver, BC, Canada

In many industries, the invention of drones has changed the game when it comes to showcasing properties, mapping sites, and checking up on construction progress. It is also regularly utilized by wedding videographers to offer a bird’s eye view of your special day and make your wedding film stand out from the rest.

No matter what your aerial cinematography needs, there are drone operators in Vancouver who can get the job done. Ready to start your search for drone videographers shooting aerial cinematography in Vancouver? Check out this list of some of the city's top talent to find the best match for your next project.

Fyfe Photography

Based in British Columbia, Fyfe Photography is an award-winning drone service company that’s led by Andrew. Originally from Yukon, he previously worked as a commercial floatplane pilot. With the invention of drone videography and photography in 2012, he became hooked – with a particular passion for documenting the spectacular wilderness areas of Canada.

Andrew is not only a professional photographer but an aviation professional and holds an advanced RPAS drone pilot certificate from Transport Canada.

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Top Shot Drones BC

Established by Justin Lamarche in 2019, Top Shot Drones BC is a Canadian-owned aerial photography company that is based in Victoria and Vancouver.

Through his business, Justin has fused his love of nature with his passion for photography, as well as offering aerial real estate imagery and commercial cinematography services. Justin holds an advanced RPAS certification with Transport Canada, which allows him to fly drones in controlled airspaces with at least 48 hours' notice.

Magnolia Productions

Magnolia Productions offers drone videography services in Vancouver and Victoria, utilizing a fleet of top-of-the-line drones and camera equipment. Aside from offering 4K, 5K, and 6K quality videos, they can also capture multi-dimensional and multi-angle shots, depending on your needs.

Whether you want to capture 360-degree views of your construction site or enjoy low-flying shots across sweeping landscapes, the drone pilots at Magnolia Productions will get the job done.

Take Off Photography

Established in 2015, Take Off Photography offers real estate, architectural, and construction imagery for clients based in Vancouver and beyond. They are one of the city’s leading drone companies and have been hired to capture architectural imagery, real estate videos, and documentation for construction sites.

The team at Take Off Photography pride themselves on offering affordable rates, whether you’re after a site visit or photographs detailing ongoing progress at your site.

Lofty Media

Lofty Media was established back in 2012 and has had a clean operating record ever since, with the company being fully insured and compliant with all Transport Canada regulations. It comprises a team of highly experienced photographers, videographers, pilots, and camera operators, as well as safety supervisors who are on the ground ensuring everything runs to plan.

Lofty Media owns a diverse range of drones, including certified ASTM parachute-equipped drones, as well as balloons and helicopters for large-scale projects. This studio has it all at your disposal.

Cave Productions

Based in Victoria, Cave Productions offers both videography and photography services to a wide variety of individuals and businesses. This includes drone cinematography with pilots who are Transport Canada certified, giving you peace of mind that you have only the best behind the controls.

Over the years, Cave Productions has produced aerial footage for tourism boards, real estate companies, and hotels across Vancouver Island and beyond. Cave Productions’ fleet includes state-of-the-art Inspire 2 and Mavic 3 drones.

Moves Media

Since 2012, Moves Media has been using the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology to capture stunning videos from above. Its team has worked with everyone from professional rock climbers to ski resorts and music festivals, as well as real estate and expedition companies.

All of their drone pilots are fully certified by Transport Canada while their UAVs have a range of over 5 kilometers. In addition, they now also offer virtual reality videography for truly immersive experiences.

Caravan Studio

With more than 18 years of experience in the industry, Habib Habibzada leads the team at Caravan Studio. Aside from creating corporate and promotional videos, he can be hired to document weddings and shoot commercials.

Thanks to Caravan Studio’s high-tech drones, the team can capture spectacular footage of your special day from above or give your corporate video an edge with dynamic, bird's-eye imagery. The team at Caravan Studio prides itself on collaborating closely with its clients from start to finish to ensure the finished product exceeds their expectations.

Longhouse Media

Based in Langley, Longhouse Media is a Canadian marketing agency that was founded by Keenan Beavis and Austin Mallar. As a 100%-owned indigenous business, they strive to incorporate the same values as the Metis Nation - teamwork, respect, dedication, accountability, integrity, and professionalism.

Aside from offering web design, marketing, and social media management services, Longhouse can also be hired to shoot aerial drone imagery and cinematography. They can either shoot raw content for you to edit or you can pair the shoot with their video production service to round out your brand or event's media.

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